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"America's Unknown Christian Martyrs" and How YOUR INTERCESSIONS Can HELP

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Biblical Christian perspective-

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Because October ( and even throughout September) is a major time for the abducting of countless innocent victims for HUMAN SACRIFICE by Illuminati/satanist covens (through their hunters and huntresses, as they are called)nationwide and world wide, I am publishing this article again. Christians especially NEED TO KNOW the truth about what is happening throughout our nation regularly, and the news media blacks out constantly.

The INTERCESSORY PRAYERS of INFORMED (hence intelligent) CHRISTIANS can and WILL make a huge difference in the statistics every year of those victims ABDUCTED BECAUSE THEY ARE CHRISTIANS, and brutally, horrifically sacrificed.

Some surprised Christians may ask, "But HOW can this be? WHY don't we HEAR about this in our news, IF there are such great numbers of victims?" My response is, WHO is policing the news media today? Who says they are under ANY obligation to publish the truth? (A recent court ruling declared they were NOT under any obligation to TELL THE TRUTH!)

When hard-core satanism and the Illuminati members reach up into the very White House itself, including some of our Senators and Congressman and major world leaders and figures, don't you think they have a vested interest in controlling what kind of information gets published on a major scale? Doesn't MONEY TALK in today's world we live in? Don't they have a reason for wanting to cover UP this dark secret? You bet!

WHY do you think the rich and powerful satanists/Illuminati have infiltrated THEIR men into police departments, sheriff's department, the intelligence community, etc.? This is just one method of how they regularly cover up their routine acts of satanic crime, nationwide and worldwide.

In fact, I have noted how America's paid off and propagandist news media regularly covers up such satanic crime/criminals often called the "rich,elite and powerful" such as WARREN BUFFET, exposed by lawyer John DeCamp in his book "THE FRANKLIN COVERUP.

Buffet is regularly praised by news reports in the world of money and finances. But DeCamp has exposed this man as a human sacrificing, child-raping/cannibalizing satanist, operating with the other satanists in the Omaha region. And because of his financial status and power and satanist infiltration into law enforcement in that city, he is untouchable! In fact, the news media praise him for his "financial genius!" (While ignoring the innocent victims in the wake of Buffet and his fellow satanist cronies.)

Christians in America can no longer afford to be naive in such matters and information. Former high level satanists, come even connected with the CIA, have confirmed to me that CHRISTIANS RANK HIGH ON SATANIST LISTS for abduction and sacrifice with every ritual date or full moon. Neither infants, children teens nor adults are spared such horrors.

It is these same satanist/Illuminati murderers masterminding the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for our nation, with a "KILL THE CHRISTIANS" agenda for us in this nation!

We can no longer afford to be deceived or naive( as they desperately WANT US TO BE.) It is not without reason that Jesus Christ declared, "You shall KNOW THE TRUTH and the TRUTH shall MAKE YOU FREE!"

Halloween (Samhain)consists of three nights of horrific human sacrifice rituals with MANY victims, including Christians. YOUR FASTING, PRAYING AND INTERCEDING BEFORE GOD'S THRONE OF GRACE, using spiritual warfare and the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST can make a critical difference in the lives of MANY, including in your region where YOU live.!

Furthermore, you cannot fast , pray and intercede are you ought IF YOU DO NOT KNOW what is happening. Satanists are fasting and praying to SATAN for our destruction on a regular basis. Can YOU afford to be naive any longer?

(By the way IGNORE the "WITCHVOX" (meaning "WITCH VOICE") series of articles on the Internet attempting to discredit my reports exposing the occult and satanism. This is a WITCHES website, dedicated to MISINFORMATION and deceiving the American public about the true nature of this I report on. They ONLY target those who pose a true threat to their covercy.It is only MISINFORMATION/COINTELPRO and nothing more. They want you DECEIVED. ..because occult darkness operates best under the CLOAK OF DECEPTION!)
-Pamela Schuffert


Tragic is the reality that innocent victims are perishing increasingly across America on Satanic altars or crosses in countless rituals. According to one noted Christian evangelist , Satanism is AMERICA'S FASTEST GROWING RELIGION!

Yet your average Christian and American knows little about it's reality, or how to actually protect their family and children from such attacks. And many of America's Christians actually believe that BECAUSE they are Christians, they are automatically immune from such attacks.

WRONG! Both Christians and non-believers have died on the Satanist altars of America. Hear the words of a former high level Satanist and regional leader (High priestess of Indiana) for 17 years, also former CIA assassin before she became a Christian and some out to expose the darkness, with several books as well:

"I would get so angry when Christians would come up to me after my lectures on Satanism, and say, 'Well, because I am a Christian, I cannot be touched by Satanists!' Wrong. SATAN HAD GIVEN US A MANDATE TO SACRIFICE CHRISTIANS, and we obliged him. We targeted them, stalked them, abducted them, AND THEY WERE SACRIFICED LIKE ALL THE REST. "

"Except many cases, just as we were bringing forth some of them to be tortured and sacrificed, often A BRIGHT LIGHT WOULD APPEAR OVER THEM and they would start to shout, 'Jesus, you've COME for me!' And just like that...their souls would be gone...and we were left with dead smiling corpses. Our night of sacrifice and fun would be ruined! And I would go home cursing and saying,' what IS this with so many of these Christians...before we can kill them, THEY ARE GONE, and WITH A SMILE!' I tell you,nothing convinced me that Jesus was greater than Satan than when these things would happen during our rituals..."

This source admitted that this was not always the case, however, and some died in great agony. I want to point out that Christians die in car accidents. They die of cancer. They die of gunshot wounds. Being a Christian does not make anyone immune automatically to such attacks! Nor does it make them immune to persecution or martyrdom. However, I am also of the belief that certain precautions CAN and SHOULD BE TAKEN to help prevent Satanist attack and abduction of family members and loved ones.

I am sharing the following accounts to wake up my fellow Americans to the reality of attacks of this nature, and will follow it with special precautions to be taken to avoid becoming JUST ONE MORE VICTIM on American soil. Satan is the author of death. Jesus Christ declared, "I AM come that they might have LIFE and have it more abundantly!"

The following accounts come out from the mountains of North Carolina as they stretch into Tennessee. They come from a now Christian source, undergoing professional counseling after coming out of years of Satanism, having been born into a Satanist family and dedicated to Satan from her mother's womb. I have spent hours personally interviewing her, working with her professional counselor for many years in exposing Satanism in this region. Many of her accounts have been further confirmed through other former Satanists in that region.

"I would often travel with my father when he was sent out to abduct people for sacrifice. I was placed in front of the satanist van to make my father appear innocent: he was carrying a child. But it was just a front. And behind us, concealed in the back of our van, were two men with knock out drugs and duct tape. The windows were blacked out and a blanket put behind the driver and passenger seats up front so no one could see them." (This is typical for satanist abduction vans and teams. Beware when you see such suspicious looking vans, especially out late at night.)

"There was this one woman they especially hated and were stalking. She was in her early twenties, pretty, and known as a strong Christian. We knew she was joining in prayer meetings praying against the Satanists here. So we were stalking her for sacrifice.

One evening, just as it was getting dark, we spotted her walking home along a deserted country road. Our van pulled up, and our men jumped out. They grabbed her, duct taped her hands and feet together and her mouth shut, and injected her with a knockout drug. She lay silent as we drove her to the caves where our rituals took place." (This location is beyond Murphy, NC, as you drive into Tennessee.)

"When she came out from the drugs, she was naked and chained to our altar. The Satanists then told her that they wanted her to be recruited into Satanism and to work undercover for them, to infiltrate churches and spy on the Christians for them and to help recruit others. But if she would not recruit into Satanism, she would be sacrificed. All she would say is, 'I am a Christian, I cannot...' "

"And when they saw she would not cooperate, they began to sacrifice her. I watched as they did various things to torment her, finally driving a spike through her head from ear to ear. And when she continued to groan, they took a high caliber handgun, inserted it into her vagina, and pulled the trigger. The bullet exited through her head, and by then she was gone. But never once did she deny Jesus Christ..." She died a true UNKNOWN CHRISTIAN MARTYR in this nation, America.

I am sparing my fellow Christians and American people no details, however graphic. Why? Because of the intense apathy and ignorance that America's Satanism thrives and operates under! Your ignorance is their cloak of darkness under which they must operate! With such atrocities multiplying throughout this nation, it is time the veil be lifted. It is the intent of these accounts to break indifferent hearts in this nation and to wake up America.

She also admitted, "At one time, our coven kidnapped a pastor. He was brought to our cave and stripped and nailed to a cross. He kept pleading with us to repent and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. And when they got tired of hearing that, they slashed his throat and finished sacrificing him..."

Even little children are not spared. "Our coven often sacrificed children. Satanists believe that the smaller, more innocent and perfect the victim is, the more power Satan will give them through the sacrifice. Some of our members were doctors, and we had shock treatment equipment in our cave. Children were chained to altars, electrodes placed on their bodies, and they were shocked into spasms and seizures. Their private body organs were often ripped off and thrown to our dogs in the caves. They were raped, tortured and killed."

"I will never forget one little girl...they used a power saw to begin to dismember her, starting at her feet. I will never forget her screaming as they slowly began to cut her apart...the screaming only stopped when they finally reached her stomach, and she was gone.There were always video cameras mounted on the walls so that each sacrifice could be turned into another money making porn snuff film."

"They even abducted pregnant women. I would watch as these women would plead for the lives on their unborn children. The unborn would be cut out of the mother's body and then sacrificed...then they would sacrifice the mother. Or often, we would throw babies alive into vats of battery acid. Yes, I have watched many victims as they took their final breath..."

One friend of mine, now a Christian undergoing extensive counselling, was sold into Satanism and the coven in her area at the age of two (her parents needed the money.) I spent much time with her, interviewing her in the Cleveland, OH, area and also at a Christian retreat. She was personally being trained under the infamous Norma Fitzwater, brutal high priestess of Cleveland and the entire Ohio Satanist region for over 25 years. (Fitzwater's name and rank were personally confirmed to me by numerous former Satanists, including my CIA source. I have personally gone on the radio broadcast of Pastor Ernie Sanders of Cleveland to expose this vicious Satanist for an entire week.)

She shared the following: "I only had a week to enjoy my newborn, Baby Becky, before she was brutally sacrificed. During the ritual, I was forced to the front of the altar. My clothes were torn off. Screaming, I was fastened to the altar as my baby was seized. They laid my baby on my naked stomach and began to sacrifice her. A knife was inserted into her vagina to enlarge it and they then began to sexually assault the extent that her internal organs spilled out. She was cannibalized. When the ritual was finished, I was released and the remains of Baby Becky were handed to me in a bloody blanket."

She led me over to a window in her home. "See those wild daisies in the corner of the yard? That is where the remains of Baby Becky are buried under..."

My fellow Christians and Americans, multiply this wicked assault on the little children of America by the Satanists many times over, and you will begin to have some idea of the extent to which our nation is stained with the blood of the innocents. Christians reading this, do you REALLY CARE? Can we PROVE we care by our intercessions at this time of the years, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE???

Stand against the darkness in heartfelt intercessory prayer this Hallween season, and every season of such rituals!

(For more information on this subject, please go to and read further reports about AMERICAN'S UNKOWN MARTYRS.)

-Pamela Schuffert

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