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By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-


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The Christians of this nation need to understand the dark and destructive tactics of the satanists. The satanists are targeting Christians, their homes, their families, their health and work and churches continuously. Satanists love to attack and DESTROY CHRISTIAN MARRIAGES! They also love to attack and destroy Christian ministries, pastors, etc.

With October being a major month of satanist/"the Craft"/"the Brotherhood" dark activities, I want to share some insights that can protect your family and marriage and ministry from their attacks.

The SATANIST BLACK WIDOW is a female satanist, highly trained in the art of allurement and seduction of the desired target. The satanist black widow is sent in, when a coven decides they want one man for their coven, who is married to a Christian wife who will never allow it to happen. She is also sent in against successful pastors or Christian men in ministry, to seduce and lead into sin, to thereby destroy their ministry and credibility and effectiveness.

I know how real this all is. My OWN parents' marriage was effectively destroyed by a confirmed satanist black widow, Florence "Pat" Jennings from England, confirmed to me by former satanists as one of the world most deadly and dangerous at that time. My father was easy prey, because although happily married, he DID NOT KNOW JESUS CHRIST AS LORD AND SAVIOR! And when the satanists began targeting our family, my mother was not yet a Christian (although later became a wonderful born again Christian in 1971, as I did at that time.)

The "black widow" met my father at work, then invited him to dinner after work. My father would call frequently and say, "Oh, tell your mother that I have to work late tonight...." What gave his secret away was the food unlike any my mother prepared, brought home and placed in our refrigerator.

Other tell-tale-signs began to emerge. This black widow was trained in vilifying the wife, to help poison the heart of the husband against his wife. Although my mother was a wonderful person and wife, this tactic also worked. He would come home late at night, after being with "her," filled with anger FOR NO REASON against his wife, and false accusations as well.

Not understanding what was happening, my mother was heart broken. All attempts to reconcile with him sadly failed throughout the years. She finally had to have a legal separation.

Finally, this black widow began to invite my father to weekends in Virginia Beach, where her coven operated. (His former high priest, whom I interviewed, told me all about this.) My father would create excuses for being gone to Virginia Beach, VA, on the weekends, such as reunions with retired military friends, etc. But we knew that he had been to something quite different, when he would come home, eyes bloodshot, anger and extreme emotions showing, behaving strangely. It would be years later when I finally uncovered the evidence proving he had participated in grim satanist rituals in Virginia Beach with "Pat."

Not only had this wicked woman succeeded in breaking up my parents' marriage and destroying our family unit, but she also succeeded in drawing my father RIGHT INTO SATANISM AS WELL. It looked like there was no hope, until..................................

Until the Living God mercifully came into our lives, bringing healing and hope and salvation through Jesus Christ!

My father would bring home terror from the Pentagon NWO mind conditioning he was recruited into, coupled with his satanism as well. It made our home a living hell. My brother and I dreaded my father's coming home at night. My mother watched as his car would pull into the driveway in the evenings, and then warn us, "Quick, children, run to your bedrooms...DADDY'S HOME!" And we would, hearing hearing his footsteps pounding towards our rooms, to bang on our doors and then to begin attacking us angrily with his words spelling hatred, anger, and tragic rejection of his family.

Unfortunately, the church we were initially attending in the Washington DC area, was nothing more than "Sunday morning social hour." There was NO salvation preached, NO redemption through Jesus Christ and NO teaching in the word of God. We were under the assumption that anyone who "goes to church" is a "Christian." We didn't even know what salvation meant!

And because of this, I strayed far from God, looking for power and miracles in alternate religions, paganism and the occult, all quite innocently enough. I believed the books by the pagan and occult writers, believed their empty promises of fulfillment and power. I did not have the WORD OF GOD to guide me into all truth! And as a result, I fell into the darkness...only compounding my problems in our home.

And to add to all this, I became deathly ill following a routine appendectomy. It triggered other problems that rose to the surface, including epileptic seizures leading to many other problems. We were forced to go to several doctors, one a Park Avenue (NYC)physician, Dr. Kugelmass, and another in NJ, Dr. Getlin. Neither seemed to be able to control my conditions however.

THE UNSEEN HANDS OF GOD were moving through all this however, to bring me to JESUS CHRIST our of sheer desperation, and my mother as well. After both doctors gave up, we turned to the God of the Bible finally. My mother prayed, "Oh, GOD, if you are there, PLEASE HELP US!" Within two weeks we found ourselves in a small Pentecostal church outside Washington DC, hearing the glorious message of Jesus Christ, forgiveness and salvation for the very first time ever. Plus, the pastor gave us hope for a divine miracle of healing from God as well! That very day, my mother and I gave our lives to Jesus Christ in 1971.

I excitedly returned home to renounce everything of the occult. I gathered up my books on the occult (over 60) and burned them. I smashed my expensive lead crystal ball. I burned my Ouija Board. Shortly thereafter I was healed completely, confirmed through one doctor's testing.

God moved me into a crash course on spiritual warfare. I attended an excellent Bible college in NY for several years, then YWAM/DTS in NJ, and following this, yet another school of ministry training, Slavic Gospel Association in Wheaton, IL. I still had my father to contend with. And thus began 30 years of spiritual warfare and intercession to bring my father to Jesus Christ,and OUT of the terrible NWO mind indoctrination of the military, and OUT of satanism (the religion of the NWO, in fact.)

After years of battles, often heartache, much prayer and fasting, there was finally a breakthrough. My father became terminally ill with bone cancer. God used this to move him to brokenness and repentance with much suffering, and considering finally where he would spend eternity. Revelations from his former high priest were used to confront him with his dark secrets he had kept from our family for so long. But finally, DADDY CAME HOME.

He threw out the satanist black widow from the home I had grown up in (that my mother had long ago been forced out of so SHE could move in.) through the ministering of several people including one fine USAF chaplain, he gave his life to Jesus Christ and become a totally forgiven man, as my mother and I took care of him at home in hospice.

My father died in peace and sent to be with Jesus Christ in November of 1998. VICTORY IN JESUS CHRIST FINALLY! The satanist black widow had been overcome through Jesus Christ and his greater power, once and for all.

However, satanist black widows (and their male counterparts) are rampant across America. Christians marriages are especially targeted, as well as Christians in ministries. SEX and SEDUCTION are the tools they seem to use the most often initially. One former satanist, now Christian, from Asheville, NC, told me how her coven decided to make four prominent pastors fall from their positions and pulpits through their tactics.

"And it worked. All four pastors that we targeted fell and lost their positions and churches. I should know, because the church I had infiltrated was the fourth. The pastor fell through the black widow they sent in to seduce him..." She also admitted they held rituals in which they summoned "DEMONS OF LUST" to assault the pastors they targeted. This is WHY Christians MUST understand the tactics of the enemy, and then learn to apply effective SPIRITUAL WARFARE through the weapons Jesus Christ and His Word have given us!

IF ONLY Christians of this generation would would be more diligent about applying the word of God to their lives! THEN these wretched black widows would not stand a chance! The word of God is so clear about sexual immorality, fornication and adultery. But unfortunately, we live in a very morally compromised generation, including throughout most of the churches in America today. These satanist black widows ( and related satanist recruiters and operators)often find easy prey among Christian leaders and Christians in general today.

Many a once-valid ministry has been destroyed by such satanist tactics.

Satanists and witches are also notorious for infiltrating CHRISTIAN DATING WEBSITES. Pretending to be "Christians" they often target multiple dating partners on the website, and lure each one into illicit sexual relationships and compromise. Two Christian men, in fact, met after being deceived and lured into sex by the same satanist black widow over the SAME Christian Dating service website. They kept tabs on her and performed some follow up. They discovered that this woman was sent in against a total of 13 Christian men on this site, in fact,to pull the same tactic on each one...if she could!

But again, this could NEVER happen IF Christians would simply choose to abide in the WORD OF GOD and His clear commandments regarding sexual morality and holiness and sanctification.

I received information and several confirmations a few years ago about a once-valid Christian ministry of one woman, very powerful in exposing satanism, that was hijacked by the satanists using the same tactic. They sent in a the equivalent of a male satanist black widow, highly trained in his field, to the woman who was head of this ministry. Pretending to be a former satanist who had come out to become a Christian, he begged her to let him into her home for protection. Although she was repeatedly warned not to let him into her life by others who knew what he was up to, she did. Soon they were sleeping together, and later married.

The problem was, he had NEVER come out of satanism! It was a lie and a front. And he began to corrupt her immediately, and bring her into captivity through the satanism and the occult that he practiced in their marriage. Although the outer shell remains of what was once a valid ministry, within it is now darkness, pretense and cover-up. Again, this is so very tragic. But it never could have happened, had this person adhered to the commandments of the word of God. Former satanist leader, now Christian exposing the occult, BILL SCHNOEBELEN (author of "Lucifer Dethroned") confirmed to me person, by phone, that this indeed happened to this woman I am referring to. Her previous Christian partner in ministry told me, in person, all about this situation, from a first-hand position. It was a lesson I never forgot.

In 1995, the satanists in NC tried the same identical tactic on me. They sent in a man, Larry, with a sob story of how he "needed my ministry." How he heard of my ministering to people coming out of satanism, etc. How his fiance he was going to marry, turned out instead to be a satanist, and how he therefore had to break off their engagement, and how "devastated he was." the Holy Spirit gave me red flags in discernment from the beginning, however.

Exercising caution, I attempted to minister to him periodically over several months. However, he turned out to be the very instrument they used to try to lure me in to the abduction attempt on my life in 1995 in Ridgecrest, NC. It was only through MUCH prayer and the grace of God that preserved my life from tragedy at that time. As I discovered later, I was set up by Larry, to be abducted, hauled away to the satanist caverns of the Smokies of Tennessee, and sacrificed (literally crucified, a favorite satanist tactic)to "teach me a little lesson" for daring to work with victims of satanist attacks in the mountains of NC/TN (as my father's former high priest from VA Beach revealed to me while being interviewed at Bradenton Christian Retreat in Florida in 1998.)

Several other things happened, that confirmed to me beyond any doubt that Larry was a deadly fake, a plant sent in to deceive and destroy me. Because of the grace of God, plus much research and understanding of how these people operate, it never happened. I ordered him out of my life, in Jesus' name. He attempted to infiltrate my life one more time, many months later, but I confronted him at that point with all the evidence I had collected against him, and ordered him to leave my home. After that I never saw him again. I pray constantly against his present activities directed all other potential victims.

I later discovered through much background research that not only was Larry a satanist, BUT also working for the CIA as well, through one information source that told me about him. "Oh, Larry is a low-level grunt working for the CIA...." he told me. This did not surprise me. The CIA is always hiring satanists for assassin jobs, among other roles. They know that satanists will kill without regret, hesitation and mercy, and several of my Christians friends today are former CIA satanist/ assassins who had a life changing encounter with Jesus Christ, and came out to become committed Christians to this day.

What totally unnerved me was to find a picture of Larry at some gala festival in Washington DC, standing right NEXT TO MY FATHER! I was going through my father's pictures after he died, and was shocked beyond words to see Larry standing next to my father at some major event in Washington DC. But then Larry had admitted to me that he had worked in Northern Virgina as a pharmacist, and had spent time in that area. The photograph was taken in the days of my father's involvement in satanism in that region previously, so I can only imagine that it was under these circumstances (satanist gatherings)that they knew each other. It was extremely painful for me to see my own father standing next to a man who had almost succeeded in having me killed. But this is part of the ongoing tragedy of satanism whenever it invades a family.

In closing, these seductive tactics of satanist black widows could NEVER succeed so extensively, IF the Christians in America were sincere and committed in their walk with Jesus Christ! THIS INCLUDES PASTORS THAT THESE BLACK WIDOWS SUCCESSFULLY SEDUCE AS WELL. It is not enough to have a degree from seminary or a pastor's title! One must be walking daily in the light of God's Holy Word, and obedient to the Word of God and the commandments of Jesus Christ.

In today's dark and troubled world, it remains vitally important FOR EVERY CHRISTIAN to learn how to scripturally perform SPIRITUAL WARFARE, using the whole armor of God and the gifts of the Divine Holy Spirit, coupled with the victorious power of THE NAME AND BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, to effectively battle these deadly and destructive enemies of God's kingdom and people.

And if both marriage partners are committed and are Word of God-abiding Christians, this kind of tragedy could never happen in marriages today. Had my father been walking in the light of the Word of God and a born-again Christian, he would have known immediately what to do when this wicked woman began to allure and seduce him away from his wife and family, and ultimately into satanism. He would have resisted her and rebuked her with the WORD OF GOD and the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ, and never opened the door to this sin.

But sexual immorality and compromise is rampant throughout Christian circles and EVEN in certain Bible Colleges and various ministries, as I painfully discovered through 38 years of Christian ministry nationwide now, traveling nationwide and worldwide. Students from Bible colleges that I have interviewed admitted to me privately that homosexuality and fornication are often present at the Bible Colleges in America today. Sexual immorality and compromise can be found among Christian music groups and musicians, and in fact in every sector of Christian ministries today.

I frequently stayed with my mother at her home on the grounds of a once famous Christian television ministry, and personally observed (to my great sorrow and that of many others who lived there, worked there and uncovered the truth that I uncovered as well), the widespread sexual immorality, homosexuality, and compromise of many kinds that eventually saturated the entire ministry, from the leadership down. It so grieved me and repulsed me, that I had to leave there many times, to go back out onto the mission fields God often uses me in, rather than remain in such spiritual darkness hiding under the guise of "a Christian ministry."

When we break the word of God and His commandments, we open the door for satan to come in with his tactics and his followers to bring destruction, tragedy, and sin into our lives.
Christians need to purpose in their hearts to NEVER give this deadly enemy an open door by sin or compromise of God's word.


I am grieved and angry every day as I research and pray against what the Illuminati/satanists and people of the occult are doing to attack God's people and God's kingdom.
However, I must say that they could not succeed in many of their tactics, IF Christians would BEHAVE as Biblical men and women of God! The sin and compromise of many "Christians" opens the doors for satan's tactics to succeed against their lives.

This is one of the many reasons WHY I FEAR for the future of many of the so-called Christians and the Church in America today. I emphasized throughout my years of investigative journalism, that PERSECUTION IS COMING TO THE CHRISTIANS IN NORTH AMERICA. Many great trials and temptations and testings are coming along with it. "Pseudo-Christians" will NOT endure the coming times of testing! They will be moved to fall away, to deny Him, and to ultimately PERISH ETERNALLY! Don't believe it? Then READ MATTHEW 24 CAREFULLY!

Christians who are living in sin, compromise, and a lukewarm walk with Jesus Christ, will not have the grace and spiritual strength and fortitude it will require to overcome the darkness and remain FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH when the temptations come to deny Him and turn from Christianity to join their satanic NWO of Revelation 13.

I have learned through DISCIPLESHIP principles found throughout the Words of Jesus Christ, to confront my own heart and life with the word of God, it's requirements for DISCIPLESHIP CHRISTIANITY, and examine my own life according to the Word of God. I then strive to faithfully apply them daily to my life.

Jesus told us to pray MUCH that we enter not into sin: He declared that the spirit is willing, BUT the flesh is weak.

DO we purpose to spend QUALITY TIME IN PRAYER daily? I never could have fulfilled the work God has give me throughout the years, without spending MUCH time in prayer daily, and sometimes throughout the night as well. Even as the Apostle Paul himself experienced and wrote, I also have found myself faced with life-threatening dangers, crises, difficult situations, persecutions and many hardships throughout the 38 years I have served Jesus Christ. ONLY the power of God and Jesus Christ, appropriated through standing on the word of God and much prayer (including fasting at times), brought me successfully through each trial and testing.

Frankly, from the time God called me to live as a single woman in ministry in 1976 (I was saved in 1971), I have walked with Jesus Christ through successful ministry after ministry, without any shadow of sexual immorality or even a boyfriend. I don't want it, and I don't need it. Jesus Christ and His grace and love is ALL SUFFICIENT! Although I enjoy Biblical fellowship with committed men of God, I realize that when we are called to follow Jesus Christ, we are called to EMBRACE THE CROSS, DIE TO SELF, and follow HIM wholeheartedly. I gave up my dream of being happily married to a wonderful Christian man, and having MANY children, to the CALL OF GOD for my life.

And it has been a wonderful and challenging, inspiring life of full-time ministry and touching thousands of lives throughout these years for His sake. NO REGRETS! Serving God and the purposes of Jesus Christ is utterly fulfilling and worthy of ALL cost and sacrifice we may have to make to FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST.

The Word of God tells us that when we recieve Jesus Christ,we are CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST, and those who are HIS have crucified the flesh with it's flesh and affections and lusts thereof. The moment I walk out of His will and commandments to willfully sin, I lose all rights to minister IN HIS NAME. There is NO TRUE MINISTRY without SANCTIFICATION.

How can a person PREACH and minister the salvation of Jesus Christ and FREEDOM FROM SIN, while secretly and willfully LIVING IN SIN???

Satan's tactics are no match for those who choose daily to live their lives according to the Word of God, and who walk closely with Jesus Christ! Purpose therefore to walk a LIFE OF VICTORY through Jesus Christ, and you will experience victory over satan and his tactics repeatedly throughout your life.

Until you finally stand in glory with Your Savior...SAFELY HOME. Until then, God bless you and keep you!

-Pamela Schuffert


  1. what a story! It is hard to believe there is that level of a master plan to corrupt Christians. I believe it, I just find it mind boggling. What should you do if someone tells you they are former satanist and want help?

  2. That is mind boggling that there is that level of a master plan to corupt Christians. What should you do if someone says they want out of satanism?

  3. What a beautiful testimony. This hit home in many ways.