Sunday, February 28, 2010


So glad you could listen in to what is going on here in America!

While we have BIG BROTHER breathing increasingly down our necks here in North America, you people in the UK have the same type world globalization scenario being put into action in the UK as well. I have just read a review of an article for the UK written by DAVID NOAKES entitled "THE EU." He has written some excellent articles exposing what the EU has in mind for the UK...SOVIET STYLE. Google him up or go to:

I get nervous just reading the many reports I come across describing the teeth BIG BROTHER in the UK is beginning to brandish against it's citizens. Spy cameras popping up everywhere, ridiculous new laws being written, making it a crime to even drop a piece of paper on the ground accidently (and more.)

Exactly what is happening in America, with the encouragement of non-traditional peoples coming over the borders, in the NWO's attempt to displace and erase our American traditional heritage and background, is now apparently happening in the UK, according to Brits I have interviewed.

Said one man, "The foreigners coming into our nation are being given more and privileges and handouts than we the native people of Great Britain!" This is exactly what has been happening in America as well...all to promote the globalist agenda of MULTI-NATIONALISM/MULTINATIONALISM and to erase our British-European-Caucasian/formerly Christian heritage and backgrounds.

There is so much more I am going to comment on in the future regarding what is happening in the UK, mirroring the BIG BROTHER agenda for North America, and the EUROPEAN WORLD under the EU. Sorry I gotta go now...I am preparing for the broadcast on TALKSPORT tonight in the UK. Wish they would give me more time to speak! If you like me, call them and tell them you want me on AGAIN!

Concerned about the future of the UK under BIBG BROTHER? EMAIL ME and express your concerns, and I will publish them.

Stay tuned for more...provided they do not decide to "disappear me" in the future for my reporting! And SHOULD Sunday night's broadcast NOT TAKE PLACE as scheduled, it will not be my fault. I am sitting patiently, manning the phone while in front of the computer waiting for TALKSPORT'S call from the UK in 15 minutes. Any interference can only be...BIG BROTHER.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting live from the USA

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