Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"...But My Family Thinks I Am CRAZY..."

YOU are NOT ALONE! MANY are experiencing this reaction when they TRY TO TELL OTHERS THE TRUTH! Even Jesus Christ went through this at times...

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

In traveling across our nation for the past 13 years to perform investigative journalism, I have been blessed to meet people who understand where America is being taken by the forces of darkness of the NWO. I also have had several radio broadcasts on different networks as well. People who enjoyed my broadcasts would often call in and tell me how much they appreciated my broadcasts, and ask for more information.

But so often, sincere and intelligent people would also tell me the following: "I believe everything your are saying and I know it is all true, BUT my family thinks I'm crazy!"

Or " HUSBAND thinks I am crazy..."
or " WIFE thinks I am crazy...." and so on.

I am writing this to encourage you if this is your situation where you are living. No, not everyone WILL believe the truth, even when it is clearly pointed out to them! And the consequences are going to be tragic for those who refuse to hear and to see and to understand where our nation is going.

Jesus Christ had to deal with this in His society of His day as well. He referred to the Old Testament prophet Isaiah, speaking of His people "..having ears but not hearing, and eyes but not seeing...." when people did not believe HIS testimony and warnings, either. But He then turned to His disciples and proclaimed, "Blessed are YOUR eyes, for they SEE...and YOUR ears, for they HEAR...." (paraphrased)

The events and things that I am led by God to investigate and report on, are all tied in heavily with END TIME BIBLE PROPHECY. I am frankly weary of Christians I encounter who tell me, "Oh, YES... I BELIEVE in end time Bible prophecy!"

But in the next breath, after I begin to tell them the events coming to our nation that involve THEIR future persecution and tribulations coming to OUR nation, they quickly back off! They don't want to HEAR it!

Oh, it's FINE as long as it come to OTHER Christians in OTHER countries...far away from OUR nation! But when it touches THEIR lives and future...all of a sudden they DON'T believe in Bible prophecy after all! And then many retreat into DENIAL, or their "safety-comfort-denial" zones. And then they start accusing their spouse or others of "being crazy" when they try to tell them of these things!

And mind you, they cannot DISPROVE ANYTHING with factual research or documentation that I have previously researched and documented and report on. The basis for their denial of the truth has NO factual substantiation whatsoever! They simply cannot deal with the truth.

After every broadcast I had, people would then call in , wanting to talk with me. And almost EVERY time, my listeners would unload their hearts to me, saying, "Well, I KNOW these things are true, but my wife (or husband, or friend)doesn't believe it...."

Etc. Etc. Etc. Some of you KNOW exactly what I MEAN! You have already experienced this.

If this is the case in YOUR home, BE ENCOURAGED! If you are a Christian, you can PRAY for your spouse (or the people you are trying to share this kind of information with) and let the Holy Spirit begin to open their eyes to the truth. The Holy Spirit is called THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH. Jesus declared that HE (the Divine Holy Spirit) WILL LEAD YOU INTO ALL TRUTH.

Never allow this to become an issue that divides your family or marriage! You will need MARITAL/FAMILY UNITY as never before, as these times of testing come upon this nation.You should be praying constantly with your spouse and family members regarding protection against these times to come, and for God's grace, guidance and wisdom as well.

So don't get discouraged if this is what you are facing in your home or with friends. Commit it to prayer and ask God to lead them into all truth.

And NO, you ARE NOT CRAZY for believing the truth! Maybe it's the OTHER way around...with all the warning signs literally screaming at us daily, maybe THEY need to re-examine their thinking instead. Hmmmmm.........

-Pamela Schuffert

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