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NWO Military PSY-OPS:Combating the Demon Called FEAR

It is silent. It is subtle. 
Yet it lurks everywhere across America. 
That demon called "FEAR."

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective- 

Through years of research, I have noted that so many Americans hold a secret in their heart, something they are reluctant to discuss openly for fear of being misunderstood or even ridiculed. 

Yet millions of Americans are filled with secret fears about where our nation is being taken by forces hostile to American freedom and liberty.

Patriotic Act I and II.The NDAA legislation providing for the indefinite detention of Americans, with no rights at all. Reports surfacing of secret black hole prisons around the world, and of CIA/military torture of victims...many of whom later were found to be innocent victims. (Do they even care?)

FEMA and homeland security detention camps being built across America. Reports repeatedly surfacing of prisoner boxcars with shackles being sighted on the railroad tracks of this nation. Strange  military vehicles and DHS armored vehicles increasingly being sighted on the highways of America.

American drones murdering innocent men, women and children in Pakistan and other countries...and now recent legislation passed that will provide for thousands of drones to patrol the skies of America within a few years.

All of this and more has had the subtle effect of creating SILENT FEAR in the hearts of millions of aware and concerned Americans. 

I know, because I was once one of them. And I have spoken with many others who privately admitted to me they are struggling with growing fear about where America is headed.

All of this creating of fear is deliberate, however. The US military, who plays a major upcoming role in the martial law takeover of America, also specializes in MILITARY PSY-OPS. 


The US military understands the importance of the hidden battle for the mind and the heart of people, long before even one bullet is fired. They study the art of intimidation of their enemies through various means. That definitely includes the deliberate release of the kinds of information that is, in fact, intimidating many Americans today.
I can never forget receiving a piece of information, a memo smuggled out from the US military, about this very tactic. This Army memo stated, "...we shall deliberately release information to the public about the more terrifying things we plan to do under martial law..." With the intent, of course, of terrifying and demoralizing the American people into submission and compliance with their NWO/martial law agenda.

This indeed is MILITARY PSY-OPS. The "NWO agenda" adherents in the US military desire to defeat the Patriotic and God-fearing elements of the American people ("enemy combatants") mentally and emotionally, long before the actual physical battle begins. 

In truth, people who are frightened and discouraged and  intimidated from within, are much easier to defeat in battle, because they have already conceded defeat from  WITHIN.

Before I go any further, I want to make it very clear: my reports have NEVER been published with the intent of demoralizing or intimidating my fellow Americans, ever.

Rather, they are intended as a wake-up call to alert Americans about the future plans for our nation. 

And for my fellow Christians, these reports are intended to inspire them to begin to fast and pray for this nation and her future, and for the protection of God's elect in perilous times to come. And to encourage them to prepare their hearts before God to stand firm in their faith TO THE END. "But he that endures TO THE END, the same shall be saved." (From Matthew 24)

It has saddened my heart to hear actual reports of those Christians, who after having read reports such as mine, have sadly decided to cope by forsaking their Christian beliefs in the hopes of avoiding future persecution. Yes, this has already been happening, silently, in our nation today.


Fellow Christian, LISTEN CAREFULLY. If you are moved to deny Jesus Christ because of persecution to come, you will only find yourself facing something far more terrifying than persecution from men! 

You will face the wrath of God for all eternity, in the inescapable place of torment of the damned.
Without Jesus Christ,
you have NO salvation and
NO escape from the damnation
of HELL!

As for me, I have been driven to the feet of Jesus through my reporting, more than any other time in my life. Never have I been drawn closer to Him, than through the knowledge of future tribulations and persecutions and martyrdom that is coming to  my nation.

I go to sleep every night, filled with peace, wrapped in His arms of love...if I even really sleep at all. Because I am in prayer throughout the night for my fellow Christians and my endangered nation. I awaken praising Him for each new day of grace to serve Him one more day...and thanking Him that no government bullet has found my head yet. I have chosen to reject and cast off that demon called FEAR, and to rest in His love instead.

People in my imperiled position realize more than others, that each day is truly a gift from God. Oh, how I thank God for LIFE!
One more day to touch the lives of others for more day to glorify Him in the more day to hug a little encourage the bring food to the encourage a young Christian struggling with their pray for the salvation of the lost.

Oh, how I thank God for ONE MORE DAY to be alive and in liberty to do His will and change our world!

Can I honestly admit that at one time, I too was a victim of their fear tactics? With every report I published years ago, that subtle demon called FEAR was slowly growing within. 

It slowly robbed me of JOY and PEACE within. It made me feel that there was no purpose to even living in this world. It made me question God's love, and HOW could He ever let this happen, if He were a God of love. I was actually ready to die of a broken heart as I received information of the planned persecution of my fellow Christians in America. Yes, I was losing the will to even live. 

I have never shared this with 
my readers, previously, ever. 

These secrets were locked deep within my heart, even as I forced myself to continue in this research and publishing.

But I feel that now is the time to be honest about this, and share how I FINALLY GOT VICTORY OVER FEAR AND INTIMIDATION, to rise up in VICTORY instead by His grace...and how I discovered the courage to press on to the finish line for Him.
The devil played with my emotions to the point of finally breaking down one day, and coming to God and praying, "God, I know you have called me to wake up America through this reporting. But I cannot deal with the depression and negative emotions it has created in me. If you do NOT deliver me from this fear, I cannot continue this work for You and Your people in America."

It was then that I received the leaked-out memo from within the US Army, about military intimidation of the American through PSY-OPS. When I finally realized what their military strategies were, through PSY-OPS creating fear and intimidation and mental defeat, I became angry. 
"So that's their strategy," I remember thinking. And then deciding I would never again succumb to their military NWO agenda fear God's grace.

And so, I prayed harder than ever for grace to be delivered from deep depression and fear created by knowledge of their future tactics. Ceaselessly. I stood on the promises of God such as "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of POWER, and LOVE and a sound mind." Until finally, VICTORY CAME AT LAST. And all through the grace of God and His Son Jesus Christ.

And the fear and depression that was slowly eating away at me from the inside, WAS FINALLY GONE! God's love and peace and joy replaced it. Deep inner strength and confidence in Jesus Christ and His grace to preserve His people replaced the insecurity I was feeling constantly.

He also took away THE FEAR OF DEATH and how it might come. Completely. 

This in itself is a miracle. For those of you who have never been in the kinds of battlefields God has called me to throughout the years, you may never be able to understand what I have to cope with.

I am constantly aware within of the kinds of dangers I face for my reporting and my Christian witness. Some people who have passed information on to me that I have published, have been already murdered by the government.Others have had to go underground, long term. Maybe to never surface in public again.

For publishing information exposing dark secrets from within satanism and their NWO agenda, I have been irrevocably marked for death. We are talking about brutal torture, and then death. And the government/military is just as capable of performing the same kinds of torture as well against NWO resistance, now labeled as "enemies of the state."
My previous webmaster received at one time a direct threat from the FBI, aimed at me. Very intimidated, he later shared it with me. They told him to inform me that "...on a scale of one to ten, she rates an '8' in our priorities to terminate and silence her... we monitor every email she sends and receives...tell her that her time is VERY short...we don't like the kinds of truth she is telling the American people..." 

I could sense the fear in his voice as he shared all this with me. I prayed about this deeply. As I prayed, the presence of the Holy Spirit began to rise up in my heart, banishing the fear they tried to create, hoping this intimidation would serve to stop my reporting. In fact,  joy and little retaliatory humor rose up with also.

" they monitor every email I send and receive, eh? Well, let them read THIS one!" I actually had fun writing that email response to their threats. I preached the Gospel to them in fact, in that email. And let them know they would NOT "take me out" (as they put it) one day PRIOR to the day God was ready for me to come home at last.

And let them know that since Almighty God had called me to this task, I would never stop this work until He let me know, "IT IS FINISHED."

The bottom line is, Christians can NEVER allow themselves to be controlled by the enemies called FEAR and INTIMIDATION, ever. 

We as Christians can only be controlled by the word of God and Jesus Christ, Who never gives us a spirit of fear, nor ever calls us to succumb to enemy tactics.
A Christian cannot be controlled by 
at the same time!

FAITH rises up to OVERCOME the challenge! 

FEAR shrinks down to be defeated, every single time.

You must choose to respond to EVERY challenge you face in this world, by FAITH, and NEVER by FEAR.

Because living in fear can only lead to total defeat.

If you are a Christian struggling with depression and fear, as I once was, I encourage you to turn to the timeless and eternal PROMISES OF ALMIGHTY GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.

I do...every single day.

It is only because of His mercies and grace to preserve His people, that I am even alive to this day to write this message to you. Therefore I KNOW from practical experience, that HE IS ABLE!

-He is able to deliver you from your deepest fears and inward sorrows.

-He is able to protect you repeatedly from the threat of danger and of death.

-He is able to give you VICTORY in the midst of every heartache and crisis you may face.

Refuse to yield to fear, depression and intimidation. 
Come as a little child...

Turn instead to God through Jesus Christ for the help, comfort, strength and grace to OVERCOME every obstacle and challenge you may face in today's world.

How I love God's people! How I desire to see them achieve VICTORY over satan's dark plans for America (and worldwide), by turning to God for grace to OVERCOME in that hour of coming persecution and tribulation for His sake.
Always remember that God's people have faced persecution, suffering and martyrdom for His sake for two thousand years now. It is estimated that approximately 150,000 Christians across the globe are martyred annually. 

And that does not take into account those Christians abducted worldwide by the satanists/Illuminati, tempted to deny their faith, and finally brutally tortured and killed for their unrelenting testimony of Jesus Christ.

Only in Heaven can such statistics ever be fully known.

In closing, I encourage my readers struggling with fear and depression to get rid of this oppression TODAY. 

God's word gives us the answer to such problems.
And that answer is found in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Allow Him to set you free, and learn how to enjoy life once again. I did...and it works.

-I no longer live in fear of what the future may hold.

-I am no longer afraid of death or how it make occur.

-I have perfect peace in my heart today. 

And I now enjoy every day of LIFE 
that God has given me on this earth
...and choose to live it for His glory and purposes.
Come to God's throne of grace and mercy now for victory over fear and depression.

Let joy and peace be restored in your life.
And start living LIFE to it's fullest...again.

"And THIS is the VICTORY that 
overcomes the world, 
I John 5:4b
"For with God, nothing shall be impossible."
~Jesus Christ~
Mark 10:27

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
And for those of you involved in the NWO agenda for
my nation, America....

How my heart breaks for the collective "you." Yes, I know many of your names and who you are...

People like Michael Aquino, founder of "the Temple of Set," the rival to Anton Lavey's "Church of Satan." Michael Aquino is a specialist in the art of military PSY-OPS, in fact. And he previously worked in the spy agency, the NSA in Fort Meade, Maryland. I often wonder if the above mentioned Army memo about terrifying the American people through military psy-ops came from Aquino's desk.

For all of you have believed THE LIE, embraced the soul-damning deception of the NEW WORLD ORDER, and with it satan's kingdom of darkness and sorrow and destruction to all deceived by it's false promises.

Although I may never know ALL of your names, God knows who you are...whether government, military, intelligence, politics, law enforcement...teachers and professors...bankers...abortion providers...the Craft and the Brotherhood...He knows who you are.

 My prayers daily are for His mercy and love to rescue YOU from satan's lies and false promises, and bring you instead to His precious Son Jesus Christ for glorious salvation, mercy and forgiveness, and a REAL hope for your future.

I understand where you are at, because I was once on that pathway to hell, deceived by NWO doctrines. Until I found myself dying with no hope, my doctors giving up. 

Every New Age lie I once believed in, failed to restore me to life and to hope. I finally turned to JESUS CHRIST and His promises in the Bible, and FINALLY FOUND LIFE and HEALING AT LAST. For He reached down when I was about to perish...
...And Jesus Christ set me FREE!

My very own USAF father was also deceived by THE LIE. He sold out to the NWO agenda in the US military. He embraced the deadly cult religion of the NWO, satanism/Illuminism. 

Instead of receiving the false promises of satanism (money/wealth/power) he received tragedy, sorrow, torment and the destruction of our family unit.

For thirty years he was trapped in that tragic and dark world of the NWO agenda and satanism...UNTIL HE FOUND HIMSELF DYING...and turned to Jesus Christ and His mercy at last.
...And Jesus Christ set him FREE!

I have held the trembling hands of even young satanists entrapped in that dark world and wanting an exit. They asked me to pray with them for Jesus to FORGIVE them and set them free from this darkness.
...And Jesus Christ SET THEM FREE!

If I should ever find myself arrested for my faith someday, and face execution under the NWO, my greatest sorrow will never be for myself. 

For my sins are forgiven, and Jesus has given me ETERNAL LIFE. I know where I will spend eternity when I die. For me, death holds no fears.

My tears will be for YOU, my friend, and all the rest of the NWO people deceived by THE LIE. I grieve for where you will spend eternity someday, when you die. 

There will be no second chance and no exit from eternal torment and sorrows in hell.

How sad and how tragic! To refuse God's mercy and salvation, and to blindly choose instead to perish eternally.

How could you be so foolish as to believe the lies of a murderer and destroyer called Lucifer, the fallen rebel against the Greater One called Almighty God?

I have deep compassion for you, because I was once on that same path, until Jesus reached down and rescued me.

Please...don't make that fatal mistake. 

Read the Bible, God's eternal word.
 BELIEVE His word, RECEIVE His Son, Jesus, sent to die for YOUR sins and to SET YOU FREE at last.

You will never regret coming to God and His Son, Jesus Christ...ever. God is calling both Gentile and Jew alike to REPENT of NWO deception and darkness, and to come to His Son for salvation completely.

Stop being afraid of what people may do to you, for doing the right thing in God's sight. Even as God has protected me and countless other Christians throughout the centuries, so He has the power to PROTECT YOU.


Come to Jesus, God's Son today.
Before it's TOO LATE.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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  1. I copy this note using Google Translator:

    The Fourth World War has begun. While you rest, while you eat, while you enjoy the entertainments of the system, an invisible army is taking over your mind, behavior and emotions. His will is being taken by invisible occupation forces without you suspecting anything. The battles do not take place in remote areas, but in his own head. It is not a war for conquest of territories, but a war for conquest of brains, where you are the main target.

    The goal is no longer to kill, but to control. longer point bullets to his body but his contradictions and psychological vulnerabilities. His conduct is being checked, monitored, and controlled by experts. His mind and psychology are undergoing extreme operations fourth generation warfare. A war without fronts or rears, a war without tanks or guns, where you, is both the victim and the perpetrator.

    "Fourth Generation War" is the term used by military strategists analists to describe the last phase of the war in the age of information technology and globalized communications.

    In 1989 began the formulation of the theory of 4GW when William Lind and four officers of the Army and Marine Corps of the United States, a document titled "The Changing Face of War: into the fourth generation."

    That year, the paper was published simultaneously in the October issue of Military Review and the Marine Corps Gazette.

    Although in its early stages of the nineties, the theory was not specified or clearly expressed what is meant by 4GW, the concept was later associated with the Asymmetric Warfare and the "War Counterterrorism".

    William Lind wrote his outline of theory at a time when the Soviet Union was defeated in Afghanistan and began its inevitable collapse as a world power system.

    Therefore, the Fourth Generation Warfare is visualized as a hypothesis of conflict emerging post-Cold War, while some analysts relate their historical starting point to the terrorist attacks of 11-S in the U.S..

    The note complete (good videos at the end in English):