Sunday, January 5, 2014


Hello, readers! I want to introduce you to the darling of the health food preppers of America, the incredible MIKE ADAMS, "Health Ranger"  and founder of NATURAL NEWS website and HEALTH RANGER SHOW.

Mike is an amazing individual. Not only is he zealous for the health of his fellow Americans and pushing the organic/non-GMO lifestyle, but he is ALSO a true prepper and exposes the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America as well. He has a program called "THE HEALTH RANGER SHOW."

Mike is often on the cutting edge of shocker truth and exposing food corruption in the USA. For example he and his researchers made a shocking discovery that deadly and health destroying MORGELLONS FIBERS were actually discovered in CHICKEN MCNUGGETS at McDonald's! 
Mike sells his organic/non-GMO survival food bucket.

Mike is quick to expose the horrors of GMO food and their deadly dangers. He exposes so many things that need to be exposed here in America, including deadly vaccinations, Fukushima radiation and it's effect on America (fish and crops, etc.) and so much more.

Mike is very bold and unafraid to address serious issues confronting American's today. He also sells organic/non-GMO SURVIVAL FOOD SUPPLIES, plus many other excellent products as well.

I encourage you to visit his website TODAY. His cutting edge articles are a true wake up call to concerned Americans, and I highly recommend his excellent articles and research. I plan to even order organic/non-GMO survival food supplies from Mike as well.

Why don't you go now and visit his website and enjoy!

To your health throughout the New Year!

(Mike, keep up the great work! We need you!)

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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