Tuesday, July 19, 2011


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Now you can order my wonderful HUCKLEBERRY PRODUCTS straight from Montana TODAY!

For your GIFT OF SUPPORT to keep both my investigative journalism and this important blog going, I will send YOU a wonderful gift pack or individual items of my WONDERFUL HUCKLEBERRY PRODUCTS, carefully selected by me from Montana. Producers include LARCHWOOD FARMS AND THEIR WONDERFUL ORGANIC HUCKLEBERRY PRODUCTS AND ROCKY MOUNTAIN HUCKLEBERRY PRODUCTS.

These are wild (organic) Huckleberries picked fresh every season and minimally processed  to preserve maximum flavor and quality. They are distinctly different from blueberries in flavor and color, and delicious! They are also loaded with antioxidants and are a wonderful diversion from blueberries and other berries.~

You can order either a set of any three Huckleberry products of your choice shipped to you in a  box, or any one Huckleberry product shipped to you.

Here are the wonderful Huckleberry products I am making available to my readers: 

                         -HUCKLEBERRY JAM
                         -HUCKLEBERRY SYRUP
                         -HUCKLEBERRY HONEY
                         -HUCKLEBERRY TOPPING



For your gift of support of $25.00 or more, I will send you your choice of any ONE product listed above.

For your gift of support of $50.00 or more, I will send you your choice of any THREE products listed above.

We live in difficult times. It is critical for the work of alternative news journalism to continue to inform the American people what what is really happening behind the official government-censored news that so many Americans are being brainwashed by today.

 I perform my work under very difficult circumstances that most American would refuse to live under, to make this kind of information available to YOU, my readers.

I am living on the road, out of my vehicle in order to afford this kind of work across America. Motels and even campsites are too expensive..I can barely afford enough gas or food! I grow very tired from this stressful lifestyle, but this important work must continue.

Many of you have followed my reports for years, made freely available to you at great personal cost because of my concern for YOU, my fellow Americans ...yet  most of you have never sent any support to keep this work going (and to keep me ALIVE!)

Personally, this saddens me. I often wonder if the Biblically-defined love of God is truly manifesting to any great degree in the professing Body of Christ in America today. So many Christians I talk to across America tell me the same thing, noticing a lack of Biblical love in evidence in their fellowships. And yet, the Illuminati and NWO advocates never hesitate to support and finance their own with BILLIONS OF DOLLARS continually.

Friends, what is WRONG with this picture? Is the enemy working harder and giving MORE to establish their kingdom of darkness, the NWO, than we as  Christians are working and giving to establish the Kingdom of God and to fight the coming darkness?

The reports you read on my blog or the Internet do not come without great personal cost. For this reason, your generous and kind support is critically needed at this time. If you have enjoyed reading my reports throughout the years, please show your appreciation by sending me support at this critical time. 

And now you can RECEIVE a lovely gift in appreciation!

I have made it easy to support my work, by sending all my supporters these wonderful HUCKLEBERRY GIFTS!
To order your Huckleberry products, send a check or US Postal money order made out to me to the following address:

Pamela Rae Schuffert
C/O General Delivery
West Glacier, Montana

Make sure your return address or address to which you would have me send these Huckleberry products to is included!

You or your friends will enjoy your Huckleberry products, and the American people will continue to enjoy my urgently needed investigative journalism nationwide thanks to your support.

-Pray for me. My work remains dangerous and difficult. I could never make it without YOUR prayers and compassion! God has designed the Body of Christ to FLOW TOGETHER in mutual support and love and caring. Thank you, and God bless you ALL!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from MONTANA

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