Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To My Readers: "In CASE I 'Disappear...'"

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I am writing this brief warning to all my readers. I live in a real world, and not make-believe. In MY world, good people trying to do what is right, often get hurt. Sometimes permanently, and sometimes with "extreme prejudice."

People who have performed the same kind of investigative reporting as I have, HAVE gotten hurt. Some have had to go underground (including personal contacts I have interviewed, such as former CIA.)

Others have been killed (like my good friend Ed Pack, microwaved to death by the government who didn't appreciate his insider information going out nationwide on the truth about WACO, the OKC bombing and more. )

Still others have been "suicided." You know, when the spy guys grab someone they don't like, who knows or talks too much, and takes that poor person to a hotel room high above some city, force the person to write a suicide note, and then throw the still warm body over the balcony railing.

IN 2001, I traveled to Germany to research for 6 months.While investigating the role of German military in the USA under martial law, I often visited that intriguing city of Munich, Germany. One evening, while sitting outside visiting at an outdoor cafe, I asked my military contact Michael about how the CIA got rid of people they didn't like, here in that spy city of Munich.

He replied, "It's simple. See that hotel balcony over there?" I looked up at the high rise balcony. "Whoever they want to get rid of, they take up to a hotel room like that, force the person to write a suicide note, kill that person without leaving forensic evidence, and then toss the still warm body over the railing, at night to avoid detection...."

I thought for a moment, and then laughed. Michael looked at me strangely and asked why. I replied, "Well, if they want to try that tactic with me, it won't work! I am staying in a small ground-level ski hut in Bavaria. The window is barely large enough for them to push me out of, and then when I fall...I will only fall four feet to the ground!" I wasn't laughing at the terrible act of intelligence community assassinations of innocent victims, not at all. Michael groaned as I snickered. I silently thanked God that I was NOT staying in a high rise hotel in Germany at ANY time!

Yet another tactic is character assassination, or COINTELPRO. You can destroy a person in many ways, and this is one way also. "Freddy the Fed" uses this tactic as well, to destroy a person's credibility to his readers, etc. I have already had my own personal experiences with trained intelligence community COINTELPRO operatives, posting their slander against me on the Internet, hoping somehow to dissuade my readers from believing my reporting.

To this date, it has not worked. My readers are nationwide and worldwide now. My reports outlining the coming persecution of the Christians in America and MARTIAL LAW have had a tremendous impact in various regions of America, including Montana, where some Christians are even now forming underground churches, as led by the Holy Spirit, following reading my articles outlining what is planned for that state and region of America.

And my fellow Christians who have known me for many years, among whom I am now visiting in NC at my church and Christian retreat, know me well and laugh when I show them the poorly written COINTELPRO attempts to paint a villainous "me" that simply does not exist in real life. Besides, for REAL Christians, we know that we are blessed whenever we are persecuted for righteousness' sake.

The Bible calls us "blessed" whenever evil is spoken about us falsely for His sake, and for righteousness' sake. Jesus further tells us, "WOE UNTO YOU when ALL men speak well of you, for so they spoke of the false prophets before you...." For these Biblical reasons I do not worry about COINTELPRO. I simply pray for the salvation of the lost souls writing it, forgive them, and continue in my work. I also pray that God will show people THE TRUTH regarding such attempts at defamation, and trust God for my vindication. That is all any Christian can do.
In this real world I live in, all these things can all happen to good people (including God-fearing committed Christians such as myself), and they do...all the time, and worldwide to investigative journalists as well. I face this as well. I pray about this all the time, constantly, as I continue in this work for YOUR sakes.

I pray daily for all the readers of this blog, and for my fellow Americans and Christians nationwide. Please, keep me in YOUR prayers as well. Thankyou.

-Pamela Schuffert

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