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Live from the UK-Comments on My Interview on "TALKSPORT"

Thanks TALKSPORT in the UK!

I greatly enjoyed my brief time being interviewed on the UK's TALKSPORT radio last night. Adrian Goldberg was the amiable (albeit sarcastic) host for last night's interview.

TALKSPORT radio says of Adrian "...And it seems that we are in the presence of a powerful man, the 41st Most Powerful man in the West Midlands, according to that famous publication the Birmingham Post..."

Knowing the cynicism that often fills the UK nowadays, I had braced myself for the usual challenges and was not disappointed. Here is just one email from a friend and listener in the UK, Lisa:
Pamela - I found the link - so disregard my last message! I was able to listen to the show. I prayed so hard before you went on...and you came across so well -- getting the message across in such a short space of time!

And, despite the mocking tone of that radio show!!

I don't listen to radio here in the UK- or watch t.v. , so I am not familiar with the personalities on the show...but just before you went on there was some strange 'comedian' on mocking the topic...and the hosts came across as very condescending...

But nevertheless, and in spite of them, your spot went over very well, praise YAWEH!
in Yeshua,

Thanks Lisa and all glory be to God (Yahveh).
A brief recap of what we discussed last night:

Adrian attempted to move the interview into the direction of challenging my reporting by alleging that, in modern times because of 21st century technology, it is inevitable that our world will naturally become global in scope, and alleged that there is nothing inherently sinister about this. I countered by attempting to explain the role of the Illuminati and the Satanists/Luciferians in all this NWO agenda.

At one point he remarked that my reporting "must be dangerous" if all I was stating was true, and asked if my life had been in danger. I responded with the truth, stating that my life had been under attack several times for my investigative journalism. I reminded him that in fact many investigative journalists in this generation have been killed in the line of duty worldwide. I shared how at one time I had been threatened, along with my webmaster, several years ago by the intelligence community who warned me that they wanted to terminate me if I would not stop my kind of reporting to the American people.

Adrian then asked me WHY was still alive. My quick response was BECAUSE OF MY FAITH IN GOD. He quickly began to mock this on the air. I responded by stating that historically, throughout the Bible, FAITH IN GOD has been known to safely preserve many a life that has trusted in God's power...and for thousands of years.

The truth is, true historic Christianity thrives on challenges and persecutions. The NWO "minions from hell" have actually performed a priceless favor for me and my Christian faith! And that is, by causing my faith to be challenged as never before, I am thereby compelled to GROW IN MY CHRISTIAN FAITH AND DISCIPLESHIP! How?

Whenever a Christian is forced to confront the reality that there are those actively seeking to destroy his/her religious faith and ultimately one's life for that faith, one is compelled to grow in Christian character and commitment.

The NWO Illuminati crowd has succeeded in doing that which not even my years in Bible school and Christian training schools were fully able to accomplish in my life. The NWO and it's satanic supporters have provided hands-on training in confronting the powers of darkness, whereas in Bible College learning was mostly by classroom and book and lecture. Much of it, though Biblical, was theoretical. No one can learn exactly how Paul the Apostle felt, for example, when his life was threatened for his faith, or when imprisoned for his faith, until one experiences this kind of adventure first-hand.

Ever since God's calling brought me into such desperate battle fields of spiritual (and often practical) warfare, I have been forced to experience first hand what it means to have my life threatened by those who want to do some serious damage to my life (even quite permanently.) I have begun to understand what it means, when God and His word call you to continue with your Christian work and witness, yet ungodly people threaten your life if you do so.

These Illuminati seeking to eradicate Christianity and discourage the followers of Jesus Christ, are actually shooting themselves in the foot, and encouraging the growth of Christianity, by their threatening persecution tactics. In the future, it is not hard to envision millions of many other equally fervent and dedicated disciples of Jesus Christ and the Cross, rising to the challenge of the NWO forces of hell, as these Luciferians of the Biblically outlined/prophesied NEW WORLD ORDER (Revelation 13) seek to eradicate God and His people once and for all.

Sorry, NWO guys, but it simply won't work! The Bible foretells the victorious ending for those like myself who put their trust in God through His eternal Son, Jesus the Christ. And YOUR NWO agenda and cronies being cast into "crispy critter-land" once and for all! The NWO is toast, boyz...OBLIVION! God's word foretells YOUR eternal damnation at the hands of a just and Holy God, from Whom there is truly "no where to run, no where to hide." "And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever, and they have no rest day or night..."

My NWO-supporting readers, is your incessant quest for temporal and fleeting, corrupt money and power truly worth your eternal soul? Jesus Christ declared, "For what shall it profit a man , if he gain the WHOLE WORLD but LOSE HIS SOUL???"

NO, my dear friends, it is not. Because young and determined Illuminati/NWO adherents all too soon become old and ready to die and leave this world to their eternal reward. I watched my once young and vigorous father as he tragically bought into NWO rhetoric and joined the military vision of it, accompanied with the satanism behind it, slowly age throughout the years and become ill with terminal bone cancer. Only when he began to suffer and realize that he was about to die, did he finally begin to think about ETERNITY and his actions. And finally, he came in deep repentance to the REAL God, and received salation and forgiveness for all his sins through Jesus Christ and His unfathomable mercies.

NWO-supporting readers, you may not realize this, but much of the time I spend in prayer about all I research, is spent praying for all those tragically deceived by the rhetoric and the Illuminati/satanism behind the New World Order, and it's dark agenda for me and my fellow Christians worldwide. My heart grieves continually for those of you trapped in such great spiritual darkness of the Illuminati and satanism/the Craft/the Brotherhood.

The souls of all mankind are supremely important to the true and Living God, which is precisely WHY He sent His Son to this dark world filled with tragedy and sin.

While Satan/Lucifer is out to deceive you into eternal destruction, often tempting you by dangling "carrots on a stick" of great promises of money, power and elitism, ("perks, payraise and promotion")even he knows that your eternal end will be filled with great bitterness and regret and eternal destruction from a just and Holy God.

Someday EVERY Satanist/Illuminati Luciferian WILL give an account before Almighty God for every heinous act of human sacrifice committed, just so they could receive "power and money" from Satan/Lucifer (as Illuminati/satanism teaches.) And without their receiving the mercy and forgiveness through repentance and accpeting Jesus Christ, Who died for their sins to be forgiven, they stand eternally condemned. NO, there is no truth in "reincarnation and karma," nor is there a second chance after death. You either die forgiven...or not.

To my Christian readers, yes...planned persecution IS coming to our North American continent, chiefly because of those who tragically choose to believe in the deceptions of Lucifer/Satan in whatever forms or rhetoric deceptions may come.

But it is in those times of suffering and persecution of God's people, that the greatest grace of God is poured out upon His people, to both endure and to overcome. AND to touch the hearts and lives of their persecutors as well, and bring them into the mercy and forgiveness of the Living God and to salvation through YOUR prayers and witness, and faithfully enduring to the end. Remember that Jesus Christ died for ALL and for the sins of all mankind: YOUR sins, MY sins, AND the sins of all OTHERS, be they satanists/Illuminati or others.

The same mercy of God that reached down to save YOU, always longs to reach out to save the souls of others around us...including our persecutors and even future executioners as well. Remember that our Savior and example Jesus, cried out from the cross, not bitter words of accusation against those who persecuted Him unto death, but rather the mighty words that continue to echo throughout the centuries and eternity, pleading with God on behalf of sinful mankind:

"Father, forgive them, for they KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO."

Frankly, Christians often function best when the lions are breathing down their necks. Nothing spurs luke-warm or apathetic "Christians" into action and out of apathy better than some good ol' fashioned PERSECUTION.

"The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church."

~Early Church motto~

In short, it was a challenging but great broadcast with TALKSPORT UK. Thanks for your prayers, readers!

-Pamela Schuffert

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