Saturday, January 25, 2014

Modern GUILLOTINES Confirmed in TULSA, OK


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Recently, I received an email from my former webmaster of many years, Ron in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ron did an incredible job throughout those years we worked together to expose the MARTIAL LAW AGENDA for "Amerika." 

In fact, Ron also used to be the webmaster for the famed former Jesuit exposing Vatican corruption, Dr. Alberto Rivera. 

Dr. Alberto Rivera, prior to his assassination
His Jesuit ID card

Dr. Alberto Rivera was an amazing man. His testimony is all about how he came out of Jesuit darkness and Vatican control, to become a born-against Christian at last. He then felt compelled to expose the darkness. Many tracts and books have been written based on his true life testimony.

In fact, Alberto exposed the truth from inside the Vatican about ISLAM and MOHAMMAD, and how the Vatican raised up both from the beginning, to provide opposition to the Jews so that the Vatican could set up headquarters in Jerusalem. And also to provide persecution, murder and opposition to true Bible believing Christians who were and are considered a threat to the corrupt elements within the Vatican.

The following link is a report posted by my former webmaster, Ron, on my former website (now defunct.) Alberto explains how the Vatican created ISLAM.
Pope Francis

If any of my readers have been wondering about WHY this present Pope has been cozying up to the MUSLIMS publicly, even recently saying their  god of the Koran and Islam, Allah, is the God of the Bible and Christianity (and it is NOT) please read Dr. Alberto Rivera's reports exposing the truth about THE VATICAN AND THE CREATION OF ISLAM.

In the email I recently received from Ron in Tulsa, he mentioned the information he received previously (2003) about the modern guillotines coming into that region by barge. Here is the excerpt from that email:

...I just crossed over "33 Landing" Catoosa Southern Port of entry for barges at HWY 412. Lots of barges docked below the overpass. I remember posting the link on our site between 2000 and 2003 of all the guillotines coming into the Port of Catoosa that were seen and confirmed, not just speculated. I think about it every time I cross over and it's a mere 10 minutes from Tulsa. It will surely come to pass as written in Revelation [20:4]....
Actually, I had never received this particular report on guillotines sightings in America previously, and I am thankful for Ron sharing this information with me to post for my readers.

This important information not only confirms my many years of reporting on the modern guillotines being brought steadily into America for the future beheading of the saints under the antichrist NWO, but also explains why Christians were receiving visions from God of being beheaded by guillotines for their faith even in that city of revival, TULSA, OKLAHOMA, where I used to live so many years ago.

Tulsa, OK, skyline

"And He shall show you THINGS TO COME." This is one of the many wonderful yet practical  functions of the divine Holy Spirit in the life of Christian Believers.

I can never forget praying with another Christian one night, while performing street ministry in Tulsa Oklahoma during the 1970's, a time of genuine revival in that region.

The Holy Spirit interrupted as we were praying together, and said, 

"I am pouring out my spirit upon my Church in North America, because without His power you will not be able to make it with what is coming to your nation.." 

Stunned, I asked the Father, "WHAT is coming to America?" The Holy Spirit replied, "My child, IF I were to show you now what is coming to your nation, you would not be able to bear it!" This took place in Tulsa, OK, in 1976.

God really got my full attention that night! Now I was determined to know MORE. I prayed all night for God to show me and my prayer partner more about what he meant.

The next day, my fellow intercessor shared with me a startling vision he had received from the Holy Spirit. He saw Christians lined up in front of guillotines, waiting their turns to be executed by beheading. Military were operating the guillotines. He said that when his turn came, he was filled with divine joy and began laughing...and then the vision was over.

What was my immediate (and uneducated) response to this vision? Inwardly I laughed and thought, 

"SURE there are guillotines in America.SURE Christians will be executed by guillotines someday! Brother, you ate too much pizza last night! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

But today, I laugh no longer. Trust me...since then I have been forced to "eat crow," feathers and all (gasp). Humble pie time!

Many years later, I now understand perfectly why God imparted such a graphic vision of things to come. My very own research for years has indeed uncovered the presence of modern day guillotines in military facilities, and how US military have been trained to operate these guillotines on civilians someday, and more. 

And now I know, through various Pentagon and CIA and eye-witness sources that the guillotines are here.

And I feel sorry for the Christians who are laughing today at such reports...because their hour of persecution and beheading for their faith is drawing closer every day. 

This is an hour in which sincere Christians should be preparing their hearts to suffer persecution and martyrdom in North America...and even worldwide. And not mocking His servants who are laying down their lives to warn them continually.

Beloved fellow Christian, have you prepared YOUR heart to face coming times of tribulation and persecution, even martyrdom for your confession of faith in Jesus Christ? Have you strengthened your faith so that you may then stand firm against the coming storm, and emerge a VICTORIOUS OVERCOMER who will someday reign with Christ on earth and inherit all things?

TODAY IS THE DAY TO SEEK GOD for the grace and strength you WILL need to face such tribulations, and to come forth victorious. Spend time in fasting and prayer and in the Word of God for strength and comfort and hope.

Personally, I am not convinced that the NWO agenda will be able to fulfill their heinous plans in North America unchallenged by the Patriotic elements in the USA military and millions of concerned fellow Americans, who are now aware of their dark agendas for our nation.

I believe that many Americans will righteously rise up to oppose the planned genocide of Christians in North America, and to stand against further genocide of freedom-loving Patriotic Americans nationwide. Alternative news journalism has done a great job of waking up millions of Americans in the past 20 years. 

There is a tremendous grass roots movement of informed Americans, taking many forms, who are determined to never let these NWO traitors to our Constitution and the American people succeed in their heinous plans.

Just as God called His children to stand up for the unborn children about to be murdered in the womb by abortion and the PRO-LIFE movement was founded, so God is calling His people to stand against the coming planned genocide of the innocents under martial law.

You cannot sit back in apathy, as the mass murder of millions of innocent Christians and fellow Americans is being plotted by the NWO masterminds in North America. You cannot sit back as these guillotines are being quietly positioned all across this nation, for the future carnage and bloodshed anticipated by the NWO monsters and madmen.

I love this Bible verse I discovered during my years in Christian pro-life outreach to the unborn:


From Proverbs, paraphrased.

People often wonder about my motives behind the AMERICAN HOLOCAUST website, and 18 long and often dangerous years of exposing the NWO agenda. 

The answer is simple: God called me to this task following much prayer and fasting, and I simply cannot sit back in silence as the plans are being made to murder millions of innocent Christians and fellow Americans under martial law and the NWO agenda. 

I am called to rescue those unjustly led to slaughter, even as with the unborn, and not to let them die. This is the Word of God. Even as Jesus came to rescue US from destruction.

The entire Body of Christ is called by God to rescue His children, whether from the horrors of death by abortion, or the horrors of genocide by NWO madmen and murderers.

The NWO now openly talks about "requisitioning" good American Patriots' precious survival food supplies or their guns under martial law. "Requisition" is just a polite term for the word STEAL!

Well, rumor has it from the underground that some Patriots, not to be outdone by NWO villains, plan to also do some requisitioning of their own...this time with the guillotines, and have a little fun at NWO traitors' expense....heh-heh-heh.  SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!

The "Bible verse" they like to quote is: "Do unto others BEFORE they can do unto you..." Huh? Wait a minute! That's not found in the Bible, guys! Baaad!

I guess their clear message is "Don't tread on me" and "Sorry, NWO...but not in MY backyard!" And millions of concerned Americans just happen to feel the same way. And they arenot just going to sit back and allow "Satan and Co." to have their way unchallenged on American soil under martial law someday...

Well, friends, this report is just one more piece of information I'm sending your way to once again to confirm that indeed, AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST IS COMING. And blessed is that person who will receive the warning, and wake up, and PREPARE before the coming storm hits our nation.

Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting across America


  1. Bless the name of the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord. You are doing a great job. We must awaken God's people. Father we pray give strength to our Christian brothers and sisters to stand strong and overcome the enemy. We are called to be martyrs. We will reign with Christ in the mellinium.

  2. wouldnt all christains be raptured though??

  3. There is and will not be a rapture. The rapture is a misunderstanding of the first resurrection when those that have been killed or have previously did in Christ as a true follower will be resurrected to meet Christ as he returns. No where is the bible is there references to a rapture.

    1. 16 For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord. (I Thes 4:16-17)

      What do you propose this verse means then, if you claim the Bible does not reference a rapture. "Rapture" is traditionally used to refer to living believers being snatched up into the air to be with Jesus.