Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Note- I am wholly compelled through all I have researched and written over these past 15 years, in exposing the terrible plans of the NWO for America, to pray continually against such darkness. Understand: the NWO is fully satan's manifest kingdom on earth of Revelation 13. Therefore it is the enemy of ALL Christians and of God Himself. ALL Christians in North America should be fasting and praying against their plans of persecution and murder of the innocents under martial law and NWO (actually Communist) tyranny. The following is a a guideline for prayer. May God's Holy Spirit lead you in your own powerful intercession against their dark plans for North America.
-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Heavenly Father God, we humbly come to You in the magnificent NAME OF YOUR SON, JESUS CHRIST. You ARE the great God and Father of our Founding Fathers, of the PILGRIMS and the many Christians who came here for refuge from the oppression of men, to seek and found A NATION UNDER GOD.

Father God, first of all, we confess our sins to You. We the Christians of this nation, your elect, repent and turn from our wicked ways! Your Word declares, "If My people, who are called by My Name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and TURN from their wicked ways, THEN will I hear from Heaven, forgive their sins and HEAL THEIR LAND."(II Chronicles 7:14)

We have SINNED and fallen short of Your glory. ( "For ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God."Romans 3:23)We humbly confess with great sorrow and shame that our nation has turned from You in many ways, from the leadership down, to instead worship abominations and to walk in great spiritual darkness. (Deuteronomy 12:31)

America has  shed the blood of the innocents across this nation, through the SIN OF ABORTION. Sin has become rampant throughout our nation, because many have departed from the knowledge of the true and living God to worship abominations and idols. (Psalm 106:38)

We confess that our nation is stained throughout by the blood of the innocents, shed on the satanic altars of those who worship the abomination satan or Lucifer, whose NWO this is. And that such unspeakable wickedness, depravity and horror  extends even to the highest levels of leadership over our nation and throughout, to our utterly great shame and reproach.

Nevertheless, FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR FAITHFUL REMNANT who worship YOU in spirit and truth and seek to know YOU and to KEEP YOUR WAYS and your commandments, turn away the plans of the wicked for our nation. Preserve Your holy remnant in our nation.

For it is THE RIGHTEOUS and THE INNOCENT whom they have targeted for death and destruction in the hour of Martial Law and their anticipated NEW WORLD ORDER rule. And You have written in Your eternal word,  "THE RIGHTEOUS AND THE INNOCENT SLAY THOU NOT!" (Exodus 23:7)

Omniscient Father God, You know that the planners of the NEW WORLD ORDER are ultimately against YOU, the Almighty and Everlasting God, and against Your Only begotten Son Jesus Christ,and are estranged from the Living God, and worshipping  the wicked one and committing great abominations, sinning against both man and God.
(Revelation 17:14)

You know their great hatred for both You and Your holy and elect people, we THE CHRISTIANS who are forbidden by YOUR WORD to participate in their abomination of a world government under THE WICKED ONE.

You know that they plan to persecute and murder those who are faithful to You and Your Son Jesus Christ, and to tempt them to deny Your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ the Savior of the world.

You have known from the foundations of the world that they would do this to Your holy and redeemed people, and You have prophesied this in your great and eternal Word that cannot lie. (Revelation 13:7-10)

Father God, for the very sake of the elect, raise your standard against the wicked one and his followers!

We are commanded by Your holy word, to resist the wicked one and he will flee. Your Word declares that JESUS CHRIST WAS MANIFESTED TO DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL. (I John 3:8)

And Jesus Christ is now manifested in this world THROUGH HIS HOLY PEOPLE.

Therefore in the Name of Jesus Christ, we His Redeemed take the sword of the eternal WORD OF GOD and come against ALL PLANS AND PREPARATIONS FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF YOUR CHRISTIAN PEOPLE in North America in this hour by satan's kingdom and his followers and their NEW WORLD ORDER. For these are ALL "the works of the devil" against which Jesus Christ Himself stands.

For IT IS WRITTEN, "Jesus Christ was manifested to DESTROY the works of the devil." The "NEW WORLD ORDER"  as described in Revelation is fully the work of the wicked one from it's very inception. (Revelation 13:2-"...And THE DRAGON [satan] gave to him [NWO] his throne, power and great authority...")

We therefore come AGAINST the horrors of prisoner boxcars with shackles, in Jesus holy Name. May YOU cause every one of them to perish, since they are tools of satan and his NWO followers, designed for the torment and destruction of YOUR ELECT. May they ALL someday lie twisted and burned and destroyed forevermore under the great wrath and judgment of the Living God. For IT IS WRITTEN: "NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER!" (Isaiah 15:17)

We come AGAINST the horrors of detention camps, in Jesus' holy Name, prepared against your chosen people, the Christians, and fully designed to persecute and destroy them. Bring Your great wrath and destruction upon those facilities designed to bring death and destruction to YOUR Christian elect!

May You judge and destroy even the very railway tracks and landing strips leading to these insidious places of planned torture and the destruction of your people in their hour of MARTIAL LAW. What these NWO murderers have SOWN, may they reap in full measure, EVEN as Your Word declares SHALL HAPPEN, that men may KNOW YOU ARE THE LORD GOD THE ALMIGHTY Who is JUST and JUDGES the very thoughts of the heart and the wicked intentions of mankind!

We come AGAINST the deadly chemical and biological warfare, designed by the military and others, to wickedly destroy your people in that hour of martial law and to spread pestilence and disease to many. In Jesus' holy Name. We cast down every plane used to sow death and destruction upon the innocent, in Jesus' Holy Name. Which is just, since Your Word declares that "BE NOT DECEIVED: GOD IS NOT MOCKED. Whatsoever a man SOWS, that shall he REAP..." Those who sow death and destruction of the innocent, shall surely reap the same from the hands of a just and holy God! (Galatians 6:7)

We come AGAINST the horror of their admitted planned "rape, and torture and murder" of Your chosen people, the Christians who trust in You through Your Son Jesus Christ,  under martial law and the planned persecution of Your elect.

We come AGAINST the horrors of THE MILITARY GUILLOTINES and against the very Noahide Laws that support their use against your Christian people, in Jesus holy name. (Revelation 20:4)May the wrath of God Himself come upon both these guillotines and the very ones training to behead Your elect in that hour. May your holy judgment come upon those who have devised this plan of persecution and death against Your elect. May these guillotines become twisted piles of rubble under the wrath of God.

Father God, in Jesus' holy Name, HOLD BACK THE HOUR OF MARTIAL LAW and all these planned horrors and more. FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR ELECT! (MATTHEW 24:22)

Father God, please TURN THE HEARTS OF THE US MILITARY against this traitorous and satanic NWO communist agenda for our nation. Convict their hearts to NOT perform these ugly atrocities they are even now being hardened and prepared to do to innocent civilians under martial law.

Please convict the hearts of the US military being trained to OPERATE THE MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES in Fort Lewis and many other facilities, to REPENT and REFUSE to operate them against their fellow Americans and innocent Christians under martial law to come. Cause the instead to RISE UP IN RESISTANCE and DEFEAT the NWO agenda throughout the US military.

Please convict the hearts of the US military to NOT fire upon women and children, even as they are being prepared to do under martial law. In Jesus Holy Name, turn the hearts of America away from satan, and unto THE LIVING GOD through bringing REPENTANCE and REVIVAL to the US military. Convict their hearts to NOT take Your innocent people to their FEMA camps and prisoner boxcars with shackles under martial law.

We STAND upon Your Holy Promises: "In ALL THESE THINGS we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Him Who love US [Jesus Christ.]" (Romans 8:37)

Instead, PRE-EMPT their plan to deliberately trigger martial law to bring these horrors upon our nation, AND INSTEAD BRING FORTH YOUR CHOSEN MEANS OF GREAT JUDGMENT AGAINST  THEIR NWO and all their wicked PLANS, in Jesus' holy Name. Cut short their wicked plans!

 These NWO supporters worship the wicked one, and have already shed the blood of the innocents  in secret on their satanic altars, and many are the Christians whose blood they have shed in secret  in their worship of the wicked one, to bring forth their NWO. Surely their wicked ways are not hidden from YOU! They have committed abominations against YOU, and therefore their works are fully WORTHY OF YOUR HOLY JUDGMENTS in this hour.The judgment of the wicked is the salvation of Your people from them in this hour! (Revelation 16:6)

We beseech God's mercy and power and invoke the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ upon this nation, against all these planned horrors and against those who plan to commit them against the people of God, and against the very devil behind the NEW WORLD ORDER, in Jesus' HOLY NAME!

Father God, pour out Your power and Your Divine Holy Spirit upon this THY NATION. PURGE from her midst all evildoers who refuse to repent and who are determined to destroy Your people and Your Word of truth from among men. Set Your people FREE from all these evil plans of the wicked one, in Jesus Holy Name! Wake up your Church to the truth! Wake up Your people!

We rebuke the very forces of perdition and hell behind the NEW WORLD ORDER, satan's manifest kingdom on earth of Revelation 13. For You have written and declared, "AND THE GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL!" (Matthew 16:18)

Father God, give Your people the grace to be kept FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH (Revelation 2:10) as You have done throughout the centuries, when facing death for Your Son's sake under the NEW WORLD ORDER, whether by the Biblically prophesied GUILLOTINES for beheading of the saints, or by other means.(Revelation 20:4)

Give Your people VICTORY in the precious Name of Jesus Christ Your SON! Give Your people VICTORY by the Blood of the Lamb, the Word of their testimony of Jesus Christ, and by the grace to remain faithful unto death in that hour of temptation! (Revelation 12:11)

Bring to JUDGMENT and DESTRUCTION the plans of the wicked against the righteous. Bring to great judgment and destruction every  tool necessary for the NWO to advance satan's kingdom across the globe and throughout North America, in Jesus Holy name. (Psalm 7:11)

Father God, lastly, bring to great brokenness, conviction and repentance those who are deceived by satan and the NEW WORLD ORDER. Turn them from the power of the wicked one to the power of the LIVING GOD THROUGH JESUS YOUR SON.
 (Acts 26:18)

We humbly ask all these things of You and more, in Jesus' Holy Name! Thank You and praise You for your mercy and grace and answers to these prayers on behalf of Your People!-Amen

My fellow American Christians, NEVER FORGET that GOD HIMSELF is against THE NEW WORLD ORDER of Revelation 13! And that someday "...the smoke of their torment shall ascend forever and ever, and they shall have no rest day or night..." (Revelation 14:11)

Never forget that the defeat of the NEW WORLD ORDER of Revelation 13 is ALREADY PROPHESIED in God's Holy Word!

Nevero forget that OUR VICTORY IS ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED IN JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, as we overcome through His Blood and His Word and are kept faithful to the end.

"These shall make war with the Lamb, and the LAMB SHALL OVERCOME THEM, for He is Lord of lords and KING of kings, and they that are with Him are called and chosen and faithful!"
Revelation 17:14

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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  1. God bless you. The trinity of Satan is here.
    During this period the two witnesses of the Revelations will also.

    Our bodies may die but our souls remain in the Kingdom of God. Our souls will reunite with our dead bodies in the resurrection. If Satan's Son kills us we will be in the first resurrection and reign with Jesus a thousand years.

    God loves his saints and will always be with them.

    -God's Scribe Roger