Wednesday, March 10, 2010

From My Readers-A Letter From Gordon of INDIANA

Gordon, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your kind card and support! For my readers, here is an excerpt from Gordon's kind card:

"Dear Pamela, HI! I want to THANK YOU! I just ran across your Website a few week sago. I've been interested in End-Times-Prophecy all my Christian life. I KNOW REVELATION 20:4 [Guillotines]will occur---after Revelation 13 happens."

"Since America has rebelled against YAH (GOD) especially parts of the American church, it's not hard to believe, when you put the pieces together, the findings you've written about. It's sad that this is happening in America-and the world-but YAHSHUA has HIS OWN AGENDA, and HE WILL BE RETURNING AGAIN!"

"I share your information with other saints. Some MOCK it and others are grateful to learn of it....." -Blessings, Gordon
Thank you Gordon. Your card and kind gift is a testimony to me that my hard work has been worth it all!

I continue to live "on the edge" as a true disciple of Jesus Christ. There are no substantial finances in this kind of work, nor in any of the mission fields God has ever called me to. And this way, readers of integrity KNOW that I am not "sensationalizing to make a buck" off this kind of reporting. People can also take a look at my simple Christian lifestyle, even contact my church and pastor who have known me for twenty years now (and have known my sufferings and trials for Christ, including years in pro-life activism as well)and realize that there IS NO TRUTH to the professional government COINTELPRO slander published by some.

I forgive such people and pray for such people. They are obviously NOT saved. Both have deliberately slandered, at the government's behest, many innocent people. But that is the role of professional COINTELPRO operatives: to slander and attempt to smear the reputations of those the government is at war with, journalists included. I personally tried to minister to both without success. One COINTELPRO operative informed my webmaster some years ago, "I am NOT a Christian and will never BE a Christian!" Another admitted to one contact of mine he performed evil acts for the government, but admitted he did it to try and get his daughter back.

The government desperately does not want the American people to believe this kind of information such as I and other independent journalists publish! And so their tactic is to attempt to character assassinate, so that we will somehow lose credibility in the sight of our readers. But as I said, my Christian fruits in ministry and years of suffering for Jesus Christ, walking in integrity, speak for themselves. My church and pastor can speak for my integrity as well. And thank GOD that millions of my readers have enjoyed, believed and acted upon my information contained in my investigative journalism over the past 14 years!

But I never took this assignment from God for the money! I personally abhor filthy Illuminati currency and the people behind it. Anyone who claims to be a CHRISTIAN but is in the ministry for filthy and abhorrent "money" does NOT belong in it!

All my clothes are SALVATION ARMY or GOODWILL or donated. I own no home in this world, no vehicle, nothing substantial EXCEPT MY BACKPACK, HIKING BOOTS, MY BIBLE and MY ETERNAL SALVATION. I live on very little on a monthly basis. I eat healthily but simply: perhaps a bowl of organic oats and an apple for breakfast, for lunch a sandwich made of organic grains and an organic butter with organic fruit, and often a few steamed organic carrots, onions and garlic for dinner. It is the expensive and sophisticated processed foods along with and antibiotics and nitrates filled meat and contaminated milk/dairy that make Americans sick and obese. I walk miles every day as well.

And I love it! I am living as Jesus lived, and I am taking up my cross to FOLLOW HIM. And truly HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT.

This is precisely how I was able to afford to perform investigative journalism across this nation, living out of my vehicle and learning the fine art of survival in bitter climates at times. Stepping out in faith, as God leads, is a wonderful and challenging lifestyle: it causes you to grow in your faith continually.

I pity the Illuminati and the so called "rich, elite and powerful." They are trying to fill their lives with empty trinkets in this world, which can never satisfy their eternal souls. I don't need or want their monetary system leading to a cashless society where no man can buy or sell without satan's mark, as Revelation describes. Their lives are futile and empty without SALVATION AND WITHOUT THE SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!

And eternal damnation awaits them as well. How tragic and how terrible!

How blessed you are, Gordon to BELIEVE "BOOK OF REVELATION" END-TIME BIBLE PROPHECY! And to therefore also believe my reports confirming that it is about to be fulfilled, even in our nation. Yes, the guillotines are here to test the faith of God's saints of this age. Blessed is he who does not fall away because of these coming trials of detention camps, prisoner boxcars and guillotines and ALL that we Christians face in the coming times! God sends is people to warn others. There is a reason for such warnings. MANY CHRISTIANS MAY FALL AWAY OUT OF SHEER TERROR BECAUSE NO ONE HAS WARNED THEM OF THESE THINGS TO COME! Hence a need for repeated warnings.

Gordon, IN INDIANA there are detention/termination camps in place. The prisoner boxcars with shackles are there and so are the guillotines. And there are the wicked people there also who are more than happy to terminate the much hated CHRISTIANS of our continent. One of my former information sources admitted that all these things are in place in Indiana (former CIA and high priestess of Indiana for 18 years before becoming a Christian and exposing the darkness.)

There are also MANY PRECIOUS CHRISTIANS, including AMISH, MENNONITE and HUTTERITE, etc. PRAY for God to HOLD BACK THE PLANNED DARKNESS OVER INDIANA! And pray and fast against SATANISM IN INDIANA as well, including in Newcastle, IN, where there is so much darkness and many boxcars prepositioned for martial law as well.

Why NEWCASTLE? Newcastle is the former home to the former high priestess/CIA assassin, who told me in detail about the planned persecution of the church under martial law in America. These satanists in NEWCASTLE cannot wait to get their hands on the CHRISTIANS of their region and Indiana, and pack them off TO THE CAMPS! And of course their pretense is that "these cars are merely idled here...."

I have already been into contact with eye-witnesses who have seen the INSIDES of such auto-carrier boxcars at one point, with actual BENCHES AND SHACKLES INSTALLED INSIDE THE FORMER AUTOCARRIERS (Butte, Montana.) Yes, they will be using autocarriers as well as prisoner boxcars to take people to the camps. It takes only brief time to convert autocarriers into prisoner boxcars with benches and shackles!

So gather your Christian friends together and PRAY FOR INDIANA as never before, Gordon. And pray for the rest of our nation as well.

God bless you!

-Pamela Schuffert reporting to the American people

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