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So You THINK the World Does NOT Need Jesus Christ?

I can prove to you conclusively that it DOES! !Yes, "Jesus Christ IS the "Light of the world!" He alone is able to provide the answer to the world's problems, that no other alternative religion or cult can even hope to provide. Because ONLY Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world and to save the lost. Not Moses(apart from Messiah), Not Buddha, nor Mohammad, nor Hare Krishna...but only Jesus the Son of God and Messiah, the Light of the world.

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

For forty years now, I have been a born-again Bible-believing Christian, striving to live in the light of God's holy Word. I have trained in Bible college and various schools of other Christian training. I have been involved in numerous ministries.I have performed Christian outreach out there on the streets of America's cities and many other challenging locations. I have personally witnessed the many problems this world suffers from. And throughout these forty years, I have seen clearly WHY the WORLD NEEDS JESUS CHRIST!

The terrible problems that are rampant throughout the world today COULD NOT EXIST, if the words and teachings of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world were being obeyed and followed. The crises that now threaten the very existence of mankind could not exist, IF the simple yet eternal eternal teachings of Jesus Christ were obeyed and followed to this day.

                Dead Bodies from Former Communist GULAG in Siberia

In fact, so much of the tragedy and sorrow and destruction and oppression we see in the world today, is a direct result often of people who blatantly defy the word of God and His commandments and the teachings of His Son, Jesus Christ. COMMUNISM is a good example. COMMUNISM has oppressed tens of millions of people worldwide, and murdered countless innocents. It continues to oppress various nations and her people to this various day. COMMUNISM is at war with God Himself, declaring that "God does not not exist" and seeking to root out and destroy Christianity from the face of the earth.
COMMUNISM burns down churches and burns Bibles as well

Witness throughout modern history the destruction and heartache that communism brought to the world. At times, to further it's insidious goals, it has created artificial famines, resulting in the deaths of millions. It has oppressed Christianity in every nation it has overtaken, resulting in the tortuous and untimely deaths of tens of millions of Christians worldwide, including throughout communist Russia and China and Cuba and North Korea, Kampuchea and beyond. Communism provokes tragic wars and bloodshed. It brings forth tyrannical and oppressive regimes and governments. When the word of God is cast aside, only tragedy and heartache and destruction can follow in it's wake.
                         Modern detention camp in a repressive regime
The problems plaguing today's world include:

-Organized crime
-corruption on every level, including political, law enforcement, etc.
-child and spousal abuse
-Drug trade
-cult crimes based out of satanism and related cults
-modern slave trade
-oppression of people through brutal totalitarian governments
-destroying the earth and her resources
-marital infidelity and destruction of marriages
-rampant increase in STD worldwide (sexually transmitted diseases)

And so much more.

Does the Word of God address such subjects as the above? Does it provide an answer to stop the above? YES!

The Bible declares that Jesus Christ IS the "Word of God" in the flesh. The word of God gives us commandments that when obeyed, bring life and hope to a dying world in which we live.

Jesus Christ teaches us that the greatest commandment is to love God the Father with everything we have and are. You see, if you love God, out of that love you will keep His commandments. Jesus declared, "If a person loves Me, he or she will keep My commandments." Proof of our love for God is our obedience to Him.

The words, "Mommy, I love you" are empty if that child then refuses to obey that parent or do the things the prove the professed love. The words of a husband "honey, I love you" are empty if that husband then fails to do those things that prove this professed love. And the words, "Jesus, I love you" often sung in thousands of churches worldwide every week, are empty if we then fail to do the very things from the word of God that PROVE our love professed to Him by our words.

"If a person loves Me, he or she will then keep My commandments...."

For example, Jesus declared that we are to love one another as He has loved us. "A NEW commandment I give unto you, that you love one another, as I have loved you."

How did He love us? The Bible teaches us that He loved through showing mercy, compassion, and care for all people that He came into contact with. He manifested the Divine love of God continually.

Where there is LOVE, there can be no hatred, murder, cruelty, nor breaking of God's commandments telling us how to love God and love our fellow man. Where there is LOVE in a marriage, there can be no adultery, strife, nor spousal abuse. Where there is LOVE in a family, there can be no place for child abuse (nor elder abuse) of any kind. There can be no prolonged strife.

Where there is LOVE, there can be no hate, no wars, no cruelty, no brutality. Where there is LOVE, there can be no murders. And that includes ABORTION as well.

Where there is LOVE, there can be no crimes against humanity. Crimes against humanity can include many aspects, including that of corporate greed that manufactures tools of death and destruction of people's lives, such as cigarette ("cancer sticks") manufacturing. If you love and care about people, you can never manufacture and sell that which is scientifically proven to cause sickness and death, regardless of how financially lucrative it may be.

The cigarette industry fully understand the scientific truth about how tobacco and the many chemicals they add to addict people to their products, then destroys the health of their purchasers. But do they love their fellow man enough to STOP the production of these cancer sticks? The obvious answer is NO! It is not without reason that the Bible declares to us, "...the love of money is the root of all evil...." However, the LOVE OF GOD produces just the opposite! Where there is love and concern for our fellow man, there can be no destructive practices.

The worldwide cult of Satanism (the Craft, the Brotherhood, the Illuminati, etc.) IS a continual crime against humanity. Filled with hatred against God,  rejecting Jesus and all that can be called "good," satanism inflicts unspeakable horrors upon even the most helpless and innocent of  mankind wherever it is found.

If you want to find the epitome of the final result of rejecting God's love and Jesus Christ, then attend a satanic ritual. In such tragic and senseless rituals, kidnapped or bred victims are brutally tortured to death, then their remains cannibalized, all to the screams of "hail, satan". It is estimated by some that up to one million victims in North America alone, become victims of horrific satanic cult crimes annually. And you will never know about this, because the news media dutifully blacks out  99 percent of this, because some of the most powerful men and women in the world today are hard-core satanists, many untouched by the law because of their financial or political power. There is no justice in the truest sense here in America or anywhere else in the world today due to corruption.

Pornography coupled with sexual abuse is one of the worst crimes against humanity that one can commit against victims, especially when it defiles and shames innocent children forced into this wicked trade. Their tenders hearts and minds are then scarred for life, and the shame and defilement is never forgotten by such helpless children. Snuff films go even further, brutally murdering it's victims in the end. And all for filthy and corrupt financial gain.

Illegal and harmful drug manufacturing and distribution is a most terrible crime against humanity, with long term consequences for millions of it's unfortunate victims. Witness the destruction that cocaine and heroin and meth addiction brings to it's victims worldwide. Yet, undeniably the growers, producers and dealers know exactly what these drugs will do to their users.

But they do not care. Their consciences are seared, their hearts are hardened. There is no love for God or humanity in their hearts, and they bring death, untold suffering and destruction throughout the world through their filthy trade. And once again, love of money and NO love for God or mankind lays at the rotten heart of the horrific world of illegal drugs.

Again, Jesus teaches us, "If a person loves me, he or she will keep my commandments." And if a person loves GOD, they will keep His commandments as well.

Jesus further taught us that, whatever we would want others to do for or to us, so do towards others. Do we want to be loved and shown compassion? Then we are to show love and compassion. Do we want to be understood and forgiven? Then we are to show forgiveness and compassion. If we are suffering from a crisis, do we want others to care and help? Then we are to help and care about others in crisis.

How many wars, conflicts, and how many revenge killings have taken place throughout the centuries, because of people's hatreds and unforgiveness towards one another! Yet Jesus teaches us to FORGIVE OTHERS. He goes beyond this, in fact, to teach that we are to love and forgive and be kind to and pray for those who have offended us. When this teaching of Jesus is obeyed, there can be no acts of revenge or revenge killings. There can be no wars based on retaliation or revenge where there is love and forgiveness based on obedience to Jesus Christ.

How many of you have ever needed FORGIVENESS? How many of us have ever "blown it?" ALL of us have at one time or another. "The Bible states, "for ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." And this being the fact, we all stand in need of mercy and forgiveness. And this mercy and forgiveness is provided exclusively through Jesus Christ.

In today's world of promiscuous lifestyles, encouraged by hellish Hollywood and rock music, etc., many people fall into the sins of fornication and adultery. Did you know that some world religions declare that people can be stoned or beheaded or flogged for the sins of adultery or sexual immorality? No forgiveness and no mercy, just judgment. For example, Islam and Biblical Judaism from the Torah teach this. But what was Jesus' answer to the woman caught in the act of adultery by the religious leaders of His day? The Jewish religious leaders of His day wanted her stoned to death, according to the Law of Moses. But Jesus' response was, "...neither do I condemn you: go and sin no more."

Here are more details of Islam's SHARIYA or laws regarding punishment for adultery:

Rajm is carried out differently depending upon if the subject is female or male. If the subject is female then she is to be buried up to her chest and stoned until dead. If the subject is male then he is buried up to his waist and stoned until dead.[citation needed]

Stoning punishments have been considered or handed down recently in Nigeria and Somalia for the crimes of adultery and sodomy.[2][3]

From THE MIDDLE EAST QUARTERLY comes the following excerpt from one article:

...While often ignored in the Western media, human rights abuses in the Islamic world are a daily occurrence. Both Muslim states and ad hoc religious courts order mutilation and execution, not only of criminals but also of individuals—mainly women—who have not committed anything which would be considered a crime in other societies. In some cases, Shari‘a (Islamic law) tribunals issue death sentences for those acquitted in regular courts.[1] In other cases, religious leaders invoke religion to sanction non-Islamic practices such as honor killings and female genital mutilation.-End of excerpt

However, Jesus Christ provides both MERCY and FORGIVENESS for our sins! World religions do not, nor can they, because none of their religious leader are able to provide FORGIVENESS for our sins. None of their leaders was sinless, nor the Son of God. None of them died for the sins of the world to be forgiven. And we know that the whole world lies in sin and darkness. But Jesus Christ DID, and therefore ONLY JESUS CHRIST CAN SAVE THE WORLD. This is another reason why JESUS CHRIST is the answer to the problems of the world completely! If SIN is the problem, then Jesus Christ is the ANSWER!

Come with me to INDIA, a nation filled with idolatry and over two million various household gods and goddesses, called idols. We know that a false god cannot save anyone. India is filled with illnesses, poverty, human rights abuse, and outdated technology and many other problems besides. Here is an excerpt from one article outlining India's many problems:

India is one of the poorest countries in the world. The poverty in India isn't just psychological poverty. The poverty in India isn't just emotional poverty. The poverty in India isn't just social poverty. The poverty in India isn't just religious and cultural poverty. The poverty in India is an absolute poverty. The poverty in India involves poverty in every aspect of life.
We all knew India is a very poor country although not so many of us knew how extreme the poverty level was in India. Now it is very clear how extreme poverty is in India. Now it is very clear how poor some Indians are. Now it is very clear how people continue to die from absolute poverty and hunger in India despite numerous efforts to help fight poverty in the world.

A new multidimensional poverty Index shows that India is far poorer than Africa in both intensity and in number...End of excerpt.

The Bible states, "blessed in the nation whose God is the Lord God, " meaning the ONE TRUE GOD. NOT an idol. NOT a false religious leader. but the ONE TRUE GOD. How can the Lord God bless any nation, who refuses salvation through His Son Jesus Christ, and worships FALSE gods instead? He cannot.

Jesus Christ declared, that all idolaters will have their part in eternal damnation in the "lake of fire." Because idolatry is worshipping a deception, and a deception cannot save you!

Many of the world's problems are caused by the MERCHANTS OF GREED! Those big businesses and industries who are never satisfied financially, and pollute the earth and destroy men's lives through their corporate greed! Jesus tells us that covetousness is IDOLATRY!

Look at MONSANTO with their pesticides and GMO seeds, now wreaking havoc on people's health and the world as well. (there are many other companies like them.)But they are ever greedy and do not care. MONEY-MONEY-MONEY is all they worship!The Bible calls this kind of financial greed IDOLATRY. DO you see WHY???

Look at the BIG TOBACCO INDUSTRIES. They know that their products are killing many people continually. Do they CARE? NO! They care about financial gain and profit. But Jesus Christ taught, "BEWARE OF COVETOUSNESS!" He taught that a man's life does not depend on the abundance of things that he owns! He warned against the sins and downfalls of those who would be rich. None of the merchants of greed could exist today, IF they were following the teachings of Jesus Christ!

I could go on and on and on. I could fill an entire library with books outlining WHY Jesus Christ is the light of the world! And why the world NEEDS JESUS CHRIST. And more articles will be forthcoming. But in this article, you have a glimmer of the truth of WHY THE WORLD NEEDS JESUS CHRIST!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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