Saturday, October 31, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The NWO agenda supporters (working throughout our government, military and intelligence community and the political spheres) loves to use their dark Halloween period to seek to obtain power from the darkness for their NWO black ops. Such black ops are designed to bring down MARTIAL LAW in North America under their NEW WORLD ORDER.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: the ILLUMINATI and the satanists of this world are the backbone of he NEW WORLD ORDER. The NEW WORLD ORDER IS satan's manifest kingdom on earth, described in REVELATION 13. One of it's major manifestations throughout the world in the past 100 years is brutal COMMUNISM with it's "round up and kill the Christians" agenda, started by the ROTHSCHILDS ILLUNIMNATI faction and funded heavily by assisting Illuminati supporters.

American now faces an AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, with the FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY deathcamps in place nationwide, thousands of prisoner boxcars and shackles all in place to round-up and destroy the future RESISTERS OF THE NWO, even as my former CIA/NWO agenda insiders told me frankly. My reports (found all over the Internet)throughout the past 13 years all bear testimony to this information I have put out relentlessly to WAKE UP AMERICA!

Perhaps martial law in America could be more accurately referred to as "GULAG AMERICA" as well! Because that is what will happen in our nation! And with RUSSIA's full assistance, even as they build more detention camps off the Aleutian Islands, and prepare their military to assist in gun seizures and round- ups of American resisters.

KARL MARX was in fact a practicing SATANIST. Interestingly, Obama is also a MARXIST. One leader in Russia, Medvedev, referred to Obama as " dear COMRADE!" This means COMMUNIST PARTNER.

The "AGENDA" of the NEW WORLD ORDER is to bring AMERICA OUT FROM UNDER HER CONSTITUTION and UNDER MARTIAL LAW. And to banish our religious freedoms and every other freedom guaranteed under the Constitution as well. COMMUNISTS (and RUSSIA) have long held that goal for AMERICA as well.

Former planners and former insiders have told me that they will fully use any destructive tool they can to bring America under the massive disasters needed to cause the Constitution to be rescinded under NATIONAL EMERGENCY, and to declare MARTIAL LAW at last.

Such black ops may include: massive CHEMICAL/BIOLOGICAL releases, including deliberately spraying deadly diseases their microbiologists have long been working on in their bases like Fort Detrick, MD; former PLUM ISLAND off Long Island (now closed, but MANY like Plum Island remain), and many other covert US military/intelligence community locations nationwide. Even covert underground military facilities in YELLOWSTONE NP are being used for experiments. (They are not deep enough to be affected by the volcanic actions there.)

Former CIA microbiologist Larry Wayne Harris told me as I interviewed him, that they worked long and hard to manufacture these deadly diseases to be deliberately spread, to weaken the American people and cripple their ability to resist under martial law. Also, in order to force people to take the deadly "vaccinations" that contain not only a HUMAN BIOCHIP for tracking people under martial law, BUT also deadly substances that will trigger terrible AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES ( like deadly SQUALENE added to vaccinations), further weakening the American people.
"OPERATION RING OF FIRE"- Massive detonations set off in city after city and regions across America, designed to bring great disaster and destruction to many lives. They will use a fully complicit government/Pentagon censored/controlled news media, with their PLANNED news to present the OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT VERSION to the American people on national news. It will seem all quite plausible. But in fact, "HE WHO CREATES THE CRIME CAN ALSO CREATE THE CRIMINAL!" Even as in "9/11," the OKC Bombing, and many other black ops for their agendas. They will always blame the group/individual they want to target for various agendas and reasons. There was a reason why the militias of America were targeted as the culprits for the OKC Bombing (the US government hates the militias of America, because they are prepared to face MARTIAL LAW and are educating others about this as well.) IRAQ was blamed for "9/11" for a reason (justification for the American presence in Iraq/Middle East forMANY agendas and reasons.)
The potential is endless.

PLEASE PRAY throughout this season for the Divine and Almighty hands of the LIVING God through JESUS CHRIST His Son, to restrain their madness and their deadly NWO/antiChrist agenda for our nation.

Our prayers can make a critical difference in this hour of America's uncertain destiny. -Pamela Schuffert

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