Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reasons WHY the DISASTER CAPITALISTS/Illuminati Are Fools

If you consider yourself a "DISASTER CAPITALIST" or part of the self-professed "rich, elite and powerful" (as these NWO Illuminati people love to refer to themselves as, including Sabbateans) you need to read carefully the following article. It is not written to people who cannot understand what I am about to discuss with you. I do not have the time to waste trying to painstakingly attempt explain to people who do not understand this subject. This is written specifically to YOU, who understand perfectly what I am about to share. And perhaps to those among you who do NOT understand the importance of the following as well.

I understand perfectly the rational and reasoning of WHY extensive plans have been made to falsely frame and target the Christian-based elements in North America, under your "disaster capitalist" NWO agenda for this nation. But this will prove to be one of the most foolish things that the NWO crowd has ever devised to date. This includes the Sabbatean Zionists as well. It will prove to utterly become your own undoing in the end.

I am now addressing the Jewish elements in this agenda. First of all, who would be so stupid to terminate their own best friends??? Who wants to shoot themselves in the foot? When you cannot even stand to be among yourselves at times, it is the CHRISTIANS who are forgiving you, praying for you (many of you by name,) crying out for God to have mercy on you for your eternal souls' sakes, and praying for Israel as well.

In spite of all the corruption in Israel and her government, not to mention many other problems I will not go into detail with on this report, it is nevertheless the CHRISTIANS who are kindly praying for ISRAEL and for "the PEACE OF JERUSALEM." My friends, let me tell you: the vast majority of Christians are no longer "dumbed down" or stupid. They have been compelled to perform their independent research on many levels, and now understand many things perfectly (including the truth underlying "9/11".) However, they are compelled by the Bible and the Jewish Messiah Jesus that they believe in, to continue to forgive, to pray for the Jews and for Israel, and to stand against anti-Semitism or Jewish persecution.

How unbelievably stupid, therefore, for things such as THE NOAHIDE LAWS and millions of modern guillotines, to be utilized to betray the love and prayers of millions of Christians for Jews and Israel, and to brazenly authorize their deaths! Is THIS the message that Jews want to send to the world? "BECOME OUR FRIENDS AND SUPPORTERS, TRUST US, and THEN WE WILL BETRAY YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT AND KILL YOU!"

I have listened to Jews brag to me that my reporting is correct, and that this is what they believe: that the Christians must be eliminated by beheading and Noahide Laws to make way for THEIR NewWorld Order agenda. Only of course, AFTER they are through using them for Zionist based agendas!

It is far too late to attempt deny the reality of THE NOAHIDE LAWS legislation signed in America, and the presence of millions of modern guillotines, found in many of our US military bases and in fact worldwide. Our investigative journalists and insiders (military/CIA, etc.) have long been confirming this to us, and millions of Americans are now fully aware of this dark agenda. And the number of those informed is growing daily. People are not stupid: what kind of message does this send to those who have been caught up in the frenzy of "SUPPORT ISRAEL" agenda here in America?

True Bible-believing Christians are the ONLY TRUE FRIENDS THAT CAN BE COUNTED ON IN THE WORLD, by Israel and the Jews. Seeking to destroy the Christian power base in North America through "DISASTER CAPITALISM" (birthed by Jew Milton Friedman and his Chicago boys and others) and imposing martial law, and THEN rounding up "the Christians" and terminating them by GUILLOTINES or BOXCARS/SHACKLES/CAMPS agenda, is frankly the most self-defeating and stupid thing the NWO Illuminati crowd could ever conceive of!

Take it from me. I have walked among "born-again Christians" for almost 40 years now. I can tell you what they think from the inside, after working in many ministries nationwide. Christians long to be forgiving, compassionate, and give people the benefit of the doubt. Many WANT to see what they believe to be Bible prophecy for Israel and the Jews fulfilled in a Biblical defined way. They travel to Israel to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem" and to attend the FEAST OF TABERNACLES. You wanna know what? They really DO love and pray for the Jews and for Israel! (In SPITE of themselves and their bad behavior at times...sigh.)

If you Jewish NWO "Disaster Capitalists" and Sabbateans/Illuminati elements really want to be fully self-defeating, and tragically prove TRUE what critics have alleged for centuries about "the Jews, " simply go ahead with the NOAHIDE LAWS/GUILLOTINES agenda, and play a major role in MARTIAL LAW/DISASTER CAPITALISM agenda for North America, and suffer the naturally occurring fallout and retaliation and outrage that will come as a consequence of such foolish behavior.

The moment that any remaining trust of the Christians in this nation, America, is finally shattered by such tragic behavior and actions of the NWO/ILLUMINATI DISASTER CAPITALISTS, you will have finally lost one of the major support groups that Israel needs to succeed in today's world. And it will prove to be a worldwide loss as well.

Do you really want to prove your critics throughout the centuries correct, my NWO supporting Jewish friends? Are you so foolish and deceived to really believe that your worst enemies in this world, are the Christians who love you ( in spite of yourselves) and pray for you and for Israel as well???

The eyes of people worldwide, and Christians worldwide, will finally be opened to see the truth, not through any "anti-Semitism" but rather by your own foolish actions.

The only reason that the full wrath of God has NOT come upon this nation of North America by now, is because of His faithful remnant of God-fearing/Bible-believing Christians who honor and fear and obey His word. God has restrained his wrath upon this nation, wrath that YOUR actions of Illuminati/Sabbatean/Satanist abominations (human sacrifice and blasphemy against God continually) are FULLY WORTHY OF, because He does not want to judge the righteous with the wicked.

The moment you Illuminati/Sabbateans/NWO crowd decide to implement in full your NWO martial law agenda, and begin persecuting and murdering the Christians in earnest in North America (just like my CIA/military/satanist sources warned me was planned), YOU WILL PERSONALLY WITNESS THE WRATH OF GOD BEING POURED OUT UPON YOU AND YOUR AGENDA AS NEVER BEFORE.

When you decide to "go for the gold" and begin arresting Christians in America under false charges or "disappearing them," seizing their properties and possessions under Presidential Executive Orders, and take them "to the camps" for termination, you will have signed your own final death certificate.

"Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, I WILL repay." The Bible makes it clear that whatsoever a person sows, or plants, that will he reap. Or have you Jewish Illuminati/Sabbateans forgotten what the God of Israel did in the past, to those reprobate Jews who turned to worship of Baal and Molech and offered human sacrifices and murdered the innocent as well???

Perhaps you need to take the time to review Holy Scriptures and read about the horrific judgments that came both upon reprobate Jews and Israel/Judah for committing such abominations and blasphemy against the Living God! Far from prospering, they were judged with great judgments and wrath. The God of Israel avenged the shed blood of the innocents on the satanic altars of these idolaters, and avenged the shed blood of His prophets that He sent to warn them to REPENT, whom they often turned and slaughtered as well. I tell you, the God of Israel has not changed! And his Name is NOT LUCIFER!

My nation, America, was founded on the Word of God by God-fearing founders such as my Pilgrim ancestors, who covenanted with the ONE TRUE God, that this would become a nation that would fear and obey His word and keep His holy commandments. It is only because of God's righteous remnant in this nation, that judgment has not yet fallen on America for wicked actions such as the Satanists and the Illuminati/Sabbatean elements.

Many Christians throughout America know everything I now know about the satanists and Illuminati in our nation. But we are the ones who are continually praying to God for mercy on your souls, for salvation for you, for God to patiently wait and withhold His judgments and just damnation upon you, for your eternal souls' sakes.

And many Christians are also praying for the Jews and Israel, loving them with God's love as well.

If you seek to destroy the Christian base in America, you will have effectively brought down the very wrath and judgment of God upon yourselves, long deserved but so long withheld, for the sake of God's righteous remnant in America.

Rather than prospering financially, as you hope to do by bring down martial law and killing off the Christians you love to hate, you will discover that by removing the Christians elements that have formed the very basis for God even being able to still "bless America," you will experience poverty and destruction of your financial/industrial empires as never before.

Judgments that God has long withheld for the sake of His elect in America, will finally come to pass. Your "DISASTER CAPITALISTS" plans to financially profiteer off the deliberately created "black ops"disasters" triggering MARTIAL LAW in America, will utterly backfire.

Furthermore, just as the DISASTER CAPITALISTS
do not like the many militant "insurgent" groups now formed throughout IRAQ to counter the occupying forces horrors imposed by the US and her allies on Iraqis, they will by their own foolish actions in America cause countless "insurgent groups" rising up throughout this nation, who will indeed fight (and justly) for our freedoms and religious liberties and the basic right to live in freedom in our nation, America.

More and more Americans are becoming educated through alternate news media sources, about the true intentions of the Disaster Capitalists/Martial Law agenda for their America, and they do not like what they see about to emerge and take place. And they are predictably responding with measures to protect themselves and their families, with purchasing survival supplies, food, ammunition, even prefab underground nuclear fallout shelters installed as well. They realize that our foolish ambitions (fueled by Disaster Capitalists and Zionism) in the Middle East will someday result in NUCLEAR STRIKES ON AMERICA SOIL.

And God HELP the FEMA boys (or foreign troops)as they seek to seize the food supplies and weapons from the American people under martial law someday! Yes, Americans are becoming educated and they are preparing accordingly. This kind of response should be predictable, when people realize to what degree their trust has been betrayed and they have been sold out to become victims in the NWO GULAG system across this nation.

You need to listen to reason and wisdom, my friends. And I am one of the people praying for your eternal souls at this time as well. Jewish NWO/Disaster Capitalists/Sabbateans/Illuminati, get right with the ONE TRUE GOD of Israel, and believe in His Son, the ONLY valid Messiah God will send to Israel and the Jews. And then experience true riches! But do not touch the genuine "apple of God's eye," His Christian people in America who keep His commandments and believe in the Messiah.The consequences will be tragic beyond words, and will be eternal in scope as well.

-Pamela Schuffert

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