Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Tragedy of Jews Involved in the NEW WORLD ORDER Agenda

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Last Saturday (Shabbat) I took a step of faith as the Holy Spirit led me, and came as a guest to the local LUBAVITCH CHABAD Shabbat services in my area. It was a distinct leading of God's Holy Spirit, in fact. I spend so much time daily in prayer for various elements of the Jewish community involved in the New World Order agenda. The people involved in LUBAVITCH CHABAD are constantly in my prayers, for the God of Israel to bring revelation and conviction as to WHO THEIR MASHIACH (MESSIAH) REALLY IS.

So many precious young Jews are involved in the Lubavitcher Sh'liachim (Their version of Jewish missionaries) movement,
to plant Lubavitch houses of worship and information in various locations across the globe. I have met them and talked with them. I understand their sincerity and zeal for "Ha'Shem." So many truly want to know God, and to find their Mashiach (Messiah.) These leaders of the CHABAD houses of worship are sincere in their love for their Jewish people, sincere in their love for God and truly wanting to please Him and fulfill their calling as Jews as defined in the Holy Scriptures.

It is precisely because of their sincerity, that I love them so deeply and spend so much time in prayer for them. However, I also realize that this love goes deeper than my own heart. It is the very love of God, the God of Abraham and of Yahshua the Mashiach, for their precious and eternal souls. Because of their sincerity and truly not understanding yet that Jesus IS their ONLY MESSIAH, I can more easily forgive them in my heart and continue to love and pray for them.

What is tragic is, when the Jews of today reject their very own revealed Messiah and His revelations from God to His people, they remain in the strict legalism of the law before Messiah's revelations. And the natural reasoning that follows from the law and Rabbinical writings and the Talmud, is that "CHRISTIANS ARE GUILTY OF BLASPHEMY AGAINST GOD AND IDOLATRY." And in such Jewish writings, one finds full justification for the subsequent condemnation and execution towards Gentiles, precisely as found in THE NOAHIDE LAWS.

Even as Yahshua(Jesus) the Messiah told His disciples, the time is coming when those who kill you think they are doing God a favor. That time has come for disciples of Jesus in the past, and will come again in our generation as well.

Following the natural progression of Jewish reasoning based on pre-Messiah Yahshua writings, including the Talmud and many other rabbinical writings I have researched, it is not surprising that many Jews today actually believe that they are justified in carrying out the Noahide Laws worldwide against Christians and all other Gentiles who seemingly "break the Noahide laws" and hence warrant termination by beheading.

I have spoken to Jews about this personally. I was amazed to find such widespread acceptance among Jewish circles over their position on the "NEW WORLD ORDER," believing fully that it is THEIR New World Order to make way for the Messiah, and to get rid of all those who will not comply with the Noahide laws and renounce their faith in Jesus Christ especially. The intense hatred constantly being propagated among Jewish circles against Christians and Jesus Christ both shocked and saddened me deeply, as I began to uncover this through my years of working in Jewish communities across America.

While much accusation proceeds from within the Jewish communities about alleged Christian religious bigotry and hatred, nothing is ever said publicly about the blatant and widespread religious bigotry, often including persecution of various kinds, against Christians often found throughout the Jewish communities.

And when such religious hatred and bigotry evolves into something like THE NOAHIDE LAWS legislation signed by President Bush Sr. himself, actually making provision for those who break 3 of these seven laws to be executed by decapitation, this becomes an ominous departure from hundreds of years of religious freedoms in America, and becomes a frightening form of theocracy from a decidedly biased Jewish viewpoint.

I and others frequently experienced such persecution while working in Jewish communities, including cities like Chicago and New York City. I was often prohibited from being hired by Jewish firms because I was a Christian, for example. My Christian friends would share with me about how they were assaulted and beaten in the streets for exercising their Constitutionally guaranteed religious freedoms and attempting to share their faith with others on the streets in New York City, by militant Jewish groups that at times included Lubavitch Chabad.

I also noted that Jews who decided to accept Jesus as their Messiah, were subsequently persecuted by such groups. Often it went beyond persecution, to outright abduction for their faith and what is called "deprogramming" by militant Jewish groups like Lubavitch. Their rabbis, when informed of their conversion, would then declare them to be guilty of "blasphemy against God" Lubavitch Chabad has had a program wherein they would send professionally trained deprogrammers upon request by frantic Jewish family members, to abduct the person who had accepted Jesus as Messiah.

One Russian Jew I knew personally, Grisha Grazhutis of Chicago, gave his frightening account to a group of us personally of how he was deceived by these deprogrammers, drugged and flown from Chicago to Brooklyn, New York to Lubavitch headquarters. As he came out from under the effects of the drugs they sedated him with prior to the flight, he shard with us how he found himself laying on the floor, looking up at the faces of Orthodox Jews staring down at him. They said, "You are now at the headquarters of Lubavitch, Chabad, and JESUS IS NOT THE MESSIAH! And you are not leaving here until you renounce Jesus!"

Grisha told us that night, as we listened with fascination to his lecture at THE RUSSIAN CLUB in Rogers Park (1979), how they then proceeded to compel him to DENY HIS NEW FOUND FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST. Deprogramming tactics often took on a bizarre nature. I listened alongside Oleg, James and Karen Melnick of the Slavic Gospel Association where I received training in outreach to Russians in 1979-1980. (http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=james+melnick+slavic+gospel+association&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=james+melnick+slavic+gospel+association&fp=18ec2db39eb50b9d

"They even handed me a cup of LIQUID DRANO, and said to me, ' If Jesus is the Messiah...here! DRINK this glass of LIQUID DRANO! Because it says in YOUR Bible that if you drink any deadly thing, it will not harm you..." He thought for a moment and then replied, "well, if Jesus TELLS Me to drink it, I will..but since He did NOT, I will not either." Exasperated when they could not force him to deny his new found faith in Jesus, they finally locked him in a room and went to a religious service.

Grisha shared how he did not even know what city he was now in. Locked in their headquarters, he prayed for God, in Jesus' name, to show Him how to escape. He noted that this was an older apartment building with the large keyholes. "I wore my hair long, hippy style, and had several bobby pins in it at that time. Pulling one out, I used it to finally open the lock." And immediately he ran out of the building, and out into the streets. Looking for a safe place to hide, he ran down the nearby subway stairs, with only a small amount of money to his name.

Breathless, he finally found a telephone and placed an urgent phone call to my friend, Oleg Kis, also involved in our work with Russian Jews in Chicago at that time. Oleg then proceeded to drive from Chicago to New York City, pick up Grisha, and then to transport him back to Chicago where he had been when previously kidnapped by the Lubavitch deprogramming team. (See OLEG on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?sk=messages&compose&id=100000540246875&sid=100000771497079.3394700748..1#!/profile.php?id=100000540246875&ref=search&sid=100000771497079.3394700748..1)

And shortly thereafter, Grisha was then invited to come to our Russian Club and share his harrowing account of how he was kidnapped for his faith in Jesus his Messiah, and finally escaped with his faith remaining intact by the grace of God.

Some time after this, however, I learned through a Messianic Jewish contact in Brooklyn that Grisha had died under mysterious circumstances. Perhaps his death was not accidental, and perhaps there were those who hoped that his incredible account of being kidnapped by Lubavitch and experiencing first-hand their programming tactics, would die with him. We may never know. But Grisha's powerful testimony of how he found his Messiah, Jesus, and his amazing account of suffering incredible religious persecution and bigotry at the hands of this militant Jewish organization, continues to circulate to this very day. Sadly, Jewish abductions and deprogramming of Jews who accept Jesus Christ continues throughout Jewish communities everywhere.

Again, this is only one example of the tragic effects of Jews who reject their messiah, Jesus/Yahshua. Persecution by unbelieving Jews of those who DO believe in Jesus has continually come from various elements of the Jewish community, beginning with the Early Church to this present hour, for two thousand years now.

And finally the latest form of worldwide persecution of the Christians of our generation will take place under allegedly THEIR New World Order (Jewish world reign under the new messiah), and the implementation of their NOAHIDE LAWS be administered by rabbinical courts. Bible prophecy confirms this as well, in Revelation 20:4 and Revelation 13.

In conclusion, how tragic are the fruits of those Jews who reject their ONLY Messiah and Savior sent by God, Yahshua Ha'Mashiach! Not only do they face eternal separation from a holy God Who sent them their Messiah in fulfillment of hundreds of Bible prophecies, but they also then proceed to persecute, even unto death, those who DO believe in Him as well.

As I have stated previously in many of my reports throughout the past 14 years as an investigative journalist, THE GUILLOTINES ARE HERE. The NOAHIDE LAWS ARE HERE. And our own US military forces, including foreign troops as well, are being trained in many military bases (such as Fort Lewis, WA and others)in how to operate the modern military guillotines to be used to behead Believers in Jesus the Messiah...even as Bible prophecy forewarned us would happen.

One Jew admitted to me, "...the antichrist you Christians fear, will be OUR NEW MESSIAH to bring us to victory and to get RID of your Christians...."Again, this is Bible prophecy fulfilled, from II Thessalonians and Revelation. Rejecting the truth of Jesus ther Messiah, they are given a strong delusion, to believe a lie that will result tragically in their eternal damnation in the end. Greater even than the tragedy of Christians suffering and dying for their faith, is their refusal to receive their true Messiah and hence perishing eternally. If WE die, we have eternal salvation! If they die without Messiah, they PERISH ETERNALLY. How unspeakably sad this is.

None of this could ever happen, IF these Jews so beloved by God the Father and His Son the Messiah, would only repent and accept Him Who loves them "with an everlasting love!"

Please, my mature Christian friends and readers, will you take the time to PRAY FOR THE SALVATION OF THESE PRECIOUS JEWS, including members of LUBAVITCH CHABAD, at this time? Remember that Jesus the Messiah, our Savior, said, "And ALL THESE THINGS THEY WILL DO TO YOU, because they have neither known ME, nor the Father." http://bible.cc/john/16-3.htm

You cannot imagine the Divine love that poured into my heart that day, as I sat at the table with this young man representing Lubavitch, along with members of this congregation last Shabbat. Yes, I know that Lubavitch and the New World Order will seek to behead me someday, and millions of other Christians with me, all in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. But I also know that God desires to reach into their hearts and lives as well! And through our mature Christian love, our forgiveness and our prayers for them, God's hands will move and touch many hearts and open their eyes to their ONLY MESSIAH...Jesus the Christ...at last. And this is truly what it is all about. Nothing else matters in the end.

Of course, it is not only Orthodox Jews who believe in their version of the NEW WORLD ORDER. Many secular Jews also believe in it from their own perspective. Many Gentiles also believe in it as well. And the satanists/Illuminati certainly believe in it from their own dark perspective. How sad to discover that Orthodox Jews who profess to believe in a holy God, find themselves standing literally hand in hand with actual Satan worshippers who support their NWO as well, who are truly guilty of "blasphemy against God" by their lifestyles and actions! Do they truly believe that God can in ANY way bless this???

Pray for the eyes of Jews deceived by the NEW WORLD ORDER to be opened to the truth.

"Father forgive the, for they KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO."~Jesus

-Pamela Schuffert

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