Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Impending National Crisis-WIll the DOLLAR COLLAPSE August 2, 2011???

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Wedsnesday, July 20, 2011

I have been talking to people here in Montana and elsewhere who are very nervous about the coming date of August 02, 2011. One elderly friend of mine, Pat, told me she heard about this on the radio and was worried that she would not receive her food stamps or Social Security checks for August.

There are many articles now appearing on the Internet warning of an impending dollar collapse and hard times to come. Videos on the YOUTUBE are also being posted alleging that we are coming to a crisis very quickly.

I will state some hard facts about the impending collapse of the American economy quite simply: NONE of this which we face is "accidental" and ALL of this is deliberately planned from behind the scenes by the "SHADOW GOVERNMENT". ALL of the coming crises we face in North America are planned with the intent of deliberately bringing America to "crisis" so they can hasten the demise of America as we know it and abolish the Constitution on the wings of a "NATIONAL EMERGENCY" and install their NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America.

Many independent news sources have been warning us for quite some time now that economic crisis is coming to America, by deliberate plan. The NEW WORLD ORDER wants America to FALL and Europe and their EU economy to RISE to prominence.

My fellow Americans, time may be very short for us and our FREEDOM at this point. It is long PAST time to PREPARE for the coming crises!

In light of this,  I have no time to waste reiterating what others have already researched and posted on this important subject, here are just some of the many reports to be found on the Internet on this timely subject.

Christian prayer warriors, PRAY for God to have mercy on His elect in this nation, and to bring them through the coming crises BY HIS GRACE. May NO one's faith fail them in the times to come!

PRAY also that many unbelievers are brought to repentance and conviction and SALVATION through what he will eventually allow to take place in our continent, both as a rod of chastisement for the sins of this nation, and to purify many and bring them to repentance. As Christians, are we foolish enough to really BELIEVE that God will allow AMERICAN TO GO UNCHASTISED AND UNPUNISHED for her sinful state???

With 4,000 innocent babies being aborted daily, cult crime rampant (and the majority of which goes unprosecuted and unpunished continually), wickedness beyond belief found throughout our nation and her government, military and many agencies...shall not God judge America for her sins against both God and man?

I tell you from the infallible Word of God, JUDGMENT IS COMING and AMERICA WILL FALL! God has spoken this to many of His servants throughout our nation, and He has also given me a vision of America falling to her enemies because of SIN.

Therefore cover your homes and all who dwell within with the mighty and precious BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, because JUDGMENT IS COMING. And as God judged rebellious Israel and Judah for her rebellion against Him throughout the Old Testament, by using her many enemies from without to bring chastisement, so God will allow this to happen to us in America today. God has never changed, and His judgments remain true and righteous to this very hour. America, prepare to meet thy God!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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