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By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective- (Although longer than usual, PLEASE take the time to read this article through to the end. It's message is very important.)

I thank God that He has brought me, long ago, out of the pit of "safety-comfort-denial" zones that so many other Christians choose to stagnate in, retreating into especially when hearing increasing reports of dire warnings of things to come to our nation.

I encounter this kind of "denial" response all the time, as I encounter Christians across our nation, who ask what kind of work I perform and I tell them. As I begin to relate to them about my in-depth investigative journalism nationwide, and the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST and the PLANNED persecution that genuine Believers in Jesus Christ will inevitably face as a result, I watch carefully for their response.

So often, they begin to retreat into false and unBiblical (heretical in fact) teachings about THE RAPTURE, telling me "When it comes, I'll be OUTTA HERE!" Funny how none of them can give me either chapter or verse conclusively proving that, before they can suffer prophesied end time persecution coming worldwide to Jesus's disciples (Matthew 24 and throughout various sections of REVELATION), they're "gonna be Raptured out!"

Don't get me wrong! I BELIEVE we ARE living in "THE LAST DAYS" and His Coming is near! However, what such Christians fail to remember is, WE DO NOT KNOW THE DAY OR THE HOUR! Convince me that He is under ANY obligation to time His Coming and the catching up of "we who are alive" according to OUR convenience,WHEN WE WANT HIM TO...just to escape the kind of unpleasant persecution that the Bible states will come to all WORLDWIDE before He returns!How wise it is therefore, to prepare our hearts and lives for what we may indeed face regarding persecution and potential martyrdom, with so much evidence surfacing continually of this being prepared against us in North America.

Other people tell me (usually politely) that they "really don't want to hear any of this." In essence, they are happier in their "safety-comfort-denial" zones!

And then, thank GOD, there are those Christians who have been listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit ("Who shall show you THINGS TO COME") and have been fasting, praying and doing their research and homework, both Biblically and practical research on the internet, alternate news broadcasts, etc. Such are preparing their hearts for what the Holy Spirit, the word of God and practical research is telling them WILL COME TO THIS NATION.

And such saints have told me that they too are preparing their hearts
for the coming persecution , suffering and inevitable martyrdom that will follow, for those uncompromised Christians who will NEVER deny the One Who bought them with His blood, Jesus Christ, in order to escape persecution/termination by the satanic/Luciferic NEW WORLD ORDER agenda (of Revelation 13). This NWO agenda described in Revelation 13, will be fully imposed on this continent under coming MARTIAL LAW.

I spoke with one brave saint in NW MONTANA, Carly, who told me she knows all about these things. When I told her about the guillotines and prisoner boxcars with shackles and detention camps awaiting Christians and all OTHER NWO resisters under martial law in uncovered in Montana, she looked at me and replied, "If THIS is the price I must pay to REMAIN FAITHFUL TO JESUS CHRIST, then SO BE IT!" And this little Montana woman meant EVERY WORD she said! (Thankyou for your bold witness, Carly of KALISPEL, MT! I love you and am praying for you and your family daily.)

Another woman I met at a Derek Prince PROPHECY CONFERENCE in 1995 in SC, from Montana, told me about VISIONS GOD HAD GIVEN HER of CHRISTIANS BEING ARRESTED IN MONTANA, loaded on boxcars like cattle, and hauled to awaiting detention camps to be killed for their faith. When I explained to her what my investigating had uncovered, even back then, she exclaimed, "THAT explains the VISIONS GOD HAS BEEN GIVING ME!"

God speaking to His people about the coming times of suffering for our faith in this North American continent? Yes! He loves His people! He promised that the Holy Spirit would show us things to come and would lead us into all truth! And His eternal word has given us the Biblically desired response we are to have when such persecutions come upon us.

The bottom line is, we are called to be FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH. Our very SALVATION depends of this! The Word of God is very clear about this. "IF we deny Him, He will also deny us, " the Word of God warns us. Jesus spoke to His disciples facing imprisonment and martyrdom for their faith in the book of Revelation. He said, "Be thou FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH and I will give you the CROWN OF LIFE..."

Let me share my heart with you. There is not a day that goes by, in fact, for many years now, that I do not spend time interceding for my soul, for God to grant me the unsearchable riches of His grace through Jesus Christ to remain FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH. For those of you who are mature Christians, let me tell you, I will pay a price some day for my kind of testimony and my kind of reporting. I am not naive, nor in any "denial zone."

I have already suffered several death attempts on my life, poisoning while investigating drug dealing allegations and more going on in one famous National Park. I also suffered an abduction attempt in NC previously, various threats from the intelligence (spy)community with one warning to my former webmaster, Ron , of Tulsa, OK, several years ago: "Tell that woman her time is very short..." and another ex-CIA source near Denver warning me one day on the phone that because of my helping a fellow investigator who said too much on radio, to escape a set-up for HIS termination , I was placed for a time on their top 100 hit list at that time as well.

The night before I was to meet with Jason Hills of REVOLUTION FILMS from Kelowna, BC,Canada, to film a hidden detention camps and provide documentary information about the coming martial law agenda for America, MY BRAKE LINE WAS DELIBERATELY SEVERED, in the hopes of cancelling out the interview. Their assassin tactic did not work. Although I almost suffered a fatal accident, GOD WAS WITH ME through much prayer preceeding this interview, and it went on later that weekend as scheduled. After my car was towed away, the garage in Montana later confirmed that it appeared that THE BRAKE LINE HAD BEEN DELIBERATELY SEVERED.


But every time I have prayed and asked God what my response should be, He has told me TO PRESS ON BY FAITH with this calling of TELLING AMERICA THE TRUTH of what is to come. The Bible tells us, "THIS IS the VICTORY that overcomes the world, even our faith!"

Furthermore, knowledge is accountability. HOW in good conscience can I remain silent in such an hour as this??? True Christian discipleship understands the principles of laying down our lives so that the will of God may be done, on behalf of others. Jesus did so. We are to follow in His footsteps, even if it costs our lives. Laying down our lives to obey the commandments of God and to do His will remains an essential principle undergirding all true DISCIPLESHIP.

After praying for my heart to be strengthened to go on, my prayers continue,to pray for MILLIONS OF MY ENDANGERED FELLOW CHRISTIANS throughout North America, and worldwide, who will face similar persecutions and testings for THEIR faith as well, under this prophesied end-time kingdom of darkness that the Bible tells us WILL have the power to put the saints to death, those faithful ones who will not renounce their faith and embrace the satanic NEW WORLD ORDER and it's false messiah, the ANTICHRIST or MAN OF PERDITION and it's "cashless society " as well.

I am committed therefore to laying down my very life for this kind of uncompromising and hard-hitting reporting and testimony for Jesus Christ, to WARN MY FELLOW CHRISTIANS. CHRISTIANS WILL BE THE MAJOR TARGETS of satan's NEW WORLD ORDER, as former insiders have warned me. The Church MUST know this kind of truth in this hour. Most pastors have failed sadly to warn their congregations of this kind of information I publish...yet so many have told me behind closed doors THEY KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT ALL THIS!

As I look around me every day at my fellow Christians, the pain I feel in my heart for what they will face someday is almost unbearable. I see their precious children...the elderly...those who love God and serve Him. And I know what these NWO communist murderers plan to do to my fellow Christians under martial law...the boxcars...the camps...the modern guillotines....and much more.

I know the track record of world globalist communism, and that is all the NWO is: the Illuminati's deadly antichrist brainchild, communism repackaged with a new name ("NEW WORLD ORDER"), coming in through America's unguarded back door, with the help of many traitors to our Christian founders' heritage and our Constitutional freedoms from within the highest levels of our leadership down into every sector of our society.

I previously trained at one time in the SLAVIC GOSPEL ASSOCIATION's "INSTITUTE OF SLAVIC STUDIES in Wheaton, IL." to learn Russian and to learn about Russia, communism, and how to perform ministry to the Russian/Slavic people. God used Russian Christians to open my eyes to the horrors of intense persecution of the Christians under communism, and the communist world globalist agenda...which HAS NEVER EXPIRED!

The farce of the "END OF COMMUNISM IN RUSSIA" is merely one major part of the Russian world globalist expansionist plan, to lull the West in to a false sense of "peace and safety." Former speeches and writings by communist planners decades ago outlined how this would take place, pretending to
"BE FRIENDS WITH THE WEST" but in secret laying the groundwork for AMERICA TO "FALL LIKE RIPE FRUIT" INTO THEIR HANDS at the given hour. LISTEN to YURI BEZMENOV, former KGB!

Informed Americans like myself who have done our research and know the inside story, laughed when we watched on television the staged "COUP" and "FALL OF COMMUNISM" in 1988. What a farce! You don't end 0ver 80 years of fierce and relentless battling for communism in Russia in a tiny little "made for television" coup!

Even as America has downsized her military and closed her bases down, Russia has been building up her military and her arsenals with alarming intensity, as my military sources (including Col. Jim Ammerman) warned me. NEWS MEDIA BIAS/BLACKOUT, with it's big news syndicates owned by NWO/communist sympathizers /supporters, has completely lied to the American public about this subject, continually.

And the NWO traitors within our US government have even made secret treaties with Russia, using Russian troops to build even MORE detention camps to take Patriotic Americans off to, to be killed as NWO (world globalist communist) resisters under martial law (Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska. And Russian military supervisors are over the largest detention camps for Americans that exists, in Alaska, to hold up to ONE MILLION PEOPLE. It flies both a RUSSIAN flag and an AMERICAN flag.)

According to one Pentagon source I talked to (Al Cuppett), four US states have been secretly awarded to RUSSIA for their assistance in the betrayal of this nation in to the hands of world globalist communism: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

Ever wonder WHY there are SO MANY RUSSIANS living throughout OREGON AND WASHINGTON, for example???And why Russians living in America are making threatening and boastful statements to Americans, as in SOAP LAKE, WA, like,
(Source-Member of the local Constitutionalist Party I interviewed while investigating there.)

Russian spies are making arrogant comments to my Russian Christian friends in SPOKANE, WA, like,
"Ha HA! Stupid Americans! As life WAS in RUSSIA, so shall it soon be IN AMERICA!"

(Source-my Russian translator friend Olga in Spokane, WA.)

I know well what communism has done to Christians in nation after nation that has fallen to it. throughout Russia alone, tens of millions of Christians were brutally persecuted, arrested, tried, tortured and sent BY PRISONER BOXCARS to the bleak and horrible GULAGS of Siberia. I used to write letters to Christian prisoners in Siberia, sent there for various "crimes" such as PRINTING BIBLES (Galina Vilchinskaya) or teaching SUNDAY SCHOOL to children, or being preachers (Georgi Vins), etc.

Terrible true accounts came to me from my Russian Christian contacts of brutal rape, torture, death, persecution and mockery of their Christian faith, not even sparing children and youth or elderly. And I know well where this nation, America (in fact our entire continent, Canada included) is being taken, NOT by consent of "WE THE PEOPLE," but by the traitors within who have sold us out to the NWO or WORLD GLOBALIST COMMUNISM devised from the BEGINNING by the Illuminati Luciferians to be a Christianity persecuting/destroying world government under SATAN himself, to serve their own evil purposes.

And I grieve so deeply within. And I fast and pray and cry out, even through many long nights, on behalf of my precious fellow Christians who face all I report on. Laughter has vanished from my heart. I walk in silent tears daily. "Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted...." And not one tear is for myself. It is for YOU, my precious endangered fellow Christians and fellow Americans, that I weep. I know their hearts, and I know what they will do to you to attempt to destroy your Christian faith under martial law.

I know well the hearts and mindset of the people working for satan's NEW WORLD ORDER agenda. They are murderers like their father, Satan/Lucifer. They have slain many a Christian victim on their NWO/communist and satanic altars already, worldwide, without mercy. These NWO world globalist communists have slain tens of millions of Christians and victims without mercy worldwide, and they will do the same to my nation as well. And they plan to murder many more, under martial law and as their NWO agenda commences throughout this nation.

My own father was recruited into the NWO agenda of the USAF, and the "religion of satanism" as well. I know the terror he brought home with him, from the military and the rituals he attended, into our home as I grew up. I have experienced first-hand IN MY OWN HOME their hatred of Christians and Christianity, and their merciless attitudes as well.

My own father would come home from the Pentagon filled with their NWO mind indoctrination, stating things like, "Everyone who believes in GOD should be SENT TO CONCENTRATION CAMPS!" He knew what their antichrist agenda would be someday.And I know what they plan to do to me and my fellow Christians under martial law as their NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA for North America commences. It is burned into my mind indelibly.

But I know even MORE so, that OUR SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST is worth it all. And so is my eternal soul! And so is my testimony for His glory to millions of others out there. "Worthy is the Lamb, " declares the Word of God. I AGREE!

And my friend, so is YOUR eternal soul. If you have been born again through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, YOU ARE REDEEMED! Your soul is precious and costly. It is worth every cost of suffering necessary to maintain your salvation. Jesus Christ paid a terrible price to redeem you from death and hell and eternal damnation!

But you must choose to walk in the path of TRUE DISCIPLESHIP to maintain that precious salvation! As Jesus said, "...but he that ENDURES TO THE END , the same shall be saved" in Matthew 24. He is speaking of end-time persecution to come to His people worldwide. Jesus outlines the persecutions His people face as they are hated of all nations for His name's sake.

Our Savior then warns that many shall be OFFENDED (FALL AWAY) because of persecution, hate one another and betray one another. BUT, he that shall endure to the end, maintaining their faith and confession of Jesus Christ and keeping His commandments, the same shall be saved.

You CANNOT accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior one day, and then someday DENY HIM BEFORE MEN to preserve your life from persecution (loss of job, to avoid imprisonment or persecution or death, etc.) Jesus Christ outlines clearly the COST OF TRUE DISCIPLESHIP throughout Scriptures.

The greatest tragedy is NOT that a Christian should be called upon to suffer for Jesus Christ and their faith, or even to die for Him. The GREATEST tragedy is when a Christian REFUSES to embrace the Cross and suffer for Jesus Christ and His testimony, and is somehow moved to DENY JESUS CHRIST, to fall away, and to therefore PERISH ETERNALLY. That is the greatest tragedy than can befall any Christian. And THAT is what I grieve over most of all: the thought of many Christians NOT being prepared for this coming persecution and times of testing, who will sadly be moved from their faith, fall away, and perish eternally.

Christian prophets in this nation and some ministries have already received from the Holy Spirit warnings that MANY will DENY JESUS CHRIST when this great persecution comes!

Said one word of warning from a reputable ministry, "...And I know the hearts of the Christians in America. And when this great persecution comes, MANY OF YOU WILL DENY ME! You will not be willing to suffer the mockery, the rejection , the humiliation...and you will deny Me. But I WILL HAVE A REMNANT! And to this REMNANT I will give revival. But it will be A REVIVAL IN THE MIDST OF SUFFERING AND DYING FOR ME, saith the Lord..." When I first received this word of prophecy from one ministry in 1988, I fell to my knees weeping before the Lord, crying out for His grace to keep me faithful through whatever was to come. And then I prayed for the Body of Christ as well, to also be kept FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH and to NEVER fall away.

And knowing what we Christians face for our faith someday in North America, has driven me to my knees in tears to the feet of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. It has compelled me to search my OWN fact to tear it apart with the Word of God, to see just where I stand in the matter of FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH and the issue of persecution and temptation to DENY HIM to avoid it. I have been forced to become ruthlessly honest with myself in this matter.

And as a result, I have had to confess to Jesus Christ with tears that ONLY BY HIS GRACE AND MERCY can I stand against such forces of hell and destruction, period. I am wretched. I am vile. I am unworthy. I am weak. I am only one woman.

I am therefore forced to come to Him in complete humility and utter brokenness in my wretched state, to beseech His mercy, grace and compassion, in order to fulfill His demands for TRUE DISCIPLESHIP CHRISTIANITY upon my life!

Friends, we all come before the Lord in brokenness and unworthiness! We MUST allow Him to search our hearts, to cleanse us, and to make us what His Word calls us to become in Him! We must ask ourselves, ARE we true DISCIPLES OF THE CROSS and followers and imitators of the Lamb? OR are we frauds, pseudo-Christians, self-deceived, victims of Americanized "Churchianity" and failing to understand what TRUE DISCIPLESHIP is really all about? Do we LOVE Jesus Christ and God, really? Do our words and actions prove this to God and the world???

I testify to you this day: ONLY TRUE DISCIPSHIP CHRISTIANITY will OVERCOME THE WORLD! ONLY true Discipleship will empower each one of us to stand when the fierce winds of persecution and suffering for His Name's sake come upon us with gale force! And ONLY TRUE DISCIPLESHIP in Jesus Christ will enable each ONE of us to face the future of our nation, America, and the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST and persecution of the true, uncompromised saints of God in Christ.

I testify to you, they will attempt to coerce you and force you Christians into DENYING THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST and renouncing your precious Christians faith, to jump on board their satanic NEW WORLD ORDER when it all comes down. "Renounce Jesus Christ and LIVE, or confess Him and DIE" at the hands of these NWO murderers....this IS what it will come down to someday across the North American continenet, including Canada as well. But to DENY JESUS CHRIST is INESCAPABLE ETERNAL DAMNATION!

We Christians have only one clear option: REVELATION 12:11-
"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, by the Word of their testimony, and because they LOVED NOT THEIR LIVES UNTO THE DEATH." We are called to be FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH and nothing less.

Please, won't you allow God to search YOUR heart today and to prepare you to stand in the power of HIS glorious VICTORY by faith through His grace in the times that are coming? You will be glad you did!

-Pamela Schuffert

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    The spirit of YHVH has departed from most of the churches in America because of the spirit of apostasy. The whole of the word of God is a testament or will by the blood of the testator. The very character and ethos of the Holy Scripture is salvation by the precious blood of Yahshua Messiah. It is a crimson cord that traces its way from the beginning to the end through the Garden of Eden to the book of Revelations. To take away or tear down this eternal life force that is forever present in the living word of God is to destroy the Revelation knowledge of God through Yahshua Messiah. Christ’s shed blood and sacred death was sufficient for the sanctification from sin throughout the ages of time and it is the same yesterday, today and forever. The Bible repetitively speaks of God’s promise to preserve his word when he says, “Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away” (Matthew 24:35). “The grass withereth, the flowers fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand forever”

    BEHOLD A WHITE HORSE Is A Must Read For Every Truth Seeker as Cisco Wheeler has given the world a deeper insight as to how Catholicism, Masonry, Witchcraft,Mormonism and all Secret Societies, has blinded its spiritual tapestry within the very fibers of the Christian church. Through the traditions of man the Anti-Christ has come through the front door of the churches and has deceitfully sat himself down as a teacher in the pulpits of the world churches of today, to deceive what is left of the righteous seed. of YHVH GOD. Through the blinding of Luciferian knowledge in the churches of today,the world council of Religious Leaders aims to serve as a model and guide for the creation of a community of world religions.... The objective of the council is to serve a resource to the United Nations and its agencies around the world, nation states and other international organizations, offering the collective wisdom and resources of the faith and traditions towards the resolution of critical global problems. BABYLON THE BEAST RIDING THE BEAST OF REVELATIONS: 17

    Countless churches and Christian ministries across this nation are already infiltrated by the Illuminati, Satanists, cults, often by CIA and the intelligence community, spying on the faithful...even up to the PULPIT itself. Enemies of the true Gospel from many sectors of society and many hidden agendas have infiltrated, corrupted, deceived and even brainwashed many Christians in this desperate hour.

    Satanists are preparing their people to assist in the government/military round-up of Christians when martial law is declared. Just as patriotic Americans are preparing, even forming Constitutionally based and legal militias to fight for their freedoms when martial law is declared, so the satanists/Illuminati are preparing their people in covert paramilitary training camps, to combat ALL future NEW WORLD ORDER RESISTANCE. They will work with the traitorous elements of our military and government and law enforcement, to help round up all NWO resistance, including CHRISTIANS