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BEFORE You Relocate TO MONTANA "to Find REFUGE and SAFETY....."

Many Americans believe relocating to wilderness regions across this nation is a safe thing as we face martial law in America.

But IS IT?

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

There are ever-increasing numbers of people across North America who have finally become aware of the NWO MARTIAL LAW AGENDA for North America. One of the first questions they often ask is, "WHERE SHOULD I MOVE TO? WHERE IS THE SAFEST PLACE TO GO?" Many who ask these questions have small children or elderly that they are concerned about, for their safety. And rightly so.

It is often advised to GET OUT OF THE BIG CITIES and surrounding suburbs. Find a home in the countryside where you can grow your own food, perhaps raise some livestock, and be more self-sufficient. BIG CITIES WILL BE HIT THE HARDEST UNDER MARTIAL LAW. It is therefore wise indeed to move out of cities and crowded suburbs surrounding them.

Some people assume that wilderness regions across America will also be safer. Perhaps at one point in America's past, this was the case. But at this time, such regions may easily prove to be the most volatile and the future locations wherein the bloodiest and most prolonged battles for America's freedoms will take place under martial law. The federal government and the US military are in fact closely monitoring such regions, assessing the Patriot/NWO resister threat such regions pose to their NWO agenda under martial law.

In the situation involving the state of MONTANA, there indeed are vast areas of remote wilderness, both in the mountains and across the plains of Montana. Montana is considered one of the least populated states in the USA, with only Alaska and Wyoming having fewer people per square mile than Montana.

For this reason, however, large numbers of those who consider themselves Patriotic gun-owning Americans, intent on personally resisting the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America, have purchased homes and land throughout Montana, and especially in the northwestern quadrant of Montana wherein numerous mountains are found. Christians have also located here, hoping to find safety in times to come from the big cities. At this time, it seems relatively peaceful and serene in Montana. A nice place to relocate! Or so it seems, UNTIL martial law is declared (it WILL happen) and the war against the AMERICAN PATRIOT takes place throughout this region.These mountains stretch into neighboring IDAHO, wherein there are also many NWO resisters to be found as well.

What these well-meaning people do not realize, is that the Pentagon and the intelligence community are closely monitoring regions such as this across America. The NWO MARTIAL LAW military agenda planners for North America want to KNOW where it's future enemies are located and concentrated. And wherever they perceive there to be concentrated pockets of future NWO resistance, they will take severe and relentless military measures to counter this Patriot NWO resistance "effectively."

I have personally discovered this to be true regarding MONTANA. Throughout my 14 years of personally investigating the NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA FOR AMERICA, I have spent several months each of those years traveling throughout Montana, investigating the groundwork being laid out for what appears to be complete military subduing of civilian Patriot resistance in this state and region.

You must understand, that the NWO martial law agenda for this nation is a MILITARY AGENDA. It must be understood therefore from a military perspective. After all, MARTIAL LAW means MILITARY RULE.

It is relatively easy for me to grasp the essentials of this NWO plan of takeover for America. I was born at the headquarters of the USAF. My father was a famous figure in the USAF and worked at both Bolling AFB and the Pentagon in Washington DC. My mother worked for the Department of Defense. I have spent much time interviewing people form the intelligence community and the US military, retired and active, regarding the NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA FOR AMERICA.

The information they began to reveal to me, starting in 1995, was so deeply disturbing, that I changed careers, to become involved in the field of investigative journalism so that I could warn my fellow Americans about what is planned to come to our nation. This is the kind of information that is blacked out and censored from the American public all the time. Yet the American people DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH in this desperate hour.

Regarding MONTANA, I began to receive disturbing reports of NWO advance preparations for military takeover in 1995. Eye witnesses told of sightings of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES located in Columbia Falls, MT, on sidetracks. Through years of investigating the reality of prisoner boxcars with shackles, now prepositioned across the USA for the hour of martial law as confirmed by numerous eye-witnesses, I now understood fully their purposes. They will be used to haul people who are arrested under martial law, to the FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY detention camps for processing, and in many cases elimination.

Such people targeted for arrest and to be taken to the camps include: gun owners who will not surrender their weapons, political and religious opponents of the NWO agenda (CHRISTIANS especially, as CIA whistleblowers emphatically informed me), etc.

Former CIA have admitted to me that "...ALL of us in the CIA know about these camps and their purposes. We all KNOW they are to TERMINATE the future resisters of the NEW WORLD ORDER under martial law..." (Source: Michael Maholy, 20 years ONI and CIA under Bush Sr., before he became a whistleblower and went underground.)

More on Michael,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=28ae8e3a4fd78b66&biw=1280&bih=552

Numerous former CIA sources have told me frankly that the CHRISTIANS OF AMERICA are the most hated NWO resister elements in North America. They informed me that they will be among the first to be arrested, their churches seized and turned over to FEMA, and brutally taken to prisoner boxcars with shackles to be taken to the camps to be killed.

Numerous sightings of prisoner boxcars with shackles have taken place throughout Montana. And no, these are NOT the "auto-carriers" that some people have suspected night be used someday (and they CAN be quickly transformed into prisoner boxcars.) These are actual boxcars with human prisoner shackles welded into them. Because there are many covert prisoner boxcars with shackles manufacturing operations across America, there are several difference kinds.

Some are older refurbished boxcars. Others are the new and modern ones, 3 levels high inside, and higher than normal boxcars on the outside. GUNDERSON INC received a huge secret contract from the US government to produce thousands of these boxcars previously. PHIL SCHNEIDER, contractor for building America's deep underground military bases at one time,  previously lectured on these prisoner boxcars before being brutally murdered for exposing this dark government secret.
Here is one link for articles on PRISONer boxcars with shackles:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=28ae8e3a4fd78b66&biw=1280&bih=552

There is evidence of much government monitoring of civilians here in Montana, as I discovered. I was on the radio in Kalispell, MT, on day with John Stokes, formerly of THE EDGE AM 600 broadcast, until he lost his station a few years ago. After a two hour special interview on THE NWO IN MONTANA, he took me aside before I left the building. He said, "Be CAREFUL! This are is SWARMING WITH FED SPIES!" And he was right. Locals confirmed this to me through their own personal experiences.

One woman admitted to me, "We no longer form open MILITIAS any more. There is too much Federal infiltration into our militias. Now it is as if every other home has become IT'S OWN PERSONAL MILITIA."

Evidence has been uncovered of the recent building of new prisoner detention facilities for martial law throughout Montana, including above Whitefish, MT, according to another journalist. He was so unnerved by what one city council member admitted to him about the detention camps, mobile FEMA prisoner units, and boxcars with shackles, that he returned home to pick up his wife and child and LEAVE THE COUNTRY.


I personally interviewed a woman with top secret security clearance enabling her to make deliveries of food supplies by truck to military DUMB (deep underground military bases) and military underground detention camps. I asked her where the last location was where she made a delivery to underground detention camp. She replied. "MONTANA." I told her I was surprised! There are MANY deep underground bases concealed in these mountains. And MANY detention camps set up, with military practicing to operate them, as confirmed by many sources including two NAVY SEALS who uncovered one practice detention camp temporarily set up in the Thompson Falls region at one time, as the wife of one of them reported to me in Missoula, MT. All the soldiers wore black uniforms.

The presence of the MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES is heavily reported in this state. I have personally interviewed credible Christian eye-witnesses to both the prisoner boxcars and the modern military guillotines in Montana. Other reporting sources have also confirmed the guillotine presence in Montana. One trucker in the Glacier region admitted to me personally in a local church a few months ago, that he was very concerned: his trucker friends admitted they were bringing large shipments of MODERN GUILLOTINES into BILLINGS, MT. You can read my many reports documenting these military guillotines both on my blog and on GOOGLE as well.

This is not the first time that truckers have confirmed to me the transporting of military guillotines by truck across America. One US Marine admitted to unloading the military guillotines by the thousands in crates in Montana in a closed military base, that we believe to be located in GLASGOW, MT.

It was in GLASGOW MT that prisoner shackles were welded into prisoner boxcars, according to on professional welder. And modern guillotines were bolted inside, one into each of these prisoner boxcars. They then traveled west towards, Glacier, MT, passing through the Indian reservation in Browning, where they were sighted by native George Bullcalf, who reported this to one contact of mine. They then were temporarily stored on a sidetrack in Columbia Falls, Montana, where a personal friend of mine (Marie McCullough)and 4 others traveling with her saw both the boxcars, shackles and the modern guillotines in each boxcar. She related this to me in 1995 in my home, following their prayer journey across America and the disturbing boxcars they uncovered in Montana.

To understand perfectly WHY the modern guillotines now admittedly found throughout American military bases, as reported to me by US Army sources such as Staff Sergeant Donnie Boysel from Fort Lewis Washington while in full military uniform several years ago, research THE NOAHIDE LAWS that Mr. NWO BUSH SR signed into legislation while President. The NOAHIDE LAWS, 7 laws allegedly given to Noah by God FOR THE GENTILES according to Lubavitch, were presented to him by the militant Orthodox Jewish organization LUBAVITCH CHABAD of NYC.

These laws demand that offenders who break several of these laws be EXECUTED BY BEHEADING! And TWO of these laws TARGET CHRISTIANS WHO BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST as Divine and the Son of God!

These Noahide Laws pave the way for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy of REVELATION 20:4, concerning the BEHEADING OF THE CHRISTIANS who will NOT renounce their faith in Jesus Christ under the antichrist's NEW WORLD ORDER of  REVELATION 13. I have had some Jews personally brag to me that "...the ANTICHRIST you Christians fear,will be OUR NEW MESSIAH to bring us to world victory and to get RID of you CHRISTIANS who stand in our way!" They also admitted to me that my reporting is very accurate regarding these things.

However, because of our CONSTITUTION that states that Congress shall make no law respecting any religion NOR prohibiting the free exercise thereof, THE NOAHIDE LAWS CANNOT BE ACTIVATED IN AMERICA until MARTIAL LAW IS DECLARED and the CONSTITUTION is rescinded!

This is very sad information for someone like myself who has loved and ministered to Jews and their elderly and children for many years now. There can never be any words adequate to describe the pain and sorrow in my heart about this. However, I feel more sorry for THEM  without salvation or Messiah, than for myself or anything I could suffer under their Noahide Laws: these tragically deceived Jews are about to BELIEVE IN A SOUL DAMNING DECEPTION that will lead them into PERDITION, by believing in the ANTICHRIST of Revelation 13.Paul the Apostle prophesied about this deception that would someday appear, and lead those Jews who rejected Jesus as Messiah into ETERNAL DAMNATION. He referred to him as THE MAN OF PERDITION in II Thessalonians. The Bible also calls him THE ANTICHRIST.

The GUILLOTINES ARE FOUND WORLDWIDE NOW in many military facilities! Staff Sergeant Donnie Boysel informed me that they are found also in BERLIN among other locations. This IS Bible prophecy fulfilled about a worldwide putting CHRISTIANS TO DEATH who will NOT accept a VERY Jewish involved NEW WORLD ORDER under THEIR "new Messiah" or ANTICHRIST! This IS Bible prophecy of Revelation 20:4!

People in Montana have asked me, WHY is LUBAVITCH CHABAD setting up offices in remote MONTANA, where in there are NO major huge Jewish populations or communities. One of the major reasons is because they are preparing their rabbinical courts that will try Christian offenders of their NOAHIDE LAWS and condemn them TO DEATH by BEHEADING once these laws are activated in America. As one Jewish woman in Eureka  admitted to me recently, Lubavitch sent one of their Sh'liakim, or emissaries, to her to try to bring her into Orthodox Judaism. This is what they do worldwide.

But there is also a darker purpose to their sh'liakim being stationed worldwide, and that is to pave the way for the coming MASS GENOCIDE OF CHRISTIANS WORLD-WIDE under their NOAHIDE LAWS and THE GUILLOTINES through their rabbinical courts stationed WORLDWIDE.

For you Montanans who have read about the MODERN GUILLOTINES sighted in Montana for years now, NOW YOU KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT THESE REALITIES AND WHY THEY ARE HERE. Christians, are YOU prepared to face these realities UNDER MARTIAL LAW??? HAVE YOU prepared your hearts to confess Jesus Christ is LORD before these GUILLOTINES and to remain FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH???

MORE about martial law in MONTANA...

I interviewed a retired US Marine drill sergeant from Billings, MT, a few years ago on Bozeman, MT, for an hour and a half. He literally bragged to me that "Yeah, your reporting is right...and we have been hardening our men to FIRE UPON WOMEN AND CHILDREN, because, hey...they can carry guns too...can't they?"

This report had such impact, that even John Trochman of Militia of Montana reprinted copies of this very interview, and distributed them at gun shows...because they greatly increased gun sales! I know, because he personally handed me a copy of my very own report at one gun show, sitting on his tables! The below link will take you to my article published on one of many websites.

Highway 2  in Northern Montana will apparently become a major military corridor in the future. A hidden UN training base is found off Highway 2 above Troy, MT, in the Yaak River Valley near the Canadian border.Glacier Waterton International Peace Park along Highway 2 is a UN BIOSPHERE. And under the charter for a UN BIOSPHERE, such grounds can be used to house and detain "prisoners of war" ( as in "NWO RESISTERS"). Highway 2 runs directly along Glacier Park as you travel east. I have personally observed foreign military vehicles traveling on Highway 2 heading towards the hidden UN training base in the Yaak.

There is a hidden UN underground military base inside a mountain in TREGO, MT, off Highway 93 going up into Canada. Although many local sources suspect this, this was finally confirmed to me by a military source in Bozeman, MT.

An 8 mile AMTRAK tunnel goes through this mountain. There are hidden walls in this tunnel, that can be opened to permit trains with military equipment to be diverted into the DUMB base concealed in this mountain. Eye witnesses confirmed to me one train with boxcars covered with tarp that had UN stenciled on the sides. These UN boxcars ENTERED the tunnel, but were never seen to emerge from that tunnel 8 miles down the road. It is believed that they were diverted into the DUMB (deep underground military base ) within that mountain.

In fact, there are many concealed underground military bases in Montana, in these mountains.

I interviewed one person who has top security clearance to deliver food supplies by truck to DUMB bases (deep underground military bases) and underground detention camps. I asked this person WHERE was the last place that this person delivered food to an UNDERGROUND DETENTION CAMP. This person admitted to me, "MONTANA". WHY, oh WHY am I not surprised!

We suspect that a new deep underground base with many tunnels is being constructed in the KALISPELL region, due to MANY reports from locals indicating that heavy excavating and digging has been going on for quite a while now beneath the streets of KALISPELL and going beyond in other directions, including Thompson Falls, MT.

A deadly hazard here in the Kalispell region and also throughout Montana, is the presence of PENTAGON TESTING OF THEIR MILITARY CHEMICAL/BIOLOGICAL WARFARE AGENTS using the locals as human guinea pigs. In previous reports I have exposed this outrage against the people of Montana extensively. BELOW is the link to my report:

One former military liaison officer who gave me excellent insider information regarding the prisoner boxcars and shackles manufactured previously in Montana, also informed me that the closed aluminum processing plant in Columbia Falls, MT, has a huge furnace that will be used to cremate the anticipated future dead bodies under martial law. (Source: former military liaison officer and metal welder Lee Harrington, Valier. MT, who has given me extensive background information on many activities in Montana pertaining to martial law.) I was not totally surprised when one information source in the Glacier region told me they were rafting down a river in Columbia Falls past the aluminum processing plant, and saw what they felt bore resemblance to  WHITE UN PRISONER BOXCARS on the railroad tracks inside the plant and only visible by the river they floated down. This report came to me personally only days ago. I plan to research this further as safety permits.You can see in the picture below that it is indeed on a river that my eye-witnesses rafted down and spotted these white boxcars. However, I must confirm this for accuracy. But the potential is real.

In WHITEFISH MONTANA, one journalist performing research was informed by a member of City Counsel that there were new detention camps being built above Whitefish, that they had prisoner boxcars with shackles and mobile FEMA prisoner units (concealed from public eye) that they would be using under MARTIAL LAW. He was also informed that THIS WAS CLASSIFIED INFORMATION FOR WHICH HE COULD BE TERMINATED FOR BOTH KNOWING AND DISPERSING TO OTHERS. He took a flight home from Glacier International Airport, and admitted to my information source what he had just found out, and said he was going to take his family and LEAVE AMERICA now and NEVER RETURN due to what he had uncovered. This was reported to me personally Missoula, MT. Below is a picture of a MOBILE FEMA PRISONER UNIT.

You can often SEE ME ON MCAT TELEVISION IN MISSOULA with EMMIT of  "THE TERRIBLE TRUTH ABOUT SOCIETY" broadcast in the late evenings.

I have interviewed local militias who know all that I know about the NEW WORLD ORDER and coming martial law. And many Patriots in Montana have told me in so many words, "Yeah, lady, we know ALL ABOUT the NWO and what they plan to do, and it will be outta my COLD DEAD HANDS they pry my gun, because I AM NOT SURRENDERING TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER and I am not being TAKEN ALIVE to their detention camps!" Good! More power to you! However...

The sad truth is, it WILL be "outta your cold dead hands" that the NWO military will pry MANY guns, as they move relentlessly against all NWO resistance in these beautiful mountains of Montana. Chemical/biological warfare will take many resisters down. The FEMA coffins have already been shipped into this region, just waiting for the bodies to be dumped into them from chemical/biological warfare. These FEMA coffins were sighted in the summer of 2011 in front of the WEST GLACIER VILLAGE entrance to Glacier national Park, sitting on a sidetrack for four days before being moved, according to one employee working in West Glacier Village. This is near the old BELTON railway station that serves West Glacier, Montana.

The detention camps and prisoner boxcars with shackles are all in place in this state. The military guillotines are here. Foreign troops have trained already in these mountains. And much more besides.

My many years of researching in this state have confirmed to me that the NWO and Pentagon military forces enforcing the NWO under martial law, are taking the Patriot militia threat seriously in this region of America. And evidently they plan to respond accordingly with brute military force and intimidation and tactics.

PLEASE NOTE: NONE of this article is intended as a "psy op" operation designed to put fear or intimidation into the hearts of America's courageous Patriots. Rather, it is an honest assessment of the military strategies in place to war against American freedom lovers and supporters of our Constitution in this state of Montana, under future MARTIAL LAW and the attempt to impose their NWO on us. One of the most basic principles involved in winning ANY war realistically is, KNOW THINE ENEMY! Military intelligence spends much time in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy.

And so should we, the loyal American Patriots, the true defenders of America's liberty and sovereignty.

Based on all that I have uncovered in many years of research in Montana, my advice is this: DO NOT relocate to the state of Montana (or the Pacific Northwest regions) with the intent of finding refuge from the many tribulations under martial law coming to our nation. You will not find refuge under martial law, but a very fierce war zone of conflict between the freedom loving loyal American Patriots, and the highly trained, well-rehearsed and ruthless NWO military forces from hell, that will involve both our own US military (traitors!) and UN/NATO/ Partnership for Peace forces from many nations, INCLUDING RUSSIA.

Hunters have told me already of accidentally stumbling upon Russian troops rehearsing in these mountains alongside US military advisers. In fact, MANY Montananas have witnesses this.

Pentagon source AL CUPPETT, who has lectured nationwde about MARTIAL LAW COMING, talked with one state trooper from MONTANA, who admitted to sighting a UN CONVOY hauling heavy military equipment into the mountains of Northwestern Montana.He pulled over one drive. This driver produced a DoD ID card. BUT HE WAS RUSSIAN! The whole convoy was RUSSIAN MILITARY! When they stopped at a truck stop for food, the state trooper went to one trailer, lifted up the tarp to discover A HOWITZER TYPE CANNON!  Evidently, the NWO forces plan to BLOW THE NOW RESISTERS OUT OF THESE MOUNTAINS under martial law!

Instead of finding "refuge" in Montana, I personally predict you will someday find the most intense battles between the well-entrenched Patriot resistance and the NWO military forces under martial law that will ever be fought under martial law across these United States.

If it is safety and refuge you are looking for, begin to seek God's guidance through FASTING AND PRAYER, even praying about relocating out of the continental United States. Several years ago I lectured in Costa Rica on coming martial law in America. Many listeners were ex-pats from North America, who deliberately relocated to Costa Rica AFTER praying about information regarding coming martial law in America. Many told me that they feared for the safety of their children, and that was a major factor among others. Russian Christians I interviewed in Kalispell told me God was leading them to a city in BRAZIL for refuge.

Relocate to Montana ONLY if you have prayed and THEN firmly believe God is calling you to be strategically placed in this state.

Relocate to Montana ONLY if you are prepared to fight to the end for America's freedoms to continue, as martial law comes down in this region. Come here only if you are of that courageous state of heart and mind willing to fight and suffer and die for righteousness' sake and for our Republic to continue. Come here ONLY if YOU ARE PREPARED and WILL CONTINUE TO PREPARE for the long term confrontation!

Furthermore, you must understand that it is very difficult to get jobs here in Montana, even for long term local residents. Wages can also be lower here than in many other states.

If you cannot deal with extreme cold weather and prolonged winters, Montana is not the place for you. Their winters typically last 8 months, their summers are very short, and the cold can reach 40-50 below zero, with wind chill factors bringing it even lower still. I personally have encountered all of this at times during my years of research in Montana.

Couple all of the above with the anticipated hardships under coming martial law (no gas, no electricity, no food in grocery stores, etc.) and you can understand WHY I encourage people to exercise CAUTION when considering long-term relocation to MONTANA or this region in general. Hardship and deprivation will only be made much worse by a prolonged and very cold winter.

BY ALL MEANS COME AND ENJOY Montana's awesome SKI RESORTS in the winters! Come and enjoy magnificent Glacier National Park and other parks in Montana in the summers! This report is not meant to discourage tourists and visitors from enjoying this magnificent state! But I AM addressing the potential hazards potentially involved in LONG TERM RELOCATION TO THIS STATE in this article.

I cannot recommend relocation to this state and region if you have small children, handicapped or elderly in your family. Do you really want to subject them to what is coming to this region under future martial law as the military seeks to hunt out and destroy all Patriot resistance? The innocent will certainly be found among the tragic victims, as in all wars.

I have written this article out of deep love and concerned for my beloved fellow American patriots and Christians. Use wisdom in every decision you make in this hour, coupled with much prayer. And God be with you.

And always remember: WE, the patriotic, God-fearing and Constitution-supporting Americans, are NOT the true ENEMY of America or "enemy combatants." The true enemies of America are those who have betrayed our Constitution and American Christian heritage, and have sold our our nation to a Communist world globalist agenda of oppression and tyranny.

WE, the genuine American patriots and defenders of liberty and our Christian heritage and Constitution, are the true heroes of this nation! Never forget this.

And as such, we MUST stand against this deadly threat to our American heritage and freedom and our Constitution in this perilous hour and throughout the times to come.


                  The Proud and Independent Spirit of the
                  Montana Cowboy and Homesteader


NEVER surrender your weapons to the enemy, the NWO forces from hell. NEVER throw down your weapons and be taken ALIVE to the horrific FEMA deathcamps and boxcars awaiting you!

Surrender to WHAT? To be brutally tortured and killed in the FEMA prisoner boxcars and the detention camps, as former CIA warned me would happen once they began to arrest the much-hated NWO resisters under martial law? Surrender your precious God-given liberties and American Christian heritage to these godless and satan-worshipping communist murderers?

I repeat, purpose to NEVER be taken alive to the FEMA camps in the heinous prisoner boxcars with shackles.

Christian Patriot, NEVER DENY JESUS CHRIST, not to save YOUR life nor any FAMILY MEMBERS, etc., should that hour of temptation by the antichrist NWO enemy come upon you. Remain faithful unto death: your ultimate victory remains in being FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

God bless all my fellow Montanans and Patriotic Americans throughout our nation in this critical hour. Blessed are those who will take heed to such truths and SEEK GOD NOW for HIS ANSWERS and WISDOM and GRACE!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Montana

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