Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Are You Prepared to SURVIVE the COMING STORM?

With the earthquake that just came to CHILE, many people were caught unprepared. With the earthquake that also came to HAITI, the vast majority of people were also unprepared to survive.

Disasters, both men-created and natural and even "acts of God" are coming to this world continually. It behooves us as Americans and Christians to be prepared continually.

First of all for the Christians, spiritual preparedness is NUMBER ONE. All the survival supplies in the world cannot save you, IF your faith in NOT first in the Living God through His holy Son Jesus Christ for salvation.

But THEN, "FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD." Noah, when warned of God of a great flood coming, BUILT AN ARK to the saving of his entire family! He did not simply sit back and consider himself blessed and protected because God called him "righteous"! He did not say, "NOT TO WORRY! I'm RIGHTEOUS! I now need do nothing...." WRONG! God WARNED HIM and GOD TOLD HIM what to do to be protected!

God has been sending many people to the American Christians warning them of what is to come to our continent. Are you taking the time to UNDERSTAND WHAT IS COMING TO OUR CONTINENT and ARE YOU PREPARING?

"DISASTER CAPITALISM" is coming to America. (It's already here in fact). Many companies are already making a huge financial profit on the COMING AMERICAN HOLOCAUST. Companies such as GUNDERSON INC of Portland, OR, has received a huge government payoff to build thousands of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES to haul all anticipated NWO resisters "TO THE CAMPS" under martial law. The NWO disaster capitalists plan to make a big profit from our untimely deaths!


Also HALLIBURTON is under contract with millions of dollars from the US government to build more and MORE prisoner detention centers (concentration camps) anticipating that America will indeed come under martial law and many people will be arrested and killed in THEIR VERY OWN CAMPS...HIGHLY PROFITABLE!


But this is what "disaster capitalism" is all about! "Order out of chaos", but THEY CREATE THE CHAOS and out of it bring forth their NEW WORLD ORDER!

And so with all these things and much more already in place now, shouldn't it be obvious to YOU that DISASTER IS COMING TO AMERICA...PLANNED DISASTER??? Exactly what I have been stating now for 14 years to America!

Are YOU prepared to stand firm and survive? Get OUT of the "defeatist mentality!" MANY Americans are now building their nuclear fallout shelters (or having them installed prefab), ordering long term survival food supplies, and are training to OVERCOME AND SURVIVE!

MORE AND MORE Americans (and Canadians) are moving out of the cities. They are obtaining their guns and ammunition. They are purchasing their organic non-gmo seeds and learning how to farm organically (the ONLY safe way.) They are training in EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARE and obtaining their medical supplies while they can.

You need to be able to do all of the above and more if YOU want to overcome and survive! And you CAN.

If you have not done so already, begin your research TODAY. Start purchasing your survival supplies NOW. PRAY for the grace to obtain everything you will need for the future. Faith without works is indeed dead...and you may be also without the proper preparations!

You can easily do your SURVIVALIST research rapidly on the INTERNET, using search engine tools such as GOOGLE. Your local library will also have information in many books as well.

-Pamela Schuffert

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