Thursday, July 21, 2011


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have been meeting many people in Montana recently, from all over America and beyond. And many from MONTANA. Many of you wanted my website address so you could read more about the coming NWO agenda for America.

And now you are HERE visiting my blog! Welcome!

Yes, the things I have shared with you about the future of America are all well researched, documented and TRUE. I come from a Pentagon military family background, born at the headquarters of the USAF (Bolling AFB) in Washington DC. In the past I have received information from military, former CIA and other intelligence sources, and many other information sources exposing the terrible NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for our nation.

No, it is not a CONSPIRACY THEORY! It is hard-core reality coming to our nation and to you and me in the near future. 

I have traveled nationwide and worldwide over the past 15 years to obtain this information and to report on it. From Jerusalem, Israel, to Honolulu, Hawaii, to Costa Rica, six months  of research in Germany, and also traveling back and forth all across these United States, reaching even  into Alaska and Canada to both lecture and to gather information.

I have spent much time investigating NWO reports out of Montana, researching periodically in Montana since 1997. Montanans, you have much to be concerned about in your state. The reports you have been hearing about  sightings of "prisoner boxcars and shackles, " modern military guillotines, hidden UN training camp facilities, underground bases in mountains, underground detention camps, new detention camps being built, foreign troops rehearsing in your mountains for a future martial law showdown between the Patriots/gun owners and the Pentagon/UN troops, Federal agents heavily infiltrated throughout our communities spying on local citizens...NONE of this is "urban legend" or rumor. IT IS ALL REALITY. I have traveled thousands of miles throughout your state, interviewed countless information sources, and have confirmed all of the above.

My work has been often difficult, dangerous, costly and very sacrificial. But the American people and our national heritage which includes the Constitution and our freedoms (including religious) are worth it all!

I encourage you to therefore spend time researching the future of AMERICA on my blog, and then go to other quality blogs which also expose the NWO agenda for America and the world.

And I encourage all my readers to establish a quality relationship with the Living God through turning to His Son Jesus Christ for salvation at this time. You will NEED a power greater than yourself to face the future successfully!

And IF you die in the coming conflagration, as the NWO forces from hell war against the freedom-loving people of this nation who WILL rise up in resistance to their NWO tyranny, you will find you have THE ULTIMATE VICTORY over DEATH AND HELL through Jesus Christ! My friend, there can be NO GREATER VICTORY!

Receive your victory today. Receive God's mercy and salvation today through Jesus Christ.

Enjoy my blog!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Montana

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