Monday, October 5, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Several years ago, I received an alarming report from my webmaster, Ron, of OK. (Ron was the former webmaster for the famed ALBERTO RIVERA, exposing the VATICAN and the JESUITS of the NWO.)He had received a report written by A CONCERNED MICROBIOLOGIST who warned that people should NOT take the vaccinations for the AVIAN FLU or any other coming "PANDEMIC." He revealed that they were all created in government and military labs deliberately, WITH A HIDDEN AGENDA!

He revealed that in EVERY DOSE of the vaccines for these alleged "dangerous flu's" and the coming "epidemics" there would be A CONCEALED MICROBIOCHIP! But WHY???

It is a fact, that the Illuminati/NWO planners realize that the vast majority of Americans and citizens worldwide WILL NOT BE VOLUNTARILY CHIPPED with the military tracking chips the NWO wishes to impose on EVERYONE. They concluded they would HAVE TO GET EVERYONE MICROCHIPPED through "THE BACK DOOR." And the back door route they have evidently chosen, will be the FORCED FLU VACCINATIONS.

Already, China is beginning to implement this program, planning to microchip every Chinese citizen through the pretense of "protecting their citizens" with the Swine flu vaccination.

Most of you readers have NO clue as to the horrors of BEING MICROCHIPPED with tracking devices. I just spent time with a couple in Idaho, both of whom were forcibly MICROCHIPPED with multiple chips. They sat for hours over several weeks while I interviewed them, and told me of their horrifying experiences afterwards.

They shared their experiences after being forcibly microchipped by government agents intruding into their home one night, of being THEN attacked with powerful military satellites, discovering they were being tracked everywhere they went. The military also focused very destructive military frequencies on them both, (whether from local bases or powerful satellites created for this purpose is not yet totally clear.)

I watched as the wife, Judy , was made sick repeatedly day after day, before my very eyes. "Faraday cages" the husband built did not work. The husband researched and tried many expensive methods to block the military frequencies out of their home, ultimately to no avail. Even the expensive helmet Veral made for his wife did not work very well , through she wears it every day.

Recently they put their frightening experiences into a book.You can order YOUR copy to discover the living hell that BEING MIRCOCHIPPED does to one's body and life ever afterwards, by ordering it from:

Veral and Judy Smith, 78592 Highway 2, Moyie Springs, ID, 83845 (Please include $10 to cover cost of book plus mailing.)

WHY was this couple forcibly microchipped and then tortured through it? Because of Veral's manufacturing of the what many consider to be the BEST BULLET MOLDS AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE! The government and military HATE bullet mold manufacturers like VERAL, whose bullets are even MORE accurate than most sold in gun stores! They do not WANT the American people to defend themselves under coming MARTIAL LAW! This is WHY some people cannot find BULLETS FOR SALE in many gun stores across this nation even now. The future of gun owners is going to be BULLET MOLDS eventually.

You can ORDER your OWN quality customized Bullet Mold from VERAL today...while there is still time. Email Veral and Judy at:

In conclusion:

DO NOT GET CHIPPED VIA THE SWINE FLU VACCINATION! Your life will become a LIVING HELL as theirs did. beware of any OTHER excuse to forcibly "vaccinate" you as well. Look into practical homeopathic health aids instead, and PRAYER AND THE WORD OF GOD instead for protection against these outrageous government/military engineered "pandemics" for their NWO/MARTIAL LAW agenda.

-Pamela Schuffert

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