Tuesday, March 30, 2010


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I can never forget my years researching the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda nationwide for the past 14 years, especially the Americans preparing to take it on, in the bold and brash Patriot state of MONTANA.

So many I interviewed throughout Montana, admitted to me they knew all about the NWO agenda for America, and that they would NEVER be taken alive to the prisoner boxcars or to the FEMA camps. And many told me personally that it would be "...outta my cold dead hands that they will pray my gun, because we aren't surrendering to the NEW WORLD ORDER or being taken alive TO THE CAMPS..."

But I also learned some other vital truths while researching in Montana. One fact is, THE FEDS HAVE INFILTRATED EVERYWHERE. Especially into suspected militias or underground resistance groups and neighborhoods or towns suspected of harboring them.

One day following a two hour interview by host John Stokes of THE EDGE AM in Kalispell, MT, he warned me as I was leaving the station: "Look out for THE FEDS...they are swarming EVERYWHERE around here!" Other locals admitted the same to me as well.

One man said, "I have proof they are here. There was a traffic accident near Snappy's Sporting Goods store here in Kalispell. Before a police car could arrive, a truck pulled up with a man looking like any other good ol' Montana mountain boy...beard, truck...and he jumped out and flashed open his wallet to reveal HIS FBI BADGE at the scene of the accident!"

One woman I interviewed said, "WE DON'T FORM MILITIAS HERE IN MONTANA ANYMORE. We know we are heavily infiltrated with Fed spies. And so what we have here in Montana is, EVERY OTHER HOME IS THEIR OWN PRIVATE MILITIA, so to speak, BECAUSE WE DON'T KNOW WHO TO TRUST ANYMORE."

This is excellent advice for the REST of America, including Alaska. Federal agent infiltration, coupled with "leading into temptation" the members to buy unregistered guns from them as they pretend to be militia members, or buying into the phony "REDEMPTION SCHEME," is at an all-time high. The US military is also practicing infiltrating their military into the civilian population for "reconnaissance (recon) practice" as well.

My advice based on years of research on the coming NWO scenario is, AVOID joining or forming any militias, or announcing your obvious intent to "RESIST THE NWO" and to tack a "CHRISTIAN" label on it also. The Feds are primed to look for this kind of behavior and their men are trained to infiltrate, spy, take names, and tempt the members into breaking the law so they can eliminate this threat to their NWO agenda ahead of the game, before martial law is triggered.

Instead, take my wise advice. Don't talk to just anyone about what you know about the NWO/martial law agenda. Quietly purchase your long term survival supplies, including legally obtained arms and ammunition. Train in how to professionally operate such weapons, legally.

Do NOT be deceived or triggered into premature actions. Avoid joining any militias or groups purported to be preparing to "RESIST THE NEW WORLD ORDER" (including labeled "Christian".)

Many of these are simply front organizations set up by the government to suck people in, and then to set them up for arrest and removal. A sting operation, you might say.

I have noted that some people in America have been stating publicly that "it is time to come out against the "NWO' agenda for our nation." This is foolish, premature and guaranteed to get people into legal trouble. We are not in a state of martial law as of yet. People are not yet rioting and looting in the streets nor threatening to break into your home to steal your food or to loot, etc. Black helicopters are not yet hovering overhead, nor have the foreign troop presence been threatening to break down anyone's doors...as of yet.

Do not move prematurely: it could cost your freedom and your life.

You will instinctively KNOW when the hour comes (how we all WISH that hour would never come to our nation!)that you must then use such weapons and practical, life-saving survival tactics to protect your life, your family members and your future.

-Pamela Schuffert


  1. With nobody left to trust here in america, what is one to do other than become totally separated from society as a whole ? I mean, Randy Weaver tried that, and look what it cost him ! On the radio just today, NPR radio host Diane Reames was interviewing a man talking about the upcoming "cashless" society. This is not an idealogy anymore, it is actually here! We now have drones spying on us, it's illegal to grow a backyard garden thanks to the "food safety act", and the president is allowed to kill americans on any soil in the world ! And these scenarios are just for starters ! Where are the heroes of this great nation at anymore ? Does anyone in america have a spine besides the few of us who do see what's going on ?


  2. Well, dear, I still have a spine! That is why I publish what I do while I still can... (heh-heh.)There are lots of good people to link up with. You can find them through prayer and the leading of God's Holy Spirit.-Pamela