Sunday, March 21, 2010

"When I Survey The Wondrous Cross..."(Or, Thoughts During Church This Sunday Morning)

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

This Sunday morning, I awakened to glance outside my window, then at the clock on the wall, and decided it was finally time to get up and prepare for anther Church service once again. The skies were overcast, with a faint hint of drizzle distilling silently on the mountains surrounding me. The sunny warmth of yesterday had given way to a cold dampness in the air. Sobering thoughts began to fill my mind as I got dressed and spent time in morning prayers. And in fact the overcast skies matched my emotions this morning, as I pondered the future of our nation...and the future of my fellow Christians in this nation as well.

The Bible teaches us as Christians that "KNOWLEDGE EQUALS RESPONSIBILITY." With my many years of investigative research behind me, I have discovered that I am unable, as many, to find a comfortable "safety-comfort-denial zone" in which to take refuge from the information I have uncovered throughout the years. I am confronted with what I now know, every single day, from the moment that I wake up until I finally collapse in sleep following many hours of PRAYING DEEPLY over all that I know.

God has given to mankind the capacity of experiencing EMOTIONS. And for some of us, those emotions run deeper and are more complex than others. It is impossible for me to describe to others the emotional gauntlet I run every single day, as I ponder and pray about the implications of my research. The grim future pictures that such information paints in my mind, can only elicit emotions ranging from profound grief and sadness, to then finally compel me to run to the God of my salvation for the love and comfort and strength I need to face this day.

Such thoughts filled my heart as I walked to church services today. Prayer filled my lips and mind. I finally entered the church and sat down, surrounded with people I have known and loved, many of them for years now, young and old alike.

Gazing at them with tender love and compassion, my thoughts ranged from "how will these precious people deal with the planned future of persecution of Christians coming to our nation?" And, " How many will be faithful unto death when they face these persecutions or are confronted with the modern guillotines and tempted to deny their faith in Jesus under the NOAHIDE LAWS?" Or, "Who will be subjected to torture for their faith...?"

Tears slowly began to fill my eyes as I thought about these things, and prayed silently for these beloved people. I secretly hoped that nobody would notice these tears and ask me WHY. Much of my research is simply too heavy for them to emotionally bear. There are many elderly in our congregation, and infirmed as well. I simply cannot bring myself to tell many of them: my prayers for them must suffice, trusting in the grace of God to bring them safely through the coming storms.

Our pastor gave a wonderful sermon based around PASSOVER and the LAST SUPPER of our Savior and Messiah, Jesus the Christ. We then partook of the symbols of His body and blood, with actual matzoh and grape juice. Yes, this is a time when both Christian and Jew celebrate a holy event: Jews and their ancient PASSOVER Seder, and Christians and the death and resurrection of the Messiah and Savior of the world, Jesus.

Having researched extensively SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY, I was also painfully aware that the Illuminati and satanist ALSO use this time for their unholy rituals. During this Passover/Resurrection Day period, Illuminati/satanists prepare to sacrifice victims abducted for this time, who are horribly destined to be brutally crucified on a literal cross and tortured to death, to mock out the death of Jesus Christ and to celebrate the alleged "victory of Satan/Lucifer" over Jesus Christ through His death on the cross.

As I sat in the pew, no one saw the tears fall as I silently prayed for all abducted victims worldwide, being held for that horrible ordeal. I prayed in my heart for God would convict those who are so tragically deceived into Satanism and the Illuminati, and convict them to release these innocent victims instead. I prayed for the salvation of all in the Illuminati and the Craft/Brotherhood as well. Their sins are no greater than any others, for all mankind is prisoner of sin and Satan's dark power (Jew and Gentile alike), UNTIL the light and salvation of MESSIAH JESUS comes into their hearts and lives. And because God sent Jesus His Son to destroy the power of Satan off this creation and mankind, Jesus the Messiah REMAINS the only answer for this sin-darkened world we live in today.

Although I do not allow myself to dwell on the following thoughts I am about to share, they finally surfaced during this beautiful service today. We as Christians can never allow our mere carnal and fleshly emotions to lead us away from the Cross and our commitment to follow Jesus to the end. But being a woman and having normal emotions, they finally surfaced today as well.

No one can ever understand, unless you have been in similar circumstances personally, the kinds of emotions that a person must deal with in such a spiritual (and often quite literal) battlefield that I have found myself in. Is my life in danger for my reporting and my uncompromising stand for Jesus Christ, and the truth I am compelled to report on in this hour? Yes, it is daily in jeopardy.

The satanists/Illuminati hate me for my reporting exposing their activities, especially with my family's background on both sides. The US government and military hate me for my kind of research and reporting exposing the planned "Disaster Capitalist/NWO" martial law agenda they have created. One USAF insider admitted that I came up "red-flagged" on USAF security computers, and was actually labeled by them a "threat to national security" for my reporting (!)

(Frankly, I must ask sarcastically, just exactly WHO IS the REAL threat to our national security, to our Constitution, to our religious freedoms and the lives of millions of my endangered fellow American Patriots/Christians due to their NWO agenda???And you can BET it is not ME! Get REAL, men in the DoD! Wake up and recognize exactly WHO are the REAL terrorists and enemies of our Republic!)

One military man admitted, that the US military HATE people like me, and that I could expect prolonged torture, once the military decided to apprehend me and haul me in for "red flagging" (extraction of my truth sources, etc., under duress and torture.) Same deal with the satanists and their retaliation for me.

Yes, I have had death attempts on my life, and direct threats as well from the intelligence community. My laptop has been stolen by a confirmed CIA operative. I was set up to be abducted and brutally eliminated yb the satanist elements in the mountains of NC in 1995. I was deliberately poisoned while working in Yellowstone NP to uncover where the meth was coming from, and almost died. But I have witnessed personally throughout the years, that GOD'S GRACE IS GREATER!

I live with the knowledge that every day I remain alive in freedom, it is a gift of the grace and mercy of the living God that I serve.

But for the genuine disciple of Jesus Christ, such thoughts of persecution for obedience to God can lead only in one direction: to the cross! And for the true soldier of the cross, there simply is NO TURNING BACK!

I have therefore learned to crucify my carnal and beggarly emotions with Jesus my Savior. They will not control my decisions. They will not be used to turn me away from following Him. In spite of all the persecutions and trials and sufferings we may face for His sake and obedience to His call on our lives, His WORD REMAINS CONSISTENT and does not change to suit our circumstances.

We MUST be willing to follow Jesus Christ, and remain obedient fo His commands, even if this leads to our own personal Golgotha and our crucifying by the world for HIS NAME'S SAKE.

My thoughts were then interrupted when the pastor then announced that it was time to sing" WHEN I SURVEY THE WONDROUS CROSS." In an instant of time, as I opened the hymnal to that song, I thought about all the many things I had sacrificed throughout the past 39 years as a born again Christian, for the calling of God upon my life. Oh, how God ministered to my soul through those powerful words!

1. When I survey the wondrous cross

on which the Prince of Glory died;

my richest gain I count but loss,

and pour contempt on all my pride.

2. Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast,

save in the death of Christ, my God;

all the vain things that charm me most,

I sacrifice them to his blood.

3. See, from his head, his hands, his feet,

sorrow and love flow mingled down.

Did e'er such love and sorrow meet,

or thorns compose so rich a crown.

Finally, when we came to the fourth and final stanza, I had
to lay down the hymnal and raise my hands to God in the air in that church,and
sing with all my heart, emotions and passion the following words:

4. Were the whole realm of nature mine,

that were an offering far too small;

love so amazing, so divine,

demands my soul, my life, my all.

Within my heart, with all I know that I and my fellow Christians
face in the times to come in our generation, this can

"Love so amazing, so Divine,

demands my soul, my life, MY ALL!"

And suddenly, in the midst of my weariness and troubled sadness within, I received strength to reaffirm within my heart that indeed, Jesus Christ IS truly WORTH IT ALL! The personal sufferings, the pain and rejection by the world, the dangers and the losses...what we have suffered and will suffer for Jesus Christ pales besides what He has suffered for YOU AND FOR ME! And the precious souls that we must reach for Jesus Christ and salvation...they too are worth our sufferings as well.

My fellow Christian
, what is Jesus and His suffering and death for YOU on the Cross worth to YOU??? IS He worthy, in your heart, of YOUR personal suffering and trials and testings for His sake??? IS He considered worthy of suffering and dying for??? The fate of your eternal soul rests in your relationship with Jesus Christ, and your remaining faithful unto Him to the END!

Let us join together in embracing the cross and following our Lord, Messiah and Savior Jesus Christ to the glorious finish. This is the only way we can indeed make a difference in our perishing world that surrounds us, and reassure ourselves of receiving the promises He has given to us as we OVERCOME THE WORLD by His grace.

-Pamela Schuffert

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