Friday, January 24, 2014

Praying Against PREPLANNED Disasters Coming To USA


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The above video outlines the importance WHY Christians in North America must continually pray against DELIBERATE "accidents" and disasters across our nation.

The PLAN of the New World Order is to establish their totalitarian police state on the ashes and ruins of their many PLANNED DISASTERS. A popular motto of the Illuminati and the NWO is "ORDER OUT OF CHAOS." However, they are the ones who deliberately create the chaos to destroy the OLD order, and then bring forth their NWO in it's place.

To create that chaos, these NWO monsters and madmen must bring forth terrible disasters that may include artificially triggered earthquakes, famines and pandemics and shortages of consumer supplies, and more.

They must justify in the eyes of the public, their ever-expanding police state tactics. In order to justify taking away more and more of our cherished freedoms, they must create "terrorist acts" and then bring forth tighter restrictions on our freedoms in the name of "fighting terrorism."

In their insane quest to establish the dark kingdom of Lucifer on earth, they have even gone so far as to label peaceful and non-violent Christians, pro-lifers and homeschoolers as "TERRORISTS." This can only be labeled as true Orwellian doublespeak, wherein "peace is war" and "evil is good" and all Biblical definitions of right behavior are twisted and perverted to fit their NWO definitions

However, I and my fellow Christians (whom they love to target on their hate lists,) are not the real terrorists. Personally, I go so far as to not even own a gun or ammunition (but have no argument with those who do.) It's simply a matter of personal choice. I do not believe in using violence and bloodshed to establish Christ's kingdom on earth and in the hearts of mankind. And I will lay down my life to uphold His kingdom and His teachings and holy commandments in the world today.
The greatest mass murderers and terrorists in the world today are those deluded people who follow Lucifer for money and power, and will murder, lie, cheat, and steal to accomplish his nefarious goals on earth today. 

These people will do ANYTHING to bring forth Lucifer's deadly genocidal NEW WORLD ORDER to fulfill their corporate greed and lust to own more, and to destroy the righteous who stand in their way.

And that includes deliberately creating deadly disasters that maim and kill innocent victims (like you and me) across America, in order to bring forth their police state. 
OKC Bombing

Americans have already suffered under these deliberate planned disasters, like the OKC bombing, "9/11" and other false flag black ops designed to bring us under martial law.

Throughout recent years, the Holy Spirit of God has repeatedly revealed to intercessors that ONLY BECAUSE OF PRAYER has Divine intervention held back their NWO agenda for America thus far! God confirmed this in one meeting that I lectured in, while investigating the NWO agenda in Oregon some years ago. 

The words one person received from the Holy Spirit as we prayed were, "Thus saith the Lord: Had it not been for MY INTERCESSORS praying that martial law would be held back in your nation, YOU WOULD BE UNDER IT NOW!" 

How well I knew this. In fact, this is why I obeyed God's leading many years ago to forsake everything, and to pray across America against martial law. I conducted many PRAYER JOURNEYS ACROSS AMERICA, initially starting in 1996. 

I would drive across America, praying for the Holy Spirit to lead me to the regions He wanted me to pray over and to meet with fellow intercessors for prayer. I witnessed many miracles and divine revelations during those prayer journeys throughout the years.

INTERCESSORY PRAYER is something EVERY CHRISTIAN IS CALLED TO, right where you are. You may be unable to may be sick or even in a nursing may be limited in what you can do due to work restrictions and family needs.

But regardless, you can pray RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! 

YOU are important to God, and so are your prayers. It costs you nothing but time. And the results of your fasting and prayers can shake the nations and bring America to it's knees, seeking God in repentance and prayer. Your prayers can bring one more lost soul to Christ and salvation. 

And your prayers can help to thwart the plans of wicked people as they seek to enslave this nation under Lucifer's dark domain of the NWO agenda for America.

So please, Christian intercessors, pray against all PLANNED DISASTERS FOR NORTH AMERICA, designed to bring us under martial law. Innocent lives will be spared with every NWO false flag that is thwarted and stopped by the hands of God through our prayers.

God bless the INTERCESSORS OF AMERICA AND THE WORLD as they stand in the gap to make a difference throughout the world today.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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