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U.S. culture war brewing as 

backlash grows against 

socialism, gun control and 

attacks on American values

Monday, May 06, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...)
(NaturalNews) As the Obama administration continues its 
attempted cultural purge of conservativism, gun owners 
and anyone who practices religion, there is a massive 
underground backlash that's building up steam and may 
be nearing the stage of revolt.

This article is a tour of several astonishing recent poll 
results and statistics that paint a picture of anarmed 
cultural backlash taking shape in America. It's off the 
radar of the mainstream media because the media 
doesn't want to acknowledge the reality of what's 

But beneath the surface, a cultural 
backlash is seething, fed up with the criminal occupation 
of America by anti-freedom socialists and Marxists who 
are quite literally working to destroy the U.S. economy 
and cultural conservatism.

Regardless of where you stand on the Obama 
Administration or even being "progressive" vs. 
"conservative," this cultural backlash needs to 
be on your radar because it leads to a boiling 
point that may bring America to the brink of civil war.

Consider these facts of what's really happening:

29% of U.S. voters believe an armed 

revolt is necessary to restore 

America's liberties.

Public Mind poll of 863 registered U.S. voters found 
that nearly 30% believe an "armed revolution" may 
be necessary to "protect our liberties" (from the 

This survey shows that millions of Americans 
are waking up the reality that America is an 
occupied nation being systematically destroyed 
by Marxist / Communist leaning political operatives -- 
and that the only way to stop the occupation is by force.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040213_culture_war_

While the above is an excellent article that points out important truths about where America is going today, I do not believe that American can solely be taken back BY PHYSICAL FORCE ALONE.

The greatest power in the world today 
is found through 
through Jesus Christ His Son.

America is only being taken over by the forces of hell, BECAUSE so many people in our nation have forgotten the God of our Christian founders and forefathers, the God of the  Bible.

The Communists of the NWO agenda, and fascists actually working with them secretly to overthrow our Constitutional Republic, have worked hard to influence Americans and to turn them from the Bible and religious moral values today.

For example, look at the influence of wicked, godless and Communist-filled HOLLYWOOD upon America! Promoting sexual immorality and sin of every kind, designed to grind down America and turn it into one more Communist-globalist third-world slave state.


My Pilgrim ancestors knew the secret of TRUE prosperity and blessing. It begins with a RIGHT RELATIONSHIP WITH ALMIGHTY GOD through repentance from sin, and faith in the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ His Son.

Understand this: it is people who HATE the Living God,who HATE His Son Jesus Christ, and who HATE His people as well, who are leading this nation into destruction, period.

They have rejected God's Word and His commandments.

They have rejected His mercy and His salvation.

Therefore they are fully under the wicked control of Satan/Lucifer himself..the destroyer of mankind and the world itself.

Among the destroyers of America and her Christian heritage, are the COMMUNIST PROGRESSIVES and SOCIALISTS. Who is the actual fallen god of the Socialists?

Satan/Lucifer. KARL MARX was a satanist. So were many other co-founders of modern Socialism and Communism. In fact, much of it was inspired by THE ILLUMINATI. Which is simply a polite term for human-sacrificing, child-raping, murdering and blaspheming and cannibalizing SATANISTS.

The destroyers of America are also the ILLUMINATI/SATANISTS (many of whom I have previously interviewed,) who hate this nation and the Christians and the only true God, Who blessed America in her beginning. 

THEIR fallen "god" of the NWO is LUCIFER, and in his vile name they will be coming to arrest and murder Christians and all OTHER NWO RESISTERS in America under martial law in the future. 

And former satanists have told me so.

What this will all come down to ultimately, is outright WAR between THE CHRISTIANS of America, and the Satanists/Illuminati  who want to impose their NWO on this nation...and ultimately THE ENTIRE WORLD.

This then IS a part of that great end-time battle between the KINGDOM of Lucifer and his followers, against the Kingdom of the Living God and His children through Jesus Christ.

All of this is end-time Bible prophecy spoken of in the BOOK OF REVELATION and elsewhere.

And while most Christians do not realize this, the war has already been raging throughout America, and many Christians have already suffered and died in the hidden battles fought across this nation. Christian casualties have been many, throughout America's history. And the news media deliberately blacks this hidden war out of MSM.

Many a Christian adult and child has already died on the satanic altars of the NWO, abducted BECAUSE they were Christians, forcibly brought to satanic rituals to be tempted to join Jesus and join them. 

And when they would not, they were brutally chained to satan's altars and nailed to crosses, and tortured to death for their unwavering confession of Christ.

Oh, what the lying news media deliberately conceals from the American public today! No WONDER major satanists in America like WARREN BUFFET buy up newspapers and news broadcasting networks! They MUST keep the truth from being known about SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY. 

Oh, my fellow Christians, if only you KNEW what really goes on behind closed doors in America today...right up into the very White House and the Capitol itself...you would never stop praying! You couldn't.

And because of what I know through journalism, I never can stop praying for this nation and what happens in secret to countless innocent victims nationwide.

For those of you who think that guns alone can save America, please note:a bullet cannot stop Satan! 

And he is the wicked inspiration behind the promoters of the NEW WORLD ORDER!

And never forget: even the satanists all have guns and other weapons too!

It will therefore take something MORE to defeat these NWO monsters and madmen under satan's control...and that can ONLY be GOD'S HOLY PEOPLE,filled with the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, and covered with THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB, and walking in THE POWER OF FAITH IN HIS WORD!

Read Revelation 12:11

"And they overcame him 
(satan and host of darkness) 
and because they loved not 
their lives 
unto the death." 
(They were faithful to Jesus Christ even unto death.)


This is something that THE NWO CANNOT HAVE...because their false god is LUCIFER, father of LIES.

My Christian readers, please keep all of the above in mind, as America moves ever closer towards MARTIAL LAW and THE SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION FOR LIBERTY.

And something else you must realize. 

The NWO-controlled, gov/mil censored news media will someday fully declare that the God-fearing, freedom loving AMERICAN PATRIOT and CHRISTIANS...are THE TERRORISTS! 

And declare that they are the "enemy combatants,"
hence subject to arrest, torture in a "black hole" prison, and DEATH!

Mark my words carefully...I discerned this long ago. Many of us could see this coming.

Watch for the major paradigm shift in thinking and definitions of WHO and WHAT is a terrorist, coming soon to "AMERIKA."

Look for upcoming "false-flags" in which THE AMERICAN CHRISTIAN and PATRIOT will be deliberately misportrayed as the "perpetrator" of this staged "act of terrorism" or disaster.

The NWO agenda promoters cannot WAIT for that anticipated hour, in which they can LEGALLY COME AFTER THE CHRISTIANS AND THE PATRIOTS and finally haul them off to the FEMA camps for slaughter!

And they have told me so.

Remember..."one man's FREEDOM FIGHTER is another man's TERRORIST." It all depends on WHOSE SIDE YOU ARE ON.

I am thankful that I can KNOW I am on the winning side! The Bible prophesies the utter defeat of those who make war with God Almighty and His children!

"These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall OVERCOME THEM! For He is Lord of lords and King of kings, and they who are with Him, are CALLED, CHOSEN and FAITHFUL."

Make sure you're on the winning side!
I'm glad I am.

"...In ALL THESE THINGS we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Him Who loved us."
Romans 8:37

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


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