Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Recent Email to LUBAVITCH CHABAD Regarding Their NOAHIDE LAWS

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Today I received an email from LUBAVITCH CHABAD (the Orthodox Jewish movement and organization behind the NOAHIDE LAWS), stating they would "love to hear from me" and "hear how I am doing." So I dutifully sat down and composed the following email in reponse. I am sure my readers will find my response  very interesting.-Pamela Rae Schuffert
International gathering of Lubavitch Chabad at their world headquarters in New York City

Shalom, mishpocah at LUBAVITCH. May Ha'Shem bless you all through His only appointed Mashiach, Yahshua Ha'Mashiach. So you'd love to hear from ME? And "...hear how I am doing?" And so you think "...we have all laughed and cried together throughout the past year?"

Well, thank you. I too have cried alot over what my investigative journalism has uncovered throughout the years. My Gentile Christian neck does not feel so good, after reporting on THE NOAHIDE LAWS presented to BUSH SENIOR by LUBAVITCH CHABAD to be signed into legislation.

Coupled with the inside information from my Pentagon and CIA sources confirming the presence of THE MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES in so many US military bases...and even worldwide. But then Lubavitch and their NOAHIDE LAWS AGENDA for Gentiles is world wide, isn't it?

Actually, we Gentile Christians who face the loss of our lives through the implementing of the Noahide Laws and the decapitation of all offenders who break the "BLASPHEMY AGAINST G-D" and "IDOLATRY" laws due to our firm and unwavering belief that YAHSHUA HA'MASHIACH is indeed DIVINE and the Son of the Most High, Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu, are not the ones to be pitied.

It is you, my dear Jewish friends, who sadly reject the ONE AND ONLY TRUE MASHIACH, YAHSHUA, and hence have no eternal life and not forgiveness of sins through His precious atonement accomplished in Jerusalem on the tree...YOU are the ones I pity far more than we Christians Gentiles facing death for our faith in THE MASHIACH.

If WE true Believers in The Mashiach Yahshua die, our redeemed and eternal souls are brought immediately into the Divine Presence of Ha'Shem by His Ruach Ha' Kodesh and His Mashiach. WE GO HOME to the ETERNAL JERUSALEM THE GOLDEN to be with Ha'Shem, Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu, forevermore!

If you dear and misled people DIE in your sins, without forgiveness through faith in Mashiach Yahshua, you face a very tragic eternity without Ha'Shem or ETERNAL LIFE.

This tragedy I wish upon no one. This I pray about daily. LUBAVITCH is continually in my heart of love and prayers, for both leaders and such in headquarters in Williamsburg, and far beyond to Lubavitch Sh'liakim such as dear Rabbi Eli Cohen and Shanee in Australia. SO many are in my prayers of mercy and grace in LUBAVITCH CHABAD.

Well, it appears as if my tender neck awaits your Noahide Laws, rabbinical courts, and the modern military guillotines in place nationwide to fulfill them. For YES, I believe and declare that YAHSHUA HA'MASHIACH [Jesus the Messiah]is both DIVINE and the SON OF THE MOST HIGH, Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu[holy and blessed is He]. I worship Him indeed as G-D IN THE FLESH and the perfect fulfillment of hundreds of years of Jewish prophecy regarding THE DIVINE MASHIACH TO COME, Who HAS come and WILL COME BACK AGAIN to reign on this earth!

Dear ones, do you know what OUR CHRISTIAN BIBLE says about those who are beheaded for their faith in Yahshua and refuse to renounce it in the face of your guillotines? Read REVELATION 20:4 in the CHRISTIAN BIBLE. It declares that WE WILL BE RESURRECTED BY THE POWER OF Ha'Shem [G-d] when Yahshua returns, to reign with HIM on the earth a thousand glorious years!!! This is WHY no true Christian believer in your Mashiach, Yahshua, FEARS BEHEADING! Or any other form of death.

I love you all in my prayers, and love and pray for all Jews worldwide. I say with Yahshua the Mashiach, when nailed to a cross and mocked by the Pharisees of His day (from which Lubavitch proudly declares to be the modern descendants of)

"FATHER FORGIVE THEM...for they know NOT what they do!"

Indeed...and may the Almighty G-d OPEN THEIR EYES TO THE TRUTH. May the blood of MILLIONS of innocent Christian martyrs, to be shed under the NOAHIDE LAWS with the modern guillotines, become the seed from which millions of NEW believers in Mashiach springs forth. "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church." (First Century Christian Church saying.)

 And may the deep inner conviction of the Ruach Ha' Kodesh [Holy Spirit]come into every heart of Lubavitch Chabad, bringing them to repentance and salvation through their ONLY Mashiach [Messiah], Yahshua.

Shalom and may my MASHIACH love, forgive and save you all. We Christians HAVE Mashiach NOW...and I wish you may find Him as well!


-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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  1. Yes indeed what you write is so true. Most church goers have no clue and their judas pastors sold out for 30 pieces of silver long ago. I have driven a truck cross country for 5 years and delivered to the "closed' military bases who had barbed wire fences pointing inward, to keep the goyim in.

    Many shall deny Jesus when they miss the "pre trib rapture" and learn they shall die for their lukewarm faith.