Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Personal Word to George H W Bush, With God's Love

Dear George, my heart is deeply burdened for you, as it as been for your entire Bush family.

I am certain that you are not ignorant of my reporting nor the message of my reports throughout the years. However, this is one report I have never written before, and it is to YOU. And your entire Bush family, with love.

I watched in my own family, what the insidious doctrines of the New World Order and the worship of Lucifer did to transform my once loving father into a murderous God-hating tyrant in our home. There was no "blessing" brought into our home by the worship of this fraud and murderer and deceiver, Lucifer. Rather, it brought heartache and sorrow and grief and deep sorrow.

My father had no peace, day or night. He would emerge from our basement in our Northern Virginia home, night after night with bloodshot eyes and a look of remorse on his face. It was because his conscience tormented him continually. He could not live with the grim memories of his participation in human sacrifice rituals and the senseless murders of innocent victims repeatedly. He learned that all the shallow "rewards" promised to him for going along with the NWO agenda and jumping on board the Luciferic bandwagon that accompanies the NWO agenda, were not worth the torment he then carried in his heart continually.

My wonderful Christian mother and I would not give up on his eternal soul. We knew that no matter how great his sins against God and man were, Jesus Christ had suffered and died to bear the punishment from a holy God for ALL his sins. We were not willing to consign his soul to an eternity of eternal torment and remorse. And so we forgave that man, again...and again..and again. We responded to his hate with mercy and love and compassion for his eternal soul, as Jesus Christ has commanded us to do.

Finally, many years later, my father found himself dying of bone cancer. He begged us to come and take care of him until he died. This was long after he had thrown my mother and I out of his home and brought in his satanist "other woman" into his home. When he found himself old and dying, he knew there was no chance of healing or mercy from Lucifer the destroyer!  From years of our sharing Jesus Christ with him, he knew where true mercy could be found. And so he got rid of  the "other woman," and brought us back into his life.

But even then, he would not admit that he got involved in human sacrificing satanism. He always thought he had done a good job of concealing such activities from my mother and I. But I knew the truth. I had met with his former satanic high priest from Virginia Beach, at a Christian retreat in Florida. That man admitted to presiding over rituals of human sacrifice in which my father and his satanist "other woman" had fully participated in. I was finally armed with eye-witness evidence through which I could openly confront my father before he died.

Returning from Florida, I came to my father's bedside. Looking at him with compassion, I told him that I had met with his high priest, who told me the truth about that tragic Easter weekend in Virginia Beach that year, in which a young woman was sacrificed. I was not prepared for his response. "Stop it...STOP IT!" he screamed and began to writhe in agony as if a thousand demons had risen up to torment him with the memories of that terrible sacrifice. I quietly said to him as he calmed down, "Daddy, this is your last chance. You are about to die. God is calling you to REPENT of these terrible sins and receive forgiveness for them through Jesus Christ before you die." I then left the room and prayed deeply for him.

A wonderful USAF military chaplain was sent to our home after that. I told him the truth about my father. He then confronted my father with that truth, and FINALLY, my father confessed to everything and prayed for Jesus Christ to FORGIVE HIS SINS and bring SALVATION AT LAST into his life!

George, dear, when my father finally prayed for Jesus to come into his life and forgive his sins, the change was unbelievable. God replaced the hate and murder in his heart, with love and compassion! The constant torment he lived with because of the terrible things done by night in satanism, melted away to be replaced with peace...the peace that can only come from KNOWING YOU ARE FORGIVEN!

And when my father finally died, it was with the peace of God in his life. Though he had done terrible things in the past to innocent people, he had the reassurance from the word of God that his sins were forgiven completely. THIS is the amazing power of the Living God to set souls free from Lucifer's deadly grasp.

I never fully understood how GREAT the power of the love and mercy and forgiveness of the Living God truly was, until I saw it manifested in God's grace and forgiveness regarding my very own father. 30 years a practicing satanist and supporter of the NWO agenda. YET God reaching down in His mercy to save his soul!

George and Barbara, you are now  growing old. You know not when you will take your final breath at last. And after your heart beats for the last time, you will find yourselves in ETERNITY. And you will know at last that GOD'S WORD IS TRUE. Hell and the lake of fire hold eternal torments and everlasting remorse for those who continually reject the mercy of the only TRUE AND LIVING GOD, whose holy Name is NOT "LUCIFER," or false god of the Illuminati.

You WILL give an account of your life before a holy and Living God. While He is a God of mercy, He is also a holy and a just God who holds men accountable for their actions completely. Jesus Christ said of Him: "Fear GOD, who can destroy both body and soul in hell. I say unto you, FEAR HIM!"

I tell you from the eternal Word God, dear George, that there IS coming a day of judgment for those who will not repent. IF YOU DIE WITH YOUR SINS UNFORGIVEN, there is coming a time in which you will be confronted by a Holy God for every act of human sacrifice, rape and torture of the innocents that you have ever committed on Illuminati altars. Their shed blood cries out for JUDGMENT before the throne of a holy God before Whom nothing is hidden.

You WILL give an account before Almighty God for every life ruined and destroyed because of CIA drugs that you played a major role in importing into America...UNLESS these sins are forgiven.

You WILL give an account before Almighty God for laying the tragic groundwork for the planned mass genocide of millions of innocents under the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for North America...unless these sins are forgiven.

And for much more besides. And you know exactly what I am talking about.

But I am writing this to you to tell you, that as great as these sins against man and God are, THE POWER OF ALMIGHTY GOD TO FORGIVE AND SAVE YOU ETERNALLY IS GREATER STILL!

I have been praying for you and the entire Bush Illuminati bloodline for many years now, for His mercy and forgiveness to conquer the darkness in the end and to bring your whole family to Jesus Christ and out of the soul damning darkness forever.

And of course, on my mother's side of my family, we are direct descendants of Levi Redfield, carrier of the Bush Illuminati bloodline also. Being of this bloodline therefore, as a Christian I have a holy and God-given obligation to speak these thing to you and your family. But we Christians in this bloodline are the ones who KNOW the power of the Living God and that  Jesus Christ is far greater than Lucifer! And how I HATE Lucifer! I rejoice over the hour in which God Himself will have him cast eternally into the LAKE OF FIRE to face eternal torment and destruction forevermore for all he has done to corrupt  and destroy and deceive mankind!

Perhaps I can give you a small glimpse of the kind of love and forgiveness through this personal word to you. George, I personally stand to be hurt by your NWO agenda for America. The prisoner boxcars and shackles were made for Christians like me. The detention camps of  your REX 84, to terminate all NWO resisters, were made for Christians like me. The guillotines to fulfill your NOAHIDE LAWS legislation you signed while President, paving the way for mass genocide of the Christians in America, were made for Christians like me. Yet I have chosen to love and forgive you.

I know that I face all these things in my lifetime. What a sad and tragic future you have helped create for millions of innocent people!

But what I want you to know from my heart is, that none of these things move me from my Christian faith. I do not fear death nor how it comes. Why should I? Jesus Christ has given me eternal life!

Far more to be pitied, are people like you, who are walking in such great darkness and who do NOT know the love of God, nor His mercy and forgiveness and salvation as yet. We ALL must die some day, and WHERE YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY is ALL IMPORTANT!

And none of these things that you have done will stop the love of God in my heart for your eternal soul. I never stop praying for you and your entire Bush family. God' love relentlessly pursues the most lost of the lost, seeking to save that soul from eternal destruction! This is why Jesus Christ declared, "For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten SON, that WHOSOEVER believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life!"

Mankind cannot comprehend the depths of the love of God in His desire to save people from eternal damnation due to their sins.

I personally forgive you all the things you have done to lay the groundwork for the mass genocide of  me and my Christian people. You see, if WE CHRISTIANS DIE, we go to heaven! The death of our mere temporal body is the gateway for our redeemed souls to enter into the glorious Kingdom of God!

But if you die without forgiveness and salvation through Jesus Christ, you shall tragically perish eternally. God forbid.

Jesus, as He suffered in agony nailed to a brutal cross for the sins of the world, did not curse those mocking Him. Rather because the love of God was so great for these lost sinners, He cried out from the3 depths of that unfathomable Divine love, "Father, forgive them! For they know not what they do!"


My great desire is to see you gloriously set free from Lucifer's dark hold over your life, and to see you emerge a forgiven and changed man, dear George..and Barbara too. Just as God set my father free at last.

I continue to pray this for you, and your entire Bush family...Jeb and George and Marvin and their wives and children and grandchildren. God have mercy and pity on you all, and bring you into His glorious light of love and mercy and forgiveness and salvation through Jesus Christ at last.

"For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world but that through Him, the world might be saved. He that believes in Him is not condemned, but he that does not believe stands condemned already, because he has not believe in God's only begotten Son."
~Jesus Christ

With sincere love and prayer, Pamela Rae Schuffert
TO all my Christian readers-

Please take the time to pray for the salvation of every member of the Bush family, today. Pray that God in His mercy will visit them with the Holy Spirit bringing conviction, and grace unto repentance and eternal salvation. Many of you are aware of the tragic darkness of the Illuminati and the sins committed by them.

However, please remember that at one time ALL of us who are now Christians, were also at one time sinners. We too needed the mercy and forgiveness of God as well. Thank God for those who loved us and prayed for us while WE were yet sinners! Thank GOD that Jesus Christ loved US while we were yet sinners! We are called to show the same mercy to day to those now lost in sin.

Therefore , we are obligated to also love and pray for and forgive those who are without salvation through Jesus Christ, that they too might be saved.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


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