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Recognize and Combat Deadly Fukushima Radiation Threat to YOUR Life

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have a true confession to finally make to my readers. For the entire year that I lived in Kotzebue on the coast of Alaska in the Arctic Circle (November 2011-November 2012), I struggled with underlying uneasiness. every single day. 

And the longer I was there, the worse my discomfort became. To remain there day after day became a true sacrifice, as the truth about deadly Fukushima radiation and it's impact on our west coast become frighteningly clear through my research.
Kotzebue on the coast of Alaska

Only months previously the deadly tsunami had struck Japan, and the Fukushima nuclear reactor became severely damaged. Radioactive water from attempts to cool it down began pouring into the Pacific Ocean 24/7. 
Damaged Fukushima power plant

Research and common sense told me that there would soon be grave consequences to the environment and the Pacific Ocean and everything that lived in or encountered it. And I was right.

Eskimo friends began telling me that the seals they relied on for a major food source there, were now frequently washing up on shore quite sick, often with lesions. They had to drag them and throw them back out into the ocean, unfit for human consumption. 

Polar bears and other wildlife who rely heavily on seafood for survival were also becoming unexplainably sick and exhibiting lesions and many other symptoms that could indicate exposure to nuclear radiation.
Strange illness now causing polar bears to lose fur

I knew from much research that it had to be linked with the Fukushima radiation. In fact, articles were being published in Alaska about stewardesses with ALASKA AIRLINES exhibiting symptoms of exposure to radiation as well, with strange skin problems among other things. 

The Fukushima radiation travels high up into the atmosphere as well, and ALASKA AIRLINES was flying right through plumes of it, every single day.

More recently, I read a fascinating article that admitted that employees who flew with Alaska Airlines were calling in sick in record numbers due to more information coming out exposing deadly Fukushima radiation and the health risk to them as they flew through it daily.

Frankly, I began to grow angry as I read articles in Alaska stating that although scientists were researching to uncover why the seals on the coast of Alaska were so sick, even after research they stated they "really didn't know why." 

I am now convinced that this is a blatant lie. I personally believe that the scientists who have researched this phenomena actually DO know why, and that it is indeed FUKUSHIMA RADIATION related.

SO WHY are they covering up this tragedy? And on whose behalf are they covering this up? How could they possibly do this, knowing that people will become sick and eventually die if they ingest seafood and ocean products contaminated with Fukushima radiation?  

Well, do you remember the revealing statement Bill Clinton once made, "'s the economy, stupid!"

Could it be that the powers that be ("TPTB") are covering up the truth about Fukushima radiation, because of the negative impact the truth could have on  both the seafood industry on the west coast, plus all other food productions on the west coast as well???

I personally hypothesize that scientists who finally realized after research that the seals illness was radiation linked, were threatened on a massive scale by powerful corporations and Alaskan state authorities to "shut the heck up!"

One television reporter was even warned recently to not bring up this subject for viewers, because the official White House position is that there is no threat to Americans from Fukushima radiation (!)
Alaskan salmon admittedly does taste good!

Alaska relies heavily on the seafood industry for job sources and revenue. The once highly prized ALASKAN SALMON is a big seller worldwide. TOURISM is also an important source of money for the state of Alaska. Who wants to consume Alaskan salmon, knowing it is contaminated by Fukushima radiation? Who wants to spend alot of time as a tourist in Alaska, IF Fukushima radiation is heavily found there?

Even while I was living there from November 2011 to November 2012, radioactive debris was reportedly already washing up on Alaska's west coast. This was according to eye-witnesses who reported on this to the public.
Radioactive debris washes up on Alaska coasts from Japan

Going beyond Alaska to the entire west coast, massive food industries linked to farming and ranching and produce and livestock are all there in Washington, Oregon and California. Both winds, sea spray and rain (or precipitation) carry the Fukushima radiation far inland on the west coast.

This is impacting commercial farming operations on a major scale already, including ORGANIC farming as well. I read one article in which an organic farmer uses an instrument to measure the level of Fukushima radiation on his farm. The radiation count was so high that he chose to voluntarily shut down his organic farming operation for the time being. In good conscience, he could never sell such contaminated produce to the American public. Good for him!
Produce mutations suspected to result from Fukushima radiation

I have seen photographs of fruit mutations already, apparently caused by Fukushima radiation exposure. To apparently try to save the food industry, slam articles have been written attempting to ridicule this and have also come out on the Internet. 

But to no avail. The undeniable truth continues to relentlessly come forth, and more and  more Americans are refusing to be deceived any longer on this important subject. Many finally realize that it is their health and their children's health and future that are at stake.

Exposure to radiation DOES CAUSE CELLS TO MUTATE! If you don't believe this, go look at photographs of children horribly deformed by depleted uranium poisoning in IRAQ and read the many articles devoted to this subject:
Deformed baby due to  DU radiation poisoning, IRAQ

I read an article only a few days ago, wherein an organic food rep admitted the fact that Fukushima radiation had been affecting even organic produce production. How sad that they waited so long to finally make this public admission to the endangered American people! Even I knew this was the case a year ago, through honest research.

Yesterday I walked through a popular health food store and went over to the produce section. Uncomfortably aware that everything grown on the west coast was suspect regarding radiation contamination, I looked for the signs indicating what state each produce item was from. There they were: WASHINGTON, OREGON, CALIFORNIA. 

Most organic produce in this store (and I LOVE this health food store) was from these west coast states being directly impacted by Fukushima radiation. Only a little produce came from local sources or foreign like Costa Rica (pineapples), Mexico or South America (grapes, papayas, mangos, bananas, berries), or even New Zealand (kiwis.)

I found this to be frightening as I though about the long term consequences of countless people, including children, consuming produce from these states that had the potential to be loaded with Fukushima radiation.

Mommy, what are you feeding YOUR precious child today?

And again, I had to ask the question: where is the public outcry over all this? It has long become obvious that the EPA and the FDA are more concerned with the pressuring and lobbying from huge food corporations that stand to lose billions of dollars should the truth be revealed to the American people. 

Apparently, the health and well-being of the American people is not at the top of their list of "priorities." Maybe the American people should stop funding such agencies and refuse to be deceived any longer!

I find it outrageous that, rather than honestly warn the American people of the dangers that such produce and seafood represent to the health of Americans, they simply have raised the "acceptable level" of radiation found in food today. This is criminal. There is NEVER any "safe" level of radiation or radioactive particles that can be ingested. Once ingested and stored in the body, it becomes permanent.

As I studied this subject intensely while living on the vulnerable west coast of Alaska, I decided that it was time to take definitive steps to reduce my exposure to this deadly danger. And to try and undo damage that may have already been done through previous exposure to Fukushima radiation.

One of the first things I did while living in Alaska was to fully eliminate wild Alaska salmon and all other seafood, Pacific and otherwise, from my diet, including smoked and canned. Regretfully, because I adore Alaskan salmon. While the seafood from the Pacific ocean is primarily at risk, since you cannot always know the origins of all seafood, I chose to eliminate it ALL.

Even the wonderful family I worked for in Alaska thought I was crazy to give up salmon! Eskimos would give numerous salmon to them. As the cook for the family, I had to filet and prepare countless Alaskan salmon for the family during that year. I warned them repeatedly, and I refused to eat any Alaskan seafood. 
Even grizzlies love the salmon!

But like so many other Americans, they turned a deaf ear. The salmon was plentiful (then) and delicious. They didn't care about radiation safety, refused to believe it could be so harmful, and consumed not only salmon but all other seafood they obtained from the Eskimos there. 

I inwardly shuddered as I observed all this. I could only imagine the toll on their health that someday this would take, with resultant cancers and other health complications resulting from ingesting food contaminated with radiation. I was privately depressed over this the entire year I was there.

Interestingly, the Alaskan salmon numbers are severely declining now! And people are admitting finally that THE CAUSE IS IN THE OCEAN. ( doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out!) 

Yet, even the following article is carefully tiptoeing around the truth about FUKUSHIMA RADIATION figuring into all this. The clear subliminal message they are sending when they do this is: "Don't hurt our seafood industry! But it's okay if PEOPLE ingest our radioactive seafood and get see, the dollar is more important than PEOPLE'S HEALTH! Because it IS the ECONOMY, stupid!"

Ahhhh...behold the power of the "almighty dollar" and the tragedy of those who exalt it's value above God and the value of human life!

Realizing that the water sources there in our village of Kotzebue, Alaska,were also being contaminated by Fukushima radiation through snowfall and precipitation and sea spray (as many articles I had read on this subject warned) I insisted on having quality bottled water shipped in weekly. I also insisted on having quality organic produce shipped in as well, and refused to eat anything produced locally.

When I began reading articles explaining how even organic produce grown on North America's west coast was being negatively impacted by Fukushima radiation hitting it severely, I tried to order organic produce from other locations such as Costa Rica, Florida, South America and even New Zealand.

I even washed my hair and body using my bottled water as much as possible, to avoid exposure through local water used for showers, etc.

Hearing sad local Eskimo tales of encountering so many dead or sick seal with symptoms indicating radiation poisoning, simply reinforced the articles I was reading about the dangers of Fukushima radiation.
Sick seal exhibiting signs of radiation exposure and sickness

However, whether I like it or not, I WAS exposed to Fukushima radiation in a multitude of ways that were unavoidable while living on the west coast of Alaska. 

The air that I breathed was filled with sea spray 24/7, living little more than a mile from the ocean. The moose and caribou that I skinned and prepared and cooked with also had Fukushima radiation due to the fact that it was carried by the snow and precipitation down to the soil, where plants ingested it, and the moose and caribou fed on the plant life polluted with Fukushima radiation. 
Wildlife also drank the water from the lakes and rivers that were already polluted with Fukushima radiation through precipitation. And yes, I did consume some moose and caribou while there, admittedly. Every good cook must taste their food periodically to make sure it is seasoned properly.

And so, I have been studying about how to detox my body from exposure. There are many good scientific articles written about this subject that I found helpful. SUNFLOWER SEEDS are excellent for detoxifying, and so I consumer organic sunflower seed butter regularly, and other sunflower seed products. There are also supplements in health food stores that are recommended for detoxifying the body from radiation exposure.

Due to massive government cover-up because of pressuring from huge food corporations and other reasons, the American people have been deliberately lied to and misled regarding the serious nature of deadly FUKUSHIMA RADIATION and it's deadly  impact on agriculture and even dairy production.

Dairy products in North America have been heavily affected adversely. In one test conducted by scientists, every sample of milk tested POSITIVE for radiation contamination, including organic milk. Why? Because precipitation carrying Fukushima radioactive particles falls upon the fields the dairy cows graze in. The grass and hay the cattle feed on absorb the radiation with the rain. The dairy and beef cattle consume both water and feed contaminated with the radiation.

This radiation they ingest is then concentrated in milk the cows produce. It is further concentrated as the milk is condensed to form certain dairy products, including yogurt and cheeses and ice cream and butter. So the label "organic" is essentially useless when it comes to food safety regarding Fukushima radiation, if that product has been exposed in any way to it.


Where is the mainstream media? Why aren't they sounding the alarm on all this to the endangered American people?

Of course, we know that the MSM is controlled by the huge corporations and interests of the elite who would rule the world. A major part of their plan has always been "WORLD POPULATION REDUCTION," reducing world population by 9/10ths.

 And deadly Fukushima radiation works perfectly for this deadly agenda!

Therefore, the NWO's strategy is to simply keep the American people ignorant regarding the dangers of Fukushima radiation! Minimize or deny it all!

Here's all they have to do:

ENCOURAGE the importation of severely contaminated seafood from Japan's waters, even as NWO advocate Hillary Clinton did recently (in a secret pact) as she assured Japan's leader that America would continue to allow Japanese seafood to be imported into America.
Hillary meets with Japanese leaders to ensure America's demise by their fish

SILENCE through threats and intimidation all those who would dare to tell the truth about deadly Fukushima radiation. Even threaten to send Fukushima whistleblowers to the FEMA detention camps! (Read article below...)
Send the whistleblowers to the camps, macht schnell!

(Obviously I refuse to be silenced by threats and intimidation tactics. No one can be a good journalist who is moved to silence by fear tactics. And no one can be a good Christian witness either who is controlled by the fear tactics of the enemy.)

Government tactics also include:

LIE to the American people repeatedly. "It's safe to eat the seafood caught off the west coast! There is no danger to the American people from this! All produce is safe grown on the west coast! This level of radiation is safe and nothing to be alarmed about!" 

All these lies and many more are being told to the American people at this time regarding the radiation threat (that is only growing worse with time.)

And I am justifiably angered, even outraged, as I think about the toll this will take eventually on innocent human lives and health across our nation, and as people are slowly being victimized by such government lies and cover-up tactics even as you read this. 
Child struggling to overcome cancer

CANCERS and many other illnesses resulting from ingesting radioactive particles will become rampant in America's future. Much suffering could be minimized or even greatly prevented if the American people were only told...and believed...the TRUTH about FUKUSHIMA RADIATION.

The Bible states that "A faithful witness saves lives." 

And that has always been one of my major goals in my journalism. What you don't know can not only HURT you, but it can even KILL you. I care about what happens to others. And I care about my own health as well.

Thank God for the other honest whistle blowers and alternative news journalists who are concerned for the well-being of the American people as well.

Please choose to become informed on this important subject! Your precious health and that of your family and loved ones is at stake even as you read this. Your health is your future. 

REFUSE TO BE DECEIVED! Dare to do your research. Dare to believe the truth about FUKUSHIMA RADIATION, and then BEGIN to act accordingly in your food choices and other important areas affecting your health and well being.

BEWARE of government, FDA, EPA and food industry DISINFORMATION ARTICLES seeking to minimizing the risk that Fukushima radiation and contaminated seafood brings to your health. 

Because the dirty dollar is the main factor that powerful corporations and the government are concerned about, and not primarily the well-being of mankind nor your health, beware of all misleading articles and reports coming from such sources. BELIEVE the truth instead.

And remember: anything that is working for your health and well-being is of God. That which works to destroy your health and well-being is never of God, but of the devil. We are always called to resist the devil and his destructive tactics against our lives.

This article is dedicated TO YOUR HEALTH! 
"I have come that they might have LIFE, 
and have it MORE ABUNDANTLY!"~Jesus Christ

~Pamela Rae Schuffert~
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  1. I actually own a Geiger counter. So far, background radiation in North Texas is very low at .06 to 15 microseiverts an hour. All food and milk has also been very low.