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By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

"The LONGER I WAIT For These People to REPENT, and They Do NOT, The GREATER Their Judgment Will Be WHEN IT COMES!"

~Received by Christian prophet Bill Thurmond, 1992, Asheville NC

I have been amazed in the many years I have researched SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY throughout the Asheville, NC region of America , to receive so many Christian-based prophetic warnings of IMPENDING JUDGMENT for this mountain region, which includes the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains of Tennessee as well. But then again, my research uncovered the tragic fact that hard-core Satanism is rampant throughout these mountains, and has been so for many years now.

After much thought and prayer, I have finally decided that it is time to reprint these prophecies from different Christian sources as they were shared with me.

The following prophecy comes from a local man of God, highly respected and prophetically gifted BILL THURMOND in 1992.
It was the first prophecy I have ever heard about the coming EARTHQUAKES OF JUDGMENT for Asheville, NC, region:

As Bill was praying, the Spirit of God spoke to him:

"The longer I wait for these people (satanists) to REPENT and they do not,
the greater their judgment will be when it comes!"
I asked Bill personally by phone what judgement God was speaking about. He replied,

"My wife Susan had a vision of the mountains of North Carolina being devastated.
She saw the huge buildings of Asheville, NC, TOPPLED AS IF BY A GREAT EARTHQUAKE!"

I took this warning to heart, and began to pray for further leads and insight. I then went to the Russian Christians sponsored to come to Asheville by local Churches. They told me excitedly in somewhat broken English,

"YES! God give us VISION and prophecy of GREAT EARTHQUAKES coming to these mountains. We see MOUNTAINS FALL...MOUNTAINS COLLAPSE! This is WHY we leave this area after churches sponsor us...WE KNOW JUDGMENT IS COMING!"

Right after this encounter with the Russian Christians, I prayed for further revelation confirming this. I bought a copy of the local newspaper, the Asheville Citizen Times, and was amazed to read on the front page that geologists confirm that THIS WNC REGION IS LONG OVERDUE FOR A MAJOR EARTHQUAKE!

Here is an article, more recent, regarding this:

After leaving the Carolinas in 1996 and then returning over ten years later, I shared these prophecies regarding earthquakes coming to the WNC region with another local Christian, Tom, working in a local grocery store in the Asheville area. He told me an amazing vision he had received long before he moved to the Asheville area.

"I had a vision, while living in Michigan, of a man in a long white robe with a long beard. He took me by the hand and pulled me up with him. He told me to look down, and I saw countless dead bodies lying on the ground covered by white sheets, with blood seeping through the sheets."
"I then was shown a city street and watched as the buildings crumbled like saltine crackers before my eyes, from a mighty earthquake. Many years later, I moved to Asheville, NC. I realized one day while walking down Lexington Avenue in Asheville, that THIS WAS THE VERY STREET that I saw crumbling like crackers from the great earthquake!" (Click on following link for photos of Lexington Avenue in Asheville, NC)
I looked at Tom in utter amazement. "Lexington Avenue in Asheville....I have walked down that street praying MANY times! Lexington Avenue is filled with occultic and satanist supply stores, among other things!" Yet Tom, many years ago and living in another state, knew nothing about Lexington Avenue, or even about Asheville, NC at that time the vision and prophecy was given.
Isn't it amazing how "on target" God always IS!

The Bible declares, "Out of the mouths of two or three witnesses, let everything be confirmed."

It is clearly apparent that God has been raising up His Prophets and sending forth His WORD OF WARNING to the Satanists/Occultists of this region to REPENT...or JUDGMENT IS COMING!

Apparently there is coming an hour, in which EVERY SATANIST MANSION AND ESTATE will be crushed to the ground by the command of Almighty God! And there are many throughout these mountains and in fact Asheville itself.

There is coming an hour, in which every place used for grim satanic rituals, will fall by the judgment of Almighty God...whether distant barns used often for rituals, or the numerous caverns or grottoes used in this region for rituals, or basements and every other type of location. GOD IS NOT MOCKED!
Judgment IS COMING!

And someday every drop of innocent blood shed on the satanist/Illuminati altars of this world, will be fully avenged at the hands of a just and holy God.

The Illuminati and satanists of the world are very arrogant and brazen. And they are no different here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. They have falsely concluded that, because they are literally "getting away with murder" as they abduct, rape, torture and murder the innocents worldwide with impunity and little fear of legal retaliation, that "the God of the Christians is weak." They reason that, if He IS Almighty God, then WHY have His judgments not fallen on them already, as they blaspheme Him with every ritual.

This, in fact, was the comment made by Carl, an admitted member of the Merovingian Illuminati bloodline. I met Carl personally in Bozeman, Montana, a few years ago. Other Christians in Bozeman had forewarned me that Carl was Illuminati and a fervent supporter of THEIR NWO agenda as well. I learned personally that Carl was also well connected with the intelligence community (CIA) in Bozeman by his own personal admission. (CLICK on the following link for MORE about MEROVINGIAN Illuminati BLOODLINE )

Our conversations were always quite cordial and pleasant, outwardly. But the real heart of the Illuminati will always eventually surface as time progresses. Carl made comments such as, he could not WAIT for the "501-C-3 tax exempt status" to be taken away from the Churches and Christians ministries, to cripple them financially. He also made the comment that "...the God of the CHRISTIANS is SO WEAK!" Here is my response.

Carl, my dear, how I wish you and your fellow Illuminati/Satanists could understand the following. The "God of the Christians" is in fact Almighty and everlasting God! He created all mankind and even the one you tragically worship as "god," Lucifer, who fell because of pride and sin and rebellion. Your fallen "god" of the Illuminati is in fact NO "god" at all but a deception and corruption of the handiwork of the true Almighty God you mock and despise.

It is OUR Almighty God Who will judge and cast YOUR Lucifer into the eternal torment of the everlasting LAKE OF FIRE prepared for him, his fallen angels and HIS DECEIVED FOLLOWERS YOUR Illuminati.

Even the very silver and gold and other material things you adore and worship Lucifer to obtain, were created by the Lord God the Almighty for HIS glory! Carl, you would not even exist if it were not for His power in creation.

Furthermore, you and your fellow Illuminati/satanists would not even be alive this very hour, were it not for the mercy of God. The reason WHY you and your fellow Illuminati have not been judged and utterly destroyed already, is NOT BECAUSE ALMIGHTY GOD IS WEAK AND CANNOT JUDGE YOU EVEN NOW AND DESTROY YOU IN HELL...but rather because in His tender pity for His fallen creation and for sinners like YOU, Carl, He waits patiently for YOU AND YOUR FELLOW ILLUMINATI TO REPENT and to come to HIM for forgiveness and deliverance from Lucifer's dark destructive power.

And this is WHY He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to suffer and die on the cross as prophesied,to bear the just punishment for YOUR sins, Carl, and that of all sinful mankind as well. And though Jesus Christ was crucified in weakness, He was then RAISED BY THE POWER OF THE LIVING GOD IN IN GLORY, to ascend to His glorious throne and to reign as "KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS."

And someday, dear Carl, He WILL RETURN to judge this world. And ALL the unbelieving, including YOUR ILLUMINATI who refuse to repent as receive God's mercy and forgiveness for your sins, will be rightfully judged and cast into eternal torment in the Lake of Fire, forever...where your illustrious "leader" Lucifer will also be tormented forevermore with you.

NEVER MISTAKE the grace and the mercy of God, waiting patiently for sinners like YOU to repent, for "weakness!"

Satanists and Illuminati of Asheville NC and surrounding regions, you may boast in your wicked and ill-gotten may brag over your NWO agenda and the prisoner boxcars with shackles, guillotines and satanic altars within, designed to destroy your Christian opponents....BUT IN THE END YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE JUDGMENTS OF ALMIGHTY GOD! There is "NO WHERE TO RUN AND NO WHERE TO HIDE" from the hands of the wrath of the Living God, once His anger is fully unleashed.

Don't mistake the grace of God, for weakness. Your hour of coming judgment and doom is coming, unless you repent and receive God's mercy through Jesus Christ His Son. And this IS the eternal Word of God to you.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from the Asheville NC area

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