Monday, March 1, 2010

Shocker Book NWO Researchers MUST READ-"The SHOCK DOCTRINE"

This is the explosive book that helps to put a face on THE PLAN FOR MARTIAL LAW/NEW ORDER TAKEOVER IN NORTH AMERICA (and throughout the world.)
By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Although for the past 14 years I have labored in that difficult and often dangerous field of independent investigative "pioneering journalism," I have more recently taken the time to review quality materials from other investigative journalists, who like myself, are determined to uncover the truth in today's society, and for the good of society as well.

Pioneer journalism does not largely rely on the written works and research of others. It seeks to trudge forth into the previously uncharted and often dangerous "unknown zones." In performing such research, frequently there are no books written by other authors to quote from. Receiving tips from independent sources, whistle blowers, and occasionally after encountering information printed materials, I have then ventured into realms of mystery-shrouded secrets, concealed agendas and dark "black ops" planning, in the effort to attempt to unravel the threats to my nation and her continuing liberties and safety of her citizens. Such research has taken me nationwide and worldwide in the insatiable quest for the truth.

Living dangerously on the road for 14 years now has provided a priceless glimpse into America, personal contacts with her citizens, and understanding her future that no other experience can hope to rival. It is truly "hands on." Such a lifestyle presents numerous challenges, especially when every night one must seek a safe place to park and sleep on the road...and every day is spent tracking down various information sources and evidence confirming one's research.

Safety and survival often becomes a major consideration, when wintering in regions of American known for fierce winter gales and white-out blizzards such as Montana, and your only protection from the cruel winter elements is your personal vehicle and survival gear. With the cost of fuel being prohibitive, I have slept countless nights in my vehicle without heat, insulated from the bitter cold by layers of winter clothing, a down sleeping bag, and quality winter wear.

But it is also important to take the time to read the research of other quality investigative journalists and researchers as well. Such people can provide a wealth of important information for the reader. However, one must also take the precaution to determine whether such materials are genuine, or once again the product of frequent government DISINFORMATION operations designed to lead the concerned reader down various empty "rabbit trails" that end in deception.

Unaware Americans often become the victims of "news media bias/blackout" and government disinformation, even on a daily basis. Being aware of this, I have taken the time to read and research the books I recommend to my readers on this blog.

An avid reader, I often consume one or two whole books in just one evening's time spent reading. One of the books I have been focusing on, because of the incredible and excellently researched content, has been Naomi Klein's THE SHOCK DOCTRINE. Finally, here is an excellently researched book that puts a plain face on the NEW WORLD ORDER/MARTIAL LAW scenario that I and many other concerned people have been researching and struggling to better understand in recent years.

While Naomi Klein does not choose to venture into the realms of exploring/exposing the Illuminati/occult influence and their frequent dark connections to the financial and corporate international elite (such as BILDERBURGERS)who plan the coming martial law (disaster Capitalism) tragedies that lead to their creation of "ORDER OUT OF CHAOS," she nevertheless does an excellent job of researching and documenting the people and players and strategies such NWO strategists HAVE used in the past , and who plan to CONTINUE to use, eventually culminating with martial law/NWO being triggered here in the North American continent.

For those of you readers and NWO researchers who desire to understand the reasoning behind WHY the planning of artificially created disasters, with the intent of bring America into shock crisis leading to martial law, this book is a MUST READING.

It also helps you to understand what is planned for our nation, America,when you read about how such "SHOCK CAPITALISM" tactics have been used by these people in other countries previously, for the same reasons and motives.

Naomi's research does not cover the black op "9/11" however. This is DISASTER CAPITALISM at it's worst. For her own personal reasons, she prefers to cover over the areas she has researched. Just be aware. Nor does it cover the ILLUMINATI influence behind much of this.

This book can be ordered online
. It can also be found in many of your local libraries.
Grab this book and enjoy!

-Pamela Schuffert

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