Friday, October 30, 2009



By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have been fasting and praying ceaselessly during this approaching time of Halloween/Samhain. Three days and nights of horrific dark revelry and human sacrifice and torture and death await all innocent victims abducted (or bred) over the past weeks by satanist "hunters/huntresses" worldwide.

Ways in which they find human sacrifices include: false "adoption agencies" that pose as legitimate and loving agencies. Women often are unknowingly are giving their children over to them , not to be happily adopted, but to be brutally sacrificed! Failure to thoroughly research the background and credibility of adoption agencies results in such tragedies happening all to often.

One US Army source, coming out of satanism in Fort Jackson, SC, admitted in a seminar that this is the kind of tactic the satanists at Fort Jackson used there to obtain babies for sacrifice. They formed a false adoption agency, obtained babies by this means, and as he stated, "We never ran out of babies for sacrifice this way...." He spoke at a seminar in Okeechobee, Florida at Dunklin Memorial Christian Camp, sponsored by Christian counselor Chuck Lakin at that time. I spoke as well as several other speakers.

The DSS (Department of Social Services) is notorious for being infiltrated by satanists and witches. They prey on poorer families who cannot afford a lawyer to get their children back. SUch infiltrators use their DSS positions to visit poorer families, declare their homes unfit for children (etc) and then seize the hapless children. As insiders revealed to me, confirmed by one former CIA insider Steve Campbell, these children are often sold on the black market to satanist covens for sacrifice, or sold to rich pedophiles to "use, " etc.

Woman are also held by covens and used for "baby breeding" as well. Such babies are then sacrificed. One woman, referred to below, told me how she was gang-raped by the coven, and then after one week after her baby was born , it was brutally sacrificed on her naked stomach as she lay screaming and chained to their altar in Ohio. She showed me the tiny gravesite in her backyard where the tragic (and few)remains of "baby Becky" lie buried..

Former satanists revealed that even aborted babies are used for human sacrifice rituals. They obtained them from local abortion clinics, the late-term intact ones preferred.
"We desecrated them and then cannibalized them...I never remembered a ritual in which we did not have aborted babies involved." admitted the former high priestess in training for the state of Ohio to me as I interviewed her over several months. She came out to become a born-again Christian and expose their dark works in Ohio.

Christians worldwide MUST wake up and begin to understand that just because you are a born-again Christian, it does not automatically make you immune to abduction and sacrifice. Just because you do not hear of the multitudes of victims being abducted and sacrificed world wide on government-controlled/censored news media, means nothing in today's world of news media bias/blackout.

Former satanists admitted to me that CHRISTIANS ARE HIGH ON THE LIST OF DEMAND for human sacrifice victims. MANY a victim on their altars worldwide and throughout out America were abducted because they were Christians. This includes pastors, children of pastors and Christian families, Christian women in ministry, etc.

Both former satanist leaders and FBI investigators such as TED GUNDERSON have admitted to me personally that victims can number into the UPPER HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS EVERY YEAR in America alone.

When former participants shared with me in detail what can occur in such rituals, the memories became painfully burned in my mind forever: babies skinned alive and sacrificed, people nailed to crosses and brutally tortured and killed, children chained to altars and cut into pieces WHILE ALIVE with chainsaws, and more. I will spare the reader more grim details.

For CHRISTIAN INTERCESSORS, this is a time of fervent and intense intercessory prayer, fasting and crying out to the Living God for MERCY for every intended victim worldwide. God remains a MIRACLE GOD, THE Lord God the ALMIGHTY!

Remember: The Bible teaches us that Jesus Christ was MANIFESTED to destroy the works of the devil!

This does NOT mean to TOLERATE, to IGNORE, or for Christians to remain in denial or ignorance of his works. We are called to deploy the mighty weapons of the Living God through Jesus Christ His Son, as revealed to us through His Word, and TEAR DOWN THE STRONGHOLDS OF SATAN!

Please, my fellow Christians, do NOT remain indifferent to this tragic plight of countless victims this Samhain/Halloween weekend. YOUR prayers can MAKE THE DIFFERENCE for innocent lives, and prayer moves the hands of God and His mercy and grace on others' behalf.

When I asked former satanists about this, many admitted that more than once, there had been obvious DIVINE INTERVENTION as their rituals were about to commence.

I know this is true, and I know the power of PRAYER to deter and shatter the plans of satanists. For I was SUPPOSED to be abducted in the mountains of NC, and brutally sacrificed in fall of 1995. By then, many satanists were angry at me for my reporting and working with families of victims and exposing them. BUT THE POWER OF PRAYER AND THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST brought me safely through this crisis.

Allow God to use YOUR prayers and compassion manifested through them, to save even ONE innocent life from the hands of these ruthless murderers this SAMHAIN.

Christians, pray for your OWN protection and your loved ones as well. Pray for God to move in power against these murderers, to expose them and to cause their hate crimes against humanity to be uncovered and to be fully prosecuted by law. Pray for these satanists to come under conviction and to Jesus Christ , and that He would divinely reveal Himself to their lives.

As the Body of Christ stands UNITED TOGETHER IN PRAYER and FAITH, we CAN make the difference in our nation and today's world, FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!

And in closing, remember, that the satanists/Illuminati ARE the "backbone of the NEW WORLD ORDER" of Revelation 13. Such people have been strategically planted throughout the highest levels of our government, our US military, the intelligence (spy)community, the political sectors, law enforcement, HOMELAND SECURITY/FEMA and elsewhere. They were put into such positions, because of their full agreement with the AGENDA of the NEW WORLD ORDER for this nation, and ultimately AGAINST CHRISTIANITY AND CHRISTIANS. And that means YOU.

Such people have been secretly waging warfare against Christianity and America's Christians for a long time now. They cannot wait for the hour of the DAWNING OF THE NWO to come on the heels of MARTIAL LAW in our nation, as former participants admitted freely to me.

While today it may be the hapless victim abducted by them for sacrifice this HALLOWEEN, someday it may be YOU as their NWO agenda is fully implemented in America. Jesus Christ declared, "Blessed are the merciful, for their SHALL OBTAIN MERCY."

What kind of mercy have YOU sown on behalf of innocent victims recently? The mercy you SOW is the mercy you shall ultilmately REAP someday.

Is this not a time for prayer,and for many reasons?

God protect and deliver us ALL at this time, in Jesus Christ' holy Name. Amen.

-Pamela Schuffert


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this information. This is interesting. I believe it with all my heart. There is no doubt in my mind that the writer is sharing the truth. I believe that this is going on.

  2. This is true, and the reason there is often not much evidence is because they eat the flesh and grind up the bones and make pots out of it , they are very careful , and sick. The problem in the uk is v bad and the ss is taking thousands of children every year. I think they hate Christians as they know they are wrong and hate right. Having seen a lot of witches etc they also tend to be the ugly and mean loser types who might not get alit of action otherwise , plain psychopaths, and gay pedophiles who tend to gravitate towards this. All cruelty stems from weakness. I think they are pushing Islam as there is no lower limit for marriage age ... As Christians it is important to care for and support each other, and if there are single parents in your community accept them and watch over them and their children, fight the ss and cps child snatchers , and get militant. The CIA have done a lot to try to fight this, but have got themselves skinned for it too. It's a big ugly rich right royal beast, and is getting bigger.