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Radioactive Debris from Japan Washing Up on ALASKA SHORES

Health Dangers From Radioactivity Released from Fukushima Continue to Affect USA-

-By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

It is Friday, January 6, 2012. It is still dark outside. Outdoors, it is minus 17 degrees F, with a windchill of minus 35 F. Although the indoors heat is relatively comfortable, I find myself inwardly feeling vaguely chilled as I perform more and more research on the Fukushima meltdown disaster and increasing evidence of it's deadly far-reaching consequences, even here in Alaska.

As I and other independent journalists have noted repeatedly since the Japan earthquake and Fukushima meltdown, the US government and various elements of it's controlled media and agencies are seemingly in denial that anything could be wrong here in America due to the Fukushima meltdown.

However, ongoing research, common sense and gut instinct tells me that something is terribly, terribly wrong. And it's not getting any better with time. In fact, it may be getting worse...
                    Radioactive debris from Japan washing up on West Coast USA

I am sitting in Kotzebue, Alaska, writing this article on the radioactive debris washing up on Alaska's shores. Other articles I have read have indicated that even caribou and non-ocean wildlife here in Alaska may be affected by the radioactive particles still being released by the Fukushima meltdown that began with the earthquake in March of 2011. Some articles have stated that scientists in Canada and Alaska are finally  beginning to test them for evidence of radioactivity.
                                       Alaskan Moose
Kotzebue, Alaska, is a coastal village inside the Arctic circle, of the Inupiaq Eskimos. These Inupiaq have always relied heavily on seafood traditionally for survival. Whether whale or walrus or seal or salmon and other fish, the Inupiaq have counted on these food sources for thousands of years. And now, due to documented toxic ocean pollution build-up throughout this region, and more recently radiation effects from Fukushima, the people here are presented with new and deadly health concerns that may threaten  their very lifestyle and existence.
                                   Inupiaq village drying seafood
As I read more and more articles about the Fukushima disaster and it's far reaching consequences, I am compelled to join the ranks of independent journalists who are asking, "WHY is the government and the EPA seemingly downplaying the health effects of this nuclear meltdown to the public? Why is the truth seemingly being covered up or minimized to the public?" Other websites, blogs and independent journalists not muzzled by government control are asking this same question, and repeatedly.

Such questions rightly need to be asked in the aftermath of such a terrible disaster. The life of a nation is her people. And wherever the health of the people becomes threatened, questions must be asked as to WHY. And then the answers necessary to resolve such a threat must be sought for and implemented.

Could it be the lobbying power of the massive food industries, including the seafood industry, who don't want their business jeopardized by the truth?

With radioactive particles falling on fields, crops, waterways across North America and Canada, could the food industry feel endangered if the full  truth were to come forth? With radioactive debris traveling across the ocean to our shores, and filling the ocean in fact due to this disaster, could the seafood industry feel threatened now?

Let me give you an example of EPA cover up. In 1979, Elizabeth, a friend of mine who worked for the EPA came home from work in Washington DC. She told me, "The EPA just conducted a test of all the known seafood regularly harvested and sold to the public. They discovered that EVERY ONE OF THE SEAFOOD SAMPLES SUFFERED FROM CANCER. "In other words, the toxicity in the ocean had reached that level already by 1979, to the extent where every fish and related seafood was cancerous. And when a person ingests that fish, the environmental or biological toxins that triggered that cancer is being passed on to the consumer.

But then she revealed to me that the EPA was not going to make this finding known to the public.

Could this be the underlying reason WHY they do not want to test seafood now for effects of radiation from Fukushima?

If you go to the above link and read the article where it downplays the radioactive threat to seafood and consumers, keep in mind that the media can lie to the public, and does so at times for various and sundry reasons. As one judge declared in a ruling handed down in one court, when a person sued the media for lying to the public, that the media is under no LEGAL obligation to tell people the truth (!) Consider the owners of that media source, consider any ties to industries or lobbying of any kind, etc. In fact, we are being lied to on a daily basis by news media at any given time. Consider the power of hidden government censorship. This is why independent research must be continually performed by people who want to know the truth.
   Dutch Harbor, Alaska: Location of highest radioactivity measurements in Alaska

It is ludicrous to think, with the already high level of toxins in the ocean detected here, that make Alaska Inuit breast milk the most toxic in the world due to ingesting polluted seafood, that there could be no danger to the seafood from the radiation. When Dutch Harbor, AK,  has the highest readings from the fallout from Fukushima, and when dead or sick seals are already washing up on shore that show evidence they may be suffering from the symptoms of radiation poisoning, does this not indicate that caution must be exercised and further testing performed for the sake of the health of the people?
                   Dying seal on coast of Alaska
If the debris washing up here in Alaska is radioactive, and if Alaska has the highest measurement  of radiation in the USA, why shouldn't the seafood originating here be tested for the sake of safety of consumers?

This is a question that everyone living here must ask at this time. And across the North American Continent as well. And why not worldwide?

I originally came to Alaska as a mission of mercy, to help my medic friend in her work with the Eskimo villagers. I will also be helping with health care here as well. And now, dealing with this emerging crisis must also become a part of our health concerns while here as well.
                                   Dying seal on Alaska coast
Scientists are now beginning to test seals  from Alaska for evidence of radioactivity connected with the dead and dying seals surfacing here on Alaska's coast. They claim that they will make the results public in a few weeks. And even before the testing, some scientists are downplaying the possibility that radiation from Fukushima could play a part in the seal illness. I do not consider this to be fair and unbiased investigation!


After the EPA covered up the truth  in 1979 about what they discovered following scientific research performed on seafood and discovering widespread cancer throughout seafood samples, will pressure once again from the seafood and food manufacturing industries cause them to release only PART of the truth, and to conceal the truth about the link with the radioactivity? Or none at all? There are precedents, and yes, they are fully capable of concealing the truth from the public, to the detriment of the health of the American/Canadian people here.

As a professional health care provider, it is my responsibility to be concerned for the health of people I interact with. With continual evidence surfacing that there are emerging health problems due to this ongoing disaster, I remain very concerned here in Alaska at this time.

To my Christian readers, I ask that you pray deeply about this situation at this time.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from "the land of the Midnight Sun"

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  1. Nice work. Everyone is silent here in Northern California. No one thinks the 'radiation' is real or a threat. We even had yellow powder coating everything after it rained for a month straight following fukushima, just like after cheronobyl & in japan around the same time. They call it 'pollen' or just ignore it completely. I'm just trying to make the most of our short time left here on earth! God bless the beautiful animals and us all..