Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sniffing Out Government Stings and Fronts To Frame "Christians" For NWO Agenda

I have been following very carefully the situation involved an alleged "Christian militia" organization, HUTAREE. I frankly suspect (but have no proof as of yet, but am searching)that this has been a deep government black op from the very beginning. I believe that it was designed draw in members, to get names and information, and to set these people up for arrest and being framed, and to blacken the name of both "Christian" and "militia"...two things the NEW WORLD ORDER HATES! And of course, they can get away with such tactics through their plants throughout the news media, the lapdogs of cover-up of government black ops. BUT WHY?

Because I have long known, from former CIA and military sources, that the NWO/martial law agenda plans to move against the Christian elements in America in the future. They plan to arrest millions already "on the list," whether the Justice Department list, or FEMA RED/BLUE LIST, and then to dispose of them in prisoner boxcars with shackles in the detention camps built for this very purpose.

But FIRST, they must devise methods of publicly blackening the name of "CHRISTIAN" and any NWO-resistant elements of them (including militias), in order to then JUSTIFY IN THE PUBLIC SIGHT their subsequent moving against them openly to arrest and incarcerate and remove them, etc.

The SAME dark elements of our government/military who secretly planned BLACK OPS like the OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING, 9/11, and other for their NWO agenda, are also fully capable of setting a "CHRISTIAN MILITIA FRONT," and then having THEIR cover operatives perform tasks such as HUTAREE is now being accused of, that of "killing police officers" to trigger a showdown, etc.

Naive Americans and Christians even more naive who would immediately respond with, "But the government would NEVER do something like THAT" do not realize that these people are not bound by the commandments of the Living God nor do they share in the Christian world view. Lying, framing the innocent and murder are the trademarks of a totalitarian regime and a corrupt government. How many of us remember the tactics of BILL CLINTON, BUSH and many others? Do you not think this corrupt government is fully capable of staging events to falsely frame and implicate innocent Christians, for their NWO agenda? You BET they are! Whatever will help facilitate their NWO agenda, they are fully capable of doing...and unfortunately will do.

Hey...if they can already provide prisoner boxcars with shackles and modern guillotines and deathcamps for the Christian and other NWO resisters, what are they NOT capable of??? Think about it...think hard.

First of all, the American people cannot know if the people in Hutaree are deep plants in the "Christian community" and militia movement. Not from "official government explanations" nor from complicit news media bias/blackout. ANYONE can start any organization and name it "Christians." Anyone can call themselves "Christian." Yet it does not mean a thing, nor does it prove anything.

Rather, Jesus Christ said "WATCH FOR THE FRUITS!" A tree is known by it's fruits, and so is A CHRISTIAN!

Any true Biblical Christian knows, that "planning to kill police officers" etc., as it is alleged that HUTAREE people were doing, is quite clearly from Bible Scriptures, NOT CHRISTIAN! Obviously.

But it sure makes for great hard copy trying to insinuate that Christians/militias are bloodthirsty and dangerous elements to be targeted, spied upon and removed! And this is exactly what the government wants in this critical hour!

They WANT justification for the massive round-ups planned in secret against the Christians, part of their NWO agenda for many years anyhow. Such people labor deep into the night in meetings to discuss and plan black ops designed to further their NWO agendas, and falsely framing and labeling "Christians" and "militias" as terrorists by what ever means or black ops necessary, is all a part of THE AGENDA.

So take with a big grain of salt, anything labeled "Christian" and "militia" and then besmirched by the media as "terrorist" linked with "weapons of mass destruction" as presently with HUTAREE. Such COINTELPRO and black ops are designed with this very purpose, to then make the Christians and militias (both so hated by the US government who supports the NWO agenda) in general targets and suspect.

And don't be surprised, if you see an upsurge in such black ops in the future. They have to move against the Christians and militias (who are indeed opposed to the NWO agenda,) and this is one of many ways they are able to use. And THEN deceive those elements of the American public with lying news media bias/blackout, all to justify in the public mind the terrible atrocities they planned to commit against America's Christians and militias ANYHOW.

Be forewarned and be advised. They have pulled this type of tactic before (MANY times), and they can do it again. And WILL...because they cannot WAIT to get their NWO agenda rolling at last!

-Pamela Schuffert

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