Monday, May 27, 2013


I must now take the time to issue a very important NEWS SOURCE correction at this time. Recently, I reposted information from another website, regarding the apparent arrival of foreign troops according to eye-witness sources.

Unfortunately, this got picked up by one or more readers, who then reposted this information and FALSELY represented me as the source of this information. This misinformation then even got published as far away as RUSSIA.

I AM NOT the source of this information about foreign troops arriving in America.

This information was actually posted on STEVE QUAYLE'S WEBSITE. It was information received from one of his listeners/readers. 

I apologize for this misunderstanding. IT CERTAINLY WAS NOT DELIBERATE. I strive to maintain the highest degree of personal honesty and integrity possible in this field of investigative journalism. And I certainly have no control over what others write, including those who falsely attribute news information as originating from me.

I NEVER PLAGIARIZE! I strive to obtain my own information from my own research, travels and personal sources. However, I DO publish guest articles at times, and make it clear that they are GUEST ARTICLES and did not originate with me.

Apparently, I did not make this clear with that recent article I posted, referring to the apparent arrival for foreign troops. And so, I apologize for this misunderstanding. It was not deliberate.

To find the original source of this "incoming foreign troops" information, you must go to Steve Quayle's website,

Sorry for the inconvenience! However, this information posted regarding eye-witness sightings of the incoming foreign troops, remains accurate. I simply was not the source of this information.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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