Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Readers Ask............

Recently my readers are wondering, WHY does an article appear one day, and then the same article has additions to it published the NEXT day...and sometimes the next???

The answer is simple. I am forced to use a LIBRARY COMPUTER with a one hour limit every day! Why? Because of my NEW laptop being STOLEN BY A CIA OPERATIVE in Montana following a break-in of the family's home I stayed in while researching there!

Following attending a Bible study with the family, one night , we returned to find a large window smashed. Obviously someone had broken into their home while we were gone! His daughter started to cry.

We entered the home cautiously. Things were strewn everywhere. Drawers opened, things scattered. BUT NOTHING WAS MISSING! Except...MY LAPTOP AND NOTEBOOK with phone numbers and names.

It became clear that this was not a local robber, but rather intelligence community antics focused on monitoring ME.

Yes, I know who did it. He had pulled this kind of thing on me previously in that region. I pray for him daily. Jesus died for CIA too!

But this is WHY I have to use a library computer....(BYE! Time's UP!)

-Pamela Schuffert

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