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Beware of QUISLINGS in the Patriot Movement USA!

A quisling (/ˈkwɪzlɪŋ/; Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈkʋɪsˈlɪŋ]) is a person who collaborates with an enemy occupying force.[1][2] The word originates from the Norwegian war-time leader Vidkun Quisling who was the head of a Nazi fascist collaborationist regime in Norway during the Second World War.
Vidkun Quisling, traitor to Norway
who joined with the Nazis instead.
God save America from all traitors with and without!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I am finally compelled to write this urgent article. I am sure that mature readers will understand the following heartfelt warning. 

Thoughout my past 18 years of performing investigative journalism on behalf of the American people, I have learned to beware of infiltrators into the Patriot community in the USA today. They are numerous. They are well trained. Some come from within the US military. Some come from within the intelligence community. Some come from within law enforcement agencies and other sources.

They have infiltrated into every militia in America, into every church and Christian institution, into the Patriot radio and websites, and beyond. 
I know this to be true, because I have met some of these people personally. I have been deeply burned and betrayed by some. One memorable infiltrator pretending to be "a Christian," sent from the CIA (and ultimately by Bush Sr. when a former CIA operative was giving me much information about the Bush/CIA/ drug smuggling connections in 1995) tried to lead me into an abduction/murder attempt planned against my life, which ultimately failed by the grace of God alone. 

(There is so much more involving that encounter, that I cannot cover it in this report. Perhaps another time. But yes, these things really do happen. Even to Christians...but the grace of God somehow brings them out to live another day!)

I even encountered a military spy in my Bible college many years ago. And one member of the intelligence community bragged to me that there was not even ONE church or Christian institution that they had not successfully infiltrated their spies into.
Quisling disguised as AMERICAN PATRIOT

The intent of some quislings, especially those infiltrated into Patriot radio, is to attract as many listeners from the Patriot community as possible. Their pseudo-Patriot broadcasts are designed to lure NWO resisters out of the woodwork nationwide. 

And once they have attracted such listeners, they then sell their products and books and survival supplies over the air or websites, hoping to obtain the NAMES AND ADDRESSES of these NWO resisters ("potential terrorists") which are then turned over to Federal agencies and stored on vast computers for future use against those people under martial law.

It troubles me to see how naive Americans are about this kind of government/military infiltration and spying occurring daily across America. 

Refuse to follow the herd of dumbed down sheeple....

And I don't want
to see innocent Patriotic and freedom-loving, God-fearing Americans deceived by this, lured into a trap and subsequently hurt or even killed.

Recently, I have been reading reports on the Internet of various "ex-military" officers (now claiming to be "Patriots and Constitutionalists") who are attempting to entice Patriots nationwide to "follow them in battle against the NWO." 

One such ex-military person wants to lead a crowd of NWO resisters into Washington, DC, for a march on the nation's Capitol in May 2014, in an attempt to remove various people in power. Yet another retired Army General  is openly stating that he would "lead a coup against the US government and military."

I cannot begin to emphasize the dangers involved in all of this or even being associated with such people. And the foolishness of such tactics as well. 

First of all, the ruling elite in America do not fear a march of protesters (even armed)  in Washington DC, because they have their deep underground cities and tunnels and bases to hide safely within! 

Nuclear-powered underground base/city tunnel boring equipment

Their military intelligence
would warn them long in advance of such activities and protesters approaching Washington DC, and give them plenty of time to escape the White House and Capitol Hill in the many high security tunnels linking important government buildings beneath the nation's Capitol.

High speed maglev train serving underground cities/bases for the "elite"

High speed
underground transportation systems would then whisk the elite away, far outside Washington DC, to underground safety bunkers and cities that are complete with every amenity you could think of. Such protest marches on the nation's Capitol will never be successful in unseating and overthrowing unpopular leaders for this very reason. The NWO elites have planned well in advance, anticipating someday a people's insurrection throughout America.

What can happen during such events, is that these kinds of demonstrations will only be used by the government to then justify the use of force by the US military and law enforcement, using their SWAT teams and helicopters and armored vehicles and ACTIVE DENIAL directed energy weapons and more, to come down upon everyone joining in such a march and demonstration. 

Everyone already "on the list" for pick-up and arrest under martial law may be taken away to FEMA camps, perhaps to never be seen again. Or even to be executed per the guidelines of the PATRIOT ACT.

First of all, the PATRIOT ACT was written with the intent of also addressing all such uprising attempts of the American people in the future. As I studied the Patriot Act I & II, I clearly noted where it was written that Americans would be subject to EXECUTION if they attempted to change or overthrow the US government using force.
The NDAA legislation is also in place to deal with people who will make such attempts to confront or overthrow the present government. 

You see, the NWO agenda planners know that the vast majority of the American people will never peacefully accept the tyrannical plans they have for our nation. They know that their ongoing oppressive actions will outrage and anger many Americans to the point where they will simply rise up to throw off the shackles of tyranny.

And this is why they stated in the PATRIOT ACT that Americans attempting to use force to change the government would be subject to arrest and EXECUTION.

Wait a minute! Would they REALLY be capable of executing their fellow Americans???

Yes! I know they are capable of executing fellow Americans, because one former CIA source told me personally that these camps are not ONLY for DETAINING people, but also will be used to TERMINATE people as well.

"Oh, all of us in the CIA know what the detention camps are for...we ALL know that they are to terminate the future resisters of the NEW WORLD ORDER as they rise up under MARTIAL LAW..." (Source: Michael Maholy, 20 years ONI/CIA before becoming a whistleblower.)

I can see it now...Obama and his NWO  cronies will be toasting one another in a lavish banquet hall deep below in an underground city far outside the limits of Washington DC, even as the poor American Patriots are being chemsprayed, tasered, burned, arrested and beaten by the US military and law enforcement on the streets of the nation's capitol.

Such announced "Patriot marches on DC" and "coup attempts" will only serve the purposes of the government and military elements that support the NWO agenda, and that is to flush out the NWO resisters in America so they can finally identify the resisters. Such protests will only give them a reason to arrest these Patriots and take them away.

Good-bye freedom...and hello CAMP FEMA! Hello modern military guillotines, and good-bye head!

Furthermore, anyone with a military background realizes how foolish it would be for lightly armed civilians to attempt to come against the US government and military with the intent of overthrowing various leaders . The US military knows that they have been hardening and seasoning their men for years to combat NWO resisters under martial law. I have reported on all this repeatedly throughout the years.

While the governing "elite" are enjoying themselves in their underground cities and bunkers, the American Patriot protesters and insurrectionists in Washington DC will get pounded into the ground by high tech sophisticated military equipment operated by military who have been hardened to fire upon fellow Americans, including women and children.

Russian foreign troops in America for martial law

And let's not forget
the UN/NATO troops (such as the GERMAN TROOPS in America) that have been imported here for the hour of martial law showdown. Add to that the Russian and Chinese forces here in North America for martial law as well.

Anyone claiming to be an ex-officer in the US military, certainly knows everything I have just written is true. For such men, allegedly "Patriots," to attempt to lead Americans into this kind of march on DC, with the intent of removing power figures in Washington, is to deliberately lead their fellow Americans into destruction.

Such deadly infiltrators, deliberately leading people to their destruction, are called QUISLINGS. While claiming to stand with the Patriotic elements of the American people, they in fact are traitors, secretly working for the anti-Constitutional purposes of those elements of the US government and military that serve the NWO agenda. The NWO wants to flush NWO resisters out into the open in America, so they can be identified and neutralized.  They want them to be destroyed.


And so, such marches and protests are doomed from the very beginning. They will accomplish nothing for America, and will  potentially cost many Patriotic Americans their freedoms and their lives, even while the NWO elite wine and dine in their underground cities and bunkers.

What therefore is my  prayerful advice as a Christian of 42 years regarding these announced marches and coups against the government, to be led by alleged ex-military "Patriots"? 

Wisely learn to become much more discerning of the enemy's tactics. Refuse to be easily led or influenced. Do your background research on such people before blindly following or jumping on board any popular movement. Don't just trust anyone, unless you have solid reason to do so. There are many deceivers and infiltrators out there.

Fellow Christians, pray for wisdom and discernment. Stay home from such potentially dangerous and volatile events, and instead choose to fast and pray over this nation and her leadership and future. Seek God's face and His voice in this hour. This is truly a time to fall on your face before the Living God. Cry out to Him for this nation, that He will bring ungodly leadership to brokenness and repentance, and bind the plans of wicked men for this nation, and bring forth His holy will and purposes instead.

Seeking God in a Scriptural manner, and spending time in fasting and prayer, will accomplish more than all the marches and armed violence and protests can ever accomplish for our nation!  The Bible says, "NOT by might, NOR by power, but BY MY SPIRIT saith the Lord!"

If you are going to attempt to overthrow the NWO agenda in America through force and physical violence, you may be defeated already. The US military and accompanying foreign troops have the drones and the missiles, the big guns, the high tech weaponry, planes and helicopters and armored vehicles, the chemical and biological warfare agents, their deep underground bases to take refuge in, their intelligence gathering apparatus, and more.
...and here come THE BLACK HELICOPTERS 
your mother warned you about!

Bloodshed only begets more bloodshed,
and violence only begets more violence. Don't believe me? Just take a look at what is happening throughout parts of the Middle East and Africa and in other places throughout the world.

 Many groups in opposition to their governments have plenty of guns and weapons, and yet have accomplished nothing for peace nor to overthrow various corrupt governments and regimes. Instead, countless innocent women and children have been hurt and killed, homes and neighborhoods destroyed, and the horrors of war continue to ravage their nations  with no end in sight.

But if the Christians of this nation choose to fight this battle against spiritual darkness with God's undefeatable weapons of FAITH and the WORD OF GOD and the BLOOD OF THE LAMB and His promises, and ACT on His word, you will emerge victorious in the end, and for all eternity.

Frankly, I get weary of those people who constantly claim that ".. the only reason why America is not yet under martial law, is because of all the gun-owners in America."

Stop right there. Let's pause to give the glory to God Almighty and praise Him for His mercy over this nation, even though we do not deserve it.

At best, this  gun statement is only partially true. The Holy Spirit has spoken repeatedly across America to His people, declaring that the only reason why America is not yet under martial law, is because of it is only because of His Christian intercessors praying incessantly for Him to HOLD BACK MARTIAL LAW. 

I know this is true, because I have been one of those ceaseless intercessors for almost twenty years now!  And so have many of you been praying throughout the years against this terrible darkness.

I was in one prayer meeting in Oregon, lecturing on this subject in 1998, when the Holy Spirit clearly spoke to one attendee and declared that "Had it not been for my prayer warriors praying that I would hold back martial law in your nation, YOU WOULD BE UNDER MARTIAL LAW ALREADY." 

How well I knew this. And there are other discerning Christian out there who also realize this sobering truth. 

And this is precisely why I have spent the last 18 years of my life reporting on this urgent subject, and warning the Body of Christ in America continually about what is planned for our nation. Plus praying day and night for God to restrain the darkness of their martial law/NWO agenda for America, which sadly includes the destruction of THE CHRISTIANS in America, as insiders revealed to me.

The NWO realizes that the CHRISTIANS OF AMERICA (and the rest of the world) will always be their greatest opponents! We as Christians are all compelled to oppose the NWO, simply because it is satan's manifest kingdom on earth of Revelation 13.

In closing, as many of my readers continue to observe articles wherein ex-military officers are planning to lead anti-government protests in Washington DC, or even attempt military coups against this present government, BEWARE OF QUISLINGS or traitors in the Patriot/anti-NWO movement.

Pray for wisdom and discernment, and exercise common sense. Continue to quietly prepare for the challenging days that are ahead of us, both spiritually and practically. And refuse to fall into any traps laid for THE AMERICAN PATRIOT.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
Please carefully note that I have refused to "name names" in this article. I have no absolute proof that any of the ex-military officers attempting to lead such protests or coups are in fact "quislings." I refuse to falsely accuse anyone that I cannot be certain of. I am simply sending forth the warning to my fellow Americans and Christians to be cautious, and to understand the consequences of such actions in America today.

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  1. For investigating Quislings, I'd say start with "Kerodin" (aka, Christian Hyman) and work, laterally.