Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Community Bulletin Board for My Readers



Phileo from Singapore- for your two lovely cards of encouragement. May God the Father bless you always through Jesus Christ! John appreciated your cards too. Loved the bright envelopes!

Miles from NC- Thank you for your kind letter recently...I will always deeply appreciate it, and so does John!

Jeff from Indiana- Thank you for your lovely card! I hope you enoyed your postcards you love to collect...more new ones are soon on the way!

Glorietta from NM- Your kind cards are beautiful and always appreciated. Thank you!

Todd from Washington-I tried to send an email thanking you the other day, but it failed to go through. So here's thanks on my blog!

Doug in NYC-Recieved your encouragement today, and I want to thank you so much! Please stay safe and warm on your construction job, and congrats on your promotion!

Ron of Tulsa, OK-Thank you for your great work and help throughout past years to help my AMERICAN HOLOCAUST website get started. I wouldn't be where I am today without your expertise. God bless you and your family always.

More thanks will be added throughout this week. Also, here's some exciting news!
Now available to my readers for modest donations

I have a large container of beautiful handmade throw rugs, Alpaca rugs, and Mexican blankets, all brand new with brilliant colors and designs, just waiting to send to my readers. These are the ones donated to me by my friend Lynn with the now-closed souvenir shop outside Glacier NP, Montana. 
The former Rawhide Trading Post, Glacier Park, Montana

After she sold it, she brought me to her collection of lovely hand-woven Mexican rugs and serapes, or blankets with fringes, and told me I could have any I wanted as a donation to my ministry. 

I thanked her profusely, and received her kind gifts. They are now safely packed in my storage unit in a large plastic bin.

I have them decided to make these lovely rugs and blankets availble to my readers on a simple donation basis,  so I can continue in ministry and continue to help John. I cannot do this without financial support. 

And so, I am making all of them available way under retail cost, for a donation to help me keep afloat in this work. I will ship the item(s) to you the day I recieve your order. 

Let me go a step further. Are you feeling sad, lonely, depressed? Has tragedy struck your life in an unexpected way? Do you feel forsaken? Are you suffering deep personal crisis in your life at this time? Do you need someone to tell you that Jesus loves you, and to show you that love which you are dying for within?

If so, please feel free to contact me. I would love to pray for and with you, and to encourage you, because I have gone through all of the above and know how important it is to have Christians who really CARE in your life. 
Let me know if you would really enjoy one of these cheerful and lovely blankets, but simply cannot afford to donate at this time. You may be an elderly person in a nursing home, who needs a cheerful reminder that God really DOES love you!

You may be a person struggling with cancer or illness, who needs to be reassured of God's love for YOU at this time, and that others truly care. You may have a child undergoing chemotherapy for cancer or leukemia, who would love a child's size version of these lovely rugs (I have all sizes and colors.)

God's gifts are free to all and full of His love and compassion to His children. Contact me, and we will see what we can work out together to make your day a better day, blessed by His love and uplifting power and encouragement. (Translated:get one free to cheer you up.)

These lovely rugs and blankets remain available as long as supplies last!

I am never in ministry for money, but rather for the glory of God and to touch one more life for Him today. 
My needs may be great, but my need to reach out to others with His love is even greater. And YOU are important to God.
Christian crusades

Why am I doing this for my readers? Because I remember how sad I felt, when I would go to great evangelists' crusades or lectures by televangelists at our Christian retreat where I lived for many years.

They would preach a wonderful message or sermon, and then talk about their special gifts and offers for their listeners. One offer was a special  series of teachings on the Book of Psalms, designed to lift up people going through crisis.

As this televangelist described this series, I so wanted to be able to obtain this! 

I had just been released from serving a jail sentence for one act of peaceful Christian pro-life protest, and was extremely burned out and in need of encouragement and love.
The cost of discipleship can come in many forms.

But then, my bubble of hope and expectation was burst when she stated that  "...for only $20.00 you can enjoy this wonderful series today!" 

Twenty dollars? I didn't even have ONE dollar that day! There is no paid income in the Christian pro-life movement and saving the unborn from abortion. Rather, you sacrifice your job and your income, so you can minister at the abortion clinics and lay down your life to save even one child from abortion. I had given up two jobs, and sacrificed all I had to save the unborn. 

By the time I finished my sentence for peaceful protest and witnessing at the abortion clinic, I was financially broke and physically and emotionally exhausted. 

How I needed Christian love and encouragement at that very moment! 

But a price tag was placed upon it...putting it out of my reach. 

After the meeting was over and the auditorioum emptied, I walked to the front of the stage. There, still lying on the stage, was the teaching series on Psalms. I lovingly reached out and held it in my hands, longing for it's inspiration and comfort. I wanted to walk out with it, but I did not have even $20 dollars. And I certainly was not going to steal it.

And then, I slowly put it down softly and walked away, feeling very sad. I thought about how Jesus freely gave of God's wonderful gifts and love and ministry without ever charging His followers a penny. Who can put a price tag on love and compassion to the hurting? Who can place a price on ministering to the hurting and the suffering in the world today?

I vowed in my heart that very day, as I continued in ministry, that whenever possible I would give and serve freely, and share from the abundance God blesses me with others freely. 

No one would ever be deprived of my ministering, for lack of what the Bible calls "filthy lucre" or money. And no one ever has, including patients I have periodically  taken care of throughout the years. 

When patients and their families needed my professional home health care services, but simply could not to pay standard rates, I simply provided quality health care based on what they could afford comfortably...and sometimes did not charge at all. 

Because PEOPLE are more important than MONEY, and showing God's love through personal sacrifice for others is priceless in helping to bring the lost to salvation through our Christian witness. 

I admit that tears are silently falling in the background even as I write this and remember such experiences. I have to ask, Christians in America, where ARE you for those who are out on the front lines for Jesus Christ and His kingdom? 

Where is your support for those who dare to lay down their lives and all they hold dear, to put God and His calling FIRST? No Christian can stand successfully in challenging and often dangerous ministries and battlefields for Christ, without the joint support and love from the Body of Christ. And neither can YOU.

So contact me if you would like one of these lovely rugs or blankets (some are even the size of placemats). 

They make great gifts, and also wall hangings and decorations, and some are even suitable to wear as shawls.

And remember: 
I'm a "small batch" ministry, 
so supplies are limited!
(Good things come in small batches...)

Thank you for your support!

Pamela Rae Schuffert
P.O. Box 724,
Montreat, NC

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