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By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

If you are a member of the US military and are disturbed about what you see happening to our nation, and the looming spectre of the future NEW WORLD ORDER /martial law agenda, READ THIS ARTICLE COMPLETELY.

Finally, after years of hating the fact that I was born a USAF brat, I now appreciate my military background growing up. I was born at the headquarters of the USAF, Bolling AFB in Washington DC. My father was a well known and somewhat famous USAF figure at that time, in fact. I grew up on military bases or close to them. And my father brought his military background, experience and training/hardening into our home...all the time. And I hated it!

You would think that our home was a military drill sergeant's home-away-from-home at times! And many of you military brats know exactly what I mean.

But now many years later, I appreciate our family's exposure to the military. I didn't realize it at the time, but I learned to subconsciously THINK in military terms. And as I later became a Christian and attending many schools of training for ministry, I began to apply military principles to becoming a GOOD SOLDIER OF JESUS CHRIST and the Cross.

As I studied the Bible at my Bible Institute, I was amazed at how Biblical principles of following Jesus Christ and principles of being in the military and following one's superiors were so similar. And VICTORY in each instance relied on one's obedience to their leaders and their commands.

The principles under girding God's Kingdom and His Army are very similar to basic military protocol.

In GOD'S Army, there is NO ROOM for COWARDICE. In GOD'S Army, there is no room for TRAITORS. In GOD'S Army, a good soldier of the Cross of Jesus Christ must be willing to follow the instructions of their COMMANDER IN CHIEF, Jesus Christ, even if it costs one life or leads to intense suffering as well. We must be willing to suffer and die in order to achieve the VICTORY and win the war. We must in fact be willing to LAY DOWN OUR VERY LIVES, as every good soldier knows. This is true both in practical military combat and spiritual warfare against the enemy as well. These are basic principles of achieving VICTORY.

There is no battle recorded in history, where COWARDS WON THE BATTLE!

Through years of research on the coming military police state NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for my nation, I can finally appreciate all of my background exposure and experiences to basic military principles. And I can now apply them to the serious crises we face as Americans today.

I have before me a copy of MOTHER JONES, March/April edition. In this edition, there is an excellent article that every military officer and enlisted man should read, entitled "AGE OF TREASON." the heading beneath it reads: "This soldier is ready to take up arms against the Obama administration. HE IS NOT ALONE."

Click this link to read the article in full:

If YOU consider yourself to be a quiet "NEW WORLD ORDER RESISTER" of the outrageous, anti-Constitutional/anti-Christianity coming MARTIAL LAW AGENDA for our nation, America, this article makes it clear that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I have had military sources anonymously inform me that THEY ARE EVERYWHERE throughout each branch of the US military, and they are frankly not happy with what they see as traitors to our Constitution and America's future. They told me they KNOW about the heinous NEW WORLD ORDER/MARTIAL LAW agenda for America, and that THEY ARE NOT GOING ALONG WITH IT.

"...Under MARTIAL LAW, we are going to come out with every TANK, every HELICOPTER and every weapon we can get our hands on, to fight these UN/NWO forces and combat martial law...." admitted one young man in active duty in the US military, following a Patriot radio broadcast, who called in anonymously.

Thank GOD, so many people in the military ARE NOT STUPID OR BRAIN DEAD. While tragically, there are those traitors to our Constitution and the American people, who have been pressured to sell our their souls and their nation for miserable "perks, pay raises and promotions," there still remains steadfast and resolute elements throughout our US military who have defiantly said "NO!" to the NWO traitor agenda.

There are many heinous agendas buried deep in "black ops" in the US military today, hidden from both the American civilians and from military not in specialized platoons or "need to know" groups. One of the more notorious is the grim reality of our own US military being instructed in how to operate the MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES. We have had reports from the military of their presence in bases like FORT LEWIS, WASHINGTON; FORT HOOD, TX; FORT BRAGG, NC, and including overseas military bases in GERMANY and the UK as well.

As Staff Sergeant DONNIE BOYSEL of Fort Lewis WA, told me personally"...the GUILLOTINES are EVERYWHERE." Boysel informed me personally, in full uniform as he was traveling from Fort Lewis, WA to his home for a break, that there is a building, partially underground, at Fort Lewis in which he would be training all 64 men in his platoon in how to operate the modern military guillotines on practice dummies.

But when I asked Boysel if he KNEW what they would be used for, he told me DID NOT KNOW. His military superiors had NEVER TOLD HIM! I patiently informed him as to HOW and WHO those modern guillotines would be used, and on WHOM in the future. I brought him up-top-date on the NOAHIDE LAWS and the plan to mass genocide countless Christians under martial law, using these very guillotines on America's Christians. (And in other nations as well, they plan to use our military to execute foreign Christians who will not comply with Noahide Laws.) Killing off the "NWO RESISTER" Christian elements of America ( and ultimately the world) are a major part of the NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA.

His anger became visible as I explained to him about the planned NWO MARTIAL LAW AGENDA" and the NOAHIDE LAWS and the need for guillotines and military trained to operate them. "I AM a Christian...lots of men in my platoon are Christians also...I will never train my men to use these guillotines for THIS purpose...I am gonna fight this agenda..." he told me rather explosively as we sat alone together in the back of the GREYHOUND bus for hours, discussing "THE AGENDA."

You can read more of my interview with Staff Sergeant Boysel and the modern guillotines at Fort Lewis, WA, at the following link:

And of course, there are those within the US military in specialized platoons, trained and hardened to "mass genocide" the future "RESISTERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER" as they are rounded up under martial law and hauled by prisoner boxcars and shackles to the FEMA/Homeland Security/military detention camps for processing...and many for "termination."

Do they REALLY understand just whose agenda they are upholding when they consent to mass murder of Patriotic Americans? Or Christians? In fact, it is the agenda of SATAN/LUCIFER HIMSELF. Tragically, satanism in the US military is on the rise. And those satanists know perfectly WHOSE agenda the NEW WORLD ORDER really is!

Men and women of God throughout the US military, isn't it your duty before Almighty God and for our Constitution, to stand against this rising tide of infamy and darkness coming upon our nation? The NEW WORLD ORDER NEEDS the power of our military to bring forth their heinous and traitorous agenda upon hapless Americans. You ARE the US MILITARY! Refuse to give it to them!

Your obedience to the Word of God, the principles enshrined in our Constitution and Amendments, and principles that made America great in her beginning, will MAKE THE CRITICAL DIFFERENCE in the outcome of America's most important battle for LIBERTY.

However, let me warn you that security in very high on military bases and outposts. Email monitoring and phone monitoring is at an all time high, because the NWO elements in our government and military know well that there are Patriotic Americans who will never go along with "the AGENDA." be careful of who you trust and who you call "friends."

They fear ARMED RESISTANCE to their NWO agenda, especially through insurrection in our US military. They fear armed resistance among the American civilians, which is why they are working so hard for GUN CONTROL and plan to use both US military and foreign troops to someday SEIZE WEAPONS NATIONALLY. What UN/NATO troops are practicing in the Balkans, Kosovo and former Yugoslavia and elsewhere, weapons seizures and the subsequent destruction of them, they will someday perform here in America as well.

We have already received reports in the past of such US military elements, when identified, being quietly arrested and taken away to presumably be terminated (among both officer and enlisted men.) When Staff Sergeant Donnie Boysel called and informed some of the men in his platoon about my information and the hidden agenda of the Fort Lewis guillotines, the military immediately responded severely.

His access to his ATM and bank account was immediately severed. His military pay was severed. He told me a few days later, when I called him, that black helicopters and military HUMVEES and MP's had come to the homes of the men he talked to, and the homes of the men that THEY then talked to as well about what we discussed. These men in his platoon were being arrested, taken away and presumed terminated. One man withstood the MP's for several hours with gunfire, and shot and wounded some and killed two more before being apprehended. You will never hear about THIS in conventional news: IT HAS ALL BEEN CENSORED BY THE PENTAGON! This is part of AMERICA'S HIDDEN WAR AGAINST THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

It should be obvious that my future is all "shot to pieces" at this point (no pun intended), due to my brand of reporting. But this is simply part of being a good soldier of the Cross, of laying my life down to help WIN THE BATTLE for LIBERTY for our nation, and nothing more. I frankly cannot care about the consequences to my life from depraved people, for my telling America the vital truth.We all need to consider laying our lives down for something worthwhile in our endangered America!

Go with God. Make a difference in today's world, and our nation. Your quality decision will make the difference between LIFE or DEATH for many of your fellow Americans and Patriots. And it can make the difference regarding the life of OUR REPUBLIC. I am praying for you.

And when they come to you with promises of "perks, payraises and promotions" if you will ONLY betray your fellow Americans, trample on our Constitution, consent to murdering millions of your fellow Americans and Christians, and JOIN THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER UNDER SATAN, you can tell them, military style, WHERE TO GO!

Because my Bible tells me that this exactly where those who serve Satan WILL GO SOMEDAY!

-Pamela Schuffert reporting for the American people

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