Saturday, February 8, 2014

PRAY for John's Journey This Sunday


John's excellent nursing home in NC

Tomorrow, Sunday (02/09/2014) our prayers will be finally answered! 

John has been in a nursing home or hospital for 3 years now, never leaving except for a visit to the doctor or health clinic. He has not seen anything besides medical facilities all this time. We have both been praying for a miracle to help him get out for a special time of refreshing from the weariness of being surrounded with sick people and a medical related atmosphere all the time.

We have both been very pleased, however, with the performance and quality of care provided by Beystone Health and Rehabilitation where John has been since his life-saving emergency surgery in September of 2013, immediately after I arrived. If you live in this WNC region, I can highly recommend this facility for your infirmed loved ones.
Brother John in his gerry chair I will be pushing.

But for John, it is time for a break from medical facility life for a day.

A very compassionate reader, Ron Garon from Tulsa, OK, was moved by God to send a check for $150.00 to cover most of the cost of John's transportation through ROUND-A-BOUT  wheelchair transport service of Asheville, NC. I will cover the balance.

John's condition has deteriorated to the point where he cannot simply transfer from a bed to a wheelchair, or a wheelchair to a vehicle and many patients can.

And so we must use professional wheelcair transportation services, which can be very expensive, as we discovered when I called them. But John and I would not give up. Because this meant so much to him, we prayed for a miracle. 
His promises can never fail us.

And God came through once again!

Please pray for a blessed and wonderful experience for John, and that his pain will not flare up during this time. Pray for strength for me, because I must push him in something larger than a wheelchair, called a gerry (geriatric) chair. It is heavier and harder to push and maneuver, but it is the only thing that can handle his height and his painful leg conditions.

Thank you for your prayers and your encouragement 
at this special time.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert and a very excited Brother John-

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