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False Flag-O-Meter reaches the red 

zone: Why a government-

orchestrated distraction event is 

highly likely to occur in the next 

7 days

Sunday, May 12, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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(NaturalNews) This is a short but urgent warning: A false flag event, 
an act of war, a bombing or some other headlines-grabbing 
orchestrated event is very likely to occur in the next seven days 
precisely because the Obama administration is under intense fire 
right now and needs a quick distraction. In stage magic, it's called 
the "art of misdirection." In politics, it's called the "Clinton method."

This is exactly what Bill Clinton did over and over again during his 
administration: Any time he was about to be raked over the coals 
for some political scandal, he would simply order the bombing of 
another "terrorist factory" somewhere around the globe. Magically, 
the Clinton News Network (CNN) would shift coverage to this heroic 
act of "national defense" and stop asking questions about his 
scandal back at home. That would give the Clinton administration 
enough time to intimidate, threaten or murder whoever might 
have been involved. (Vince Foster, remember?)

Right now, Hilary Clinton and President Obama are facing the 
possible downfall of their political careers over the Benghazi 
cover-up. Thanks to recent testimony, we now know that the 
Obama administration actually ordered the stand-down of 
U.S. military forces, directly causing the death of a U.S. 
ambassador as well as those in the embassy who 
attempted to save his life.

This is a scandal many times more explosive than Watergate. 
As the Benghazi investigation unfolds, it may very well end up 
in the forced resignation of Obama himself.

"Greenlighting" a pre-planned 


To avoid that from happening, Clinton, Obama and all the 
other globalist minions in Washington D.C. are trying to figure 
out what false flag scheme they have ready to go right now. 
They desperately need to pull the trigger on something: a 
bombing, a mass shooting, a hundred dead kids bleeding 
out on public sidewalks or something that can distract the 
media (and the public) from asking too many questions on 

Hence the red zone of the False Flag-O-Meter. It's now sitting 
in very dangerous territory, and the worse the scrutiny gets 
over Benghazi or the recent revelations that the IRS targeted 
conservative groups and Jews for punitive scrutiny during the 
2012 elections, the more likely a false flag event becomes.

Just so you understand real history here, false flags are the 
primary way governments affect sweeping policy changes. 
They are acts of political theater played out for the purpose of 
causing enough real mayhem and carnage -- and blaming the 
right culprits -- so that the public will demand government action. 
This plays right into the hands of government which incessantly 
wants to concentrate power and destroy civil liberties. Every 
crisis that unfolds allows it to move one step closer to its goal 
of dictatorial police state control.

Watch for a major event in the next 

7 days

Understanding this, there is a high probability of a false flag 
event occurring within the next seven days: A staged terror 
attack on a U.S. embassy, a shooting on U.S. soil, a bombing 
of a government building, someone blowing up a bridge... 
anything to get the attention off Benghazi-gate.

FBI agents are no doubt scurrying across the country right 
this very minute, taking inventory of all their pre-planned 
terror plots and trying to determine which one they can make 
"real" at short notice. The FBI, in case you didn't know, 
openly plots and carries out terror attacks all across the 
USA in order to show that it's "stopping terrorism." This 
has been confirmed by the New York Times, which rarely 
admits anything true about terror plots.

Whatever it is, this false flag event needs to be visually and 
emotionally shocking. So expect children to be sacrificed as 
part of it. Nothing grabs headlines on CNN faster than the 
blood of children, and that's what Hilary Clinton needs right 
now more than anything else: a powerful, revolting distraction 
from her own abject criminality.

And believe me, these people would order a thousand children 
killed if it was necessary to save their political careers. Have no 
illusions about the kind of power-addicted monsters who are 
running the U.S. government today. There is nothing they won't 
do to weasel out of being caught in a devastating lie.

I hope I'm totally wrong about this prediction, but just in case 
you may want to be extra vigilant for the next week or so, and 
if something does happen, don't believe the White House 
narrative which is almost 100% guaranteed to be complete fiction.

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