Thursday, March 25, 2010

Asheville, NC, Revisited: Boxcars, Shackles, Guillotines and the NWO Agenda

As I sit typing this report, I am acutely aware that I am only a half-hour from that famed pagan/satanist mecca of the southeast, ASHEVILLE, NC. And in fact, I am only a few minutes away from the very location where a planned satanist abduction attempt on my life was to take place in 1995, that failed by the grace of God.

Perhaps painfully aware is a more proper term. My Christian heart is very tender. Many years ago, former satanists admitted to me that my suspicions were correct, and that indeed Asheville, NC, has the NWO agenda well in place. Their NWO agenda is ready to roll, complete here with prisoner boxcars and shackles conveniently prepositioned just outside of Asheville, prepared to haul unfortunate victims to the FEMA camps once martial law is triggered in this region.

While interviewing my father's former satanic high priest, he shed further insight into the Asheville NWO agenda. He had "run with the pack" of satanists in Asheville as well at one time. "Admit it," I said to him, "...aren't there prisoner boxcars with shackles and guillotines in place in Asheville, ready for martial law?" He smiled and replied that I was correct. And then he added, "And there's ONE MORE THING that Asheville's prisoner boxcars with shackles have...."

I rolled my eyes and replied sarcastically, "Yes, and what would THAT be...SATANIC ALTARS even???" He smiled and said, "Yes..HOW DID YOU KNOW?" I replied, "Because I know the hearts of the satanists of Asheville...they are insane! Nothing is to wild or wicked for them to think up!" My years of investigating satanism in the mountains of western North Carolina uncovered extensive satanist activities throughout this region. Former satanists and surviving victims poured out their true insider accounts to me, that were overwhelming at times.
These people are truly crazy, I remember thinking many times.

I also knew that basic satanist teachings believe that SATAN GIVES THEM MORE POWER with every act of human sacrifice. Hence, they plan to make every Christian arrested under martial law simply ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN, to obtain power from him to bring forth his NEW WORLD ORDER agenda. And former satanists told me so personally. And the Bible confirms this in the Book of Revelation 13:

"And men worshipped the DRAGON, who gave power TO THE BEAST."

The DRAGON is Satan/Lucifer. And how is he worshipped? Primarily by ACTS OF HUMAN SACRIFICE! And practicing satanists/Illuminati know this.

Oh, how desperately wicked are the hearts of people, when they are under the demonically evil influence of Satan/Lucifer himself! Whether they call themselves the Illuminati, the Craft, the Brotherhood, Sabbateans, Satanists or Luciferians, it is still the same devil that controls them and their motives and fuels their wicked behavior!

You cannot imagine how much I deeply love my fellow Christians, even as our Bible commands us to love one another. Hence, the pain I feel so deeply in my heart and emotions is understandable, as I reflect on what these brutal murderers plan to do to my fellow Christians under coming NWO martial law. I know through years of research what they are capable of doing to innocent victims on their altars. I know what they HAVE done through many eye-witness accounts by former satanists and survivors.

Body of Christ, you can no longer afford to be ignorant as to what is happening all around us in America today!

Innocent children chained to their altars and brutally raped and defiled, and then chainsawed into pieces even as they scream for mercy and for someone to rescue them. Unborn children cut out of abducted pregnant victims, sacrificed first and then the mother as well. Babies skinned alive to the screams of "hail, satan" and then cannibalised after being cut into pieces.

Christians abducted because they are Christians, then chained to altars or fastened to literal crosses, and tempted to DENY JESUS CHRIST and join the satanists or else....And when they refuse to deny Jesus, they are then brutally tortured and murdered or crucified for their faith. And this all happens in AMERICA TODAY!

And it these same satanists/Illuminati who are the backbone of the emerging NEW WORLD ORDER. And what they do in secret to victims today, they plan to do to YOU CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA tomorrow...when martial law finally comes and their NWO agenda gets rolling.

You can no longer afford to be ignorant or naive, my fellow Christians!

-Pam Schuffert

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