Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pneumonia AGAIN! Pray for Brother John

Please pray for Brother John, now with PNEUMONIA.
By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have been very concerned for my beloved Brother John for the past week. His health is very fragile, and although he may seem to do well one week, his health can crash overnight. They told me yesterday John had developed pneumonia once again.

Pneumonia caused him to remain in the intensive care unit for 5 months in Tulsa OK three years ago. It cost that hospital over one MILLION dollars to save his life.

He is sleeping much more now, and only eats part of one meal a day, as I observed also today.

Mucus is deep in his throat and lungs and it is very hard for him to clear them. I try to encourage John to let them get him out of bed daily, but because of great pain whenever his legs are moved, he fights this suggestion.

And yet...when John is awake and alert, he is faithfully confessing the promises of God over his life and believes that God has miracles of healing and provision in store for him. He loves to pray with me. He will reach out one weak hand and grasp mine, and take turns praying with me as I stand by his bedside.

I have a true confession to make. 

Having to observe John in this condition, day after day is very difficult for me, because I love him deeply. At times I just want to quietly walk out of his room and life because I simply cannot deal with this any longer. 

I am worn out from sleeping every night in the parking lot of his nursing home, and to then be with him as he often endures pain or depression.

Today I was forced to listen to John literally scream in pain due to his left leg hurting so badly. I quickly went down to the nurse's station to request more pain medication, and we could all hear John screaming in pain all the way down the hall. A solution was finally found when they cut off a gauze bandage that apparently was applied too tightly to his foot. The pain was finally alleviated, for now.

I do not know how much more of this I can endure before simply having to take a break, as I had mentioned earlier. The problem is that John panics if I am more than a few days away from him. His health then deteriorates and he becomes very depressed.
Please pray with Brother John and I, for a true miracle that is far reaching at this time. All of this is very hard on him, and very hard on me as well.
Thank you for your intercessions and prayers at this time. 

My prayer for John is very practical. I am finally praying that God in His great mercy either divinely heals John completely with a Lazarus-type resurrection miracle, or that He kindly takes John home to heaven. 

John cannot face martial law and national crisis in his present condition, and life for him is very difficult on a daily basis. Even a bedsore is slowly developing on his backside, that we are desperately trying to alleviate and stop before it goes any further. John does not need any more pain or suffering.

But the amazing thing is, that JOHN STILL TRUSTS GOD THROUGH ALL OF THIS!  He never stops praying, even while suffering intense pain this morning. His left foot was in agony. He cried out "Oh, GOD, please heal me! Stop the pain!" 

And what is even more amazing, that shortly thereafter the pain DID stop! In fact, he told me that his hurting foot became completely numb! No pain! His eyes grew very big as he told me this, as I stood at his bedside.

Thank you Jesus! We took hands and prayed that the pain would not return.

I am now going back to his room to check on him, and will let you know the outcome. (I type articles in another room so that John is not disturbed while resting.)

UPDATE - APPARENTLY John has had a touch from the Spirit of God! He was back to joking like his jovial self again. Silly humor filled his room as he began to return to his old self and sense of humor.  I found this quite a relief after the wretched shape he was in earlier this morning.John remains very unpredictable in this health condition. I always know when he is feeling much better.His crazy humor let's me know!

Thank you so much for your prayers and concern. Pray for my vehicle as well: it is going into the repair facility tomorrow, and hopefully it will be finished by the weekend. Pray that repair and parts costs will be minimal. Thankfully, a precious Christian family invited me to stay with them at night while my SUV is being repaired.

Thank you so much! Brother John says hello too. 

God bless you all...
and thank you for your support 
at this difficult time.
 It has meant so much!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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