Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Important Warning for Christians in North America


Many Christians need to re-examine their thinking and their theology that their life is built upon. We in America have allowed the WORLD and SOCIETY to form our core values, even unawares. "The GREAT AMERICA DREAM" is NOT God's plan for the world to be saved! Nor is it God's personal plan for our lives to be used for HIS glory and to save the lost.

We are called to LAY DOWN OUR LIVES for Jesus Christ and the Word of God!

We as Christians are called to PUT GOD FIRST and HIS PRIORITIES FIRST.

HIS priorities for our lives may not be what the WORLD'S priorities for mankind are!

We need to think from HEAVENLY perspectives and core values.

REALITY CHECK: your body is MORTAL! EVERY ONE OF YOUR CELLS are programmed to DIE someday! GO to any nursing home or hospital and you will see this for yourself. GO to any graveyard and you will see this for yourself.

This world is temporal and fleeting. The Christmas tree that many of you may enjoy for a few weeks every year, is doomed to lose it's precious scent and lovely needles, and DIE. A once living and vibrant tree is cut down for our temporal enjoyment at Christmastime, and soon dries up and dies.

The  delightful fruit growing on a tree is ALIVE today, and that is consumed by you  tomorrow,  is only destined for the toilet passed away forever from it's once living state.

The mountains we may enjoy today, are slowly but surely wearing down. A bright bouquet of flowers is alive today to be enjoyed by all who see it, but in a short while every one of these flowers must die.

The sun we enjoy daily, is destined to finally burn out.

We live in a temporal world and a temporal state of existence in our flesh and blood bodies!

How important then is our SALVATION through Jesus Christ! We MUST receive an eternal spirit that can leave this world and a temporal body behind, to enter into the kingdom of Heaven someday. We ALL must receive forgiveness of our sins and BE SAVED from this temporal existence.

Salvation is so simple. Believe in Jesus Christ, repent of your sins, be baptised, and you shall be saved. Be faithful unto death and confess Him before men. Confess your sins when you sin, and His blood will wash your sins away. Keep His commandments. Be filled with His Holy Spirit.

Martyrdom occurs when ungodly and unbelieving attempt to force Christians to deny their faith in Jesus Christ. It has happened to Christians for two thousand years now in many forms and ways. Jesus declared, "BE THOU FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH AND I WILL GIVE YOU A CROWN OF LIFE."

The unbelievers who persecute Christianity seek to cause Christians to turn away from their faith and deny Him Who bought them with His precious blood. For example, under unbelieving, Jesus Christ-denying Jewish COMMUNISM, tens of MILLIONS of Christians were arrested, tortured, tried, imprisoned and murdered for their faith. Communist persecution of the saints continues to this very day throughout various nations. From the very beginning, there have been those Jews who have rejected Jesus Christ, hated His followers, sought to force them to deny Jesus Christ, and have persecuted them to the death.

There have also been pagans, cultists and idolaters who have done the same. The spirit of antichrist, or being against Jesus Christ and denying He is the Messiah and His divinity, has been perpetuated throughout the centuries by unbelieving Jews and Gentiles alike.

THIS MARTYRDOM. And it occurs every single day throughout the world in various places.

And it is coming to NORTH AMERICA someday,  very soon...at least sooner than many think.

I have outlined for 15 years now the planned persecution of the Church in North America. The FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY camps are in place, to be used much as GULAGS in Siberia were used to remove and persecute and destroy opposers of Communism. The prisoner boxcars with shackles have been manufactured by various companies covertly, and prepositioned all across this nation to take people to the camps under martial law or the death of our Constitution. And former planners tell me personally that CHRISTIANS RANK HIGH ON THEIR LIST for arrest, removal and brutal death, Communist style.

To understand what COMMUNISM does to CHRISTIANS, go to VOICE OF THE MARTYRS website and read carefully. There are excellent books available to explain as well, from testimonies of Christians who suffered and were tortured under communism.


If YOU are a Christian living in North America, THIS MEANS YOU, my friend! Your persecution has been well planned! Even as you slept, NWO communists  from within and without this nation labored ceaselessly to bring America under their dark agenda. And they know their hour of darkness is coming soon to our nation.

Isn't it TIME to reconsider the claims of TRUE CHRISTIANITY on your life, and what it is really all about?It is time to rediscover true Christian values, such as the value of persecution for righteousness sake, and suffering and death for His sake. We CANNOT live for the temporal world and it's temporal possessions! We CANNOT live for a temporal body and what pleases it. We MUST choose to live for Jesus Christ!

It is time to rediscover the JOYS OF MARTYRDOM that the early Church knew. It is time to rediscover wheat it means to suffer the loss of all things for Jesus Christ, even as the Apostle Paul knew. It is time to rediscover what is truly means to be a CHRISTIAN according to the Word of God, and NOT according to "Churchianity" so prevalent in America today.

Materialistic Christians, take your material goods you have hoarded up, and sell them and pour them into the Kingdom of God and God's work instead! Let your heart be broken for what breaks the heart of God. OBEY God's Word and seek FIRST His kingdom and PUT HIS WORK FIRST..before CAREER, before MONEY, before ALL OTHER THINGS. Reach out to the lost for Jesus Christ. Your expensive home is only doomed to destruction as the NWO rampages across our nation under martial law. This even includes man-created EARTHQUAKES and  NUCLEAR STRIKES on our soil.

Come OUT of the Illuminati's doomed "cashless society" they are creating. Come OUT of their banking system! STOP trusting in mere fiat currency and rediscover the true riches of serving God and trusting in His provisions for your life instead! The Illuminati banking system is very wicked and dark and has deceived many Christians.

I have no bank account, I hate Illuminati currency, so worthless, without even the gold in Fort Knox to back it up. Money is NOT my god, obviously! Nor can it be the Christian's. The Bible makes this very clear! Jesus Christ declared, "NO MAN can serve two masters! You cannot serve both GOD and MONEY!" I work hard to serve God and others, and God always supplies my needs continually. In fact I have laid down my life for 15 years now in this journalism to tell you the truth.

Also,it is time to return to a self-sustaining culture and lifestyle such as my Pilgrim ancestors and early founding fathers once knew. Farming must  become rediscovered and self sustainability, apart from a corrupt system doomed to failure and unsustainable. The first Americans were mostly farming communities and lifestyles. Our present form of American society is going to prove to be unsustainable.

And since this will not be sustainable in North America as we face nuclear strikes and chemical warfare, etc., you will need to consider RELOCATION out of North America. No Christian can participate in their planned CASHLESS SOCIETY to buy or sell or obtain food and goods, etc. You will HAVE to become SELF-SUSTAINING and learn how to really live, of course by God's eternal grace as well.

If suffering brutal martyrdom and persecution under the Communist martial law takeover of our North American nation does not sound appealing, I advocate leaving this doomed continent and seeking God for the right continent and location.And don't put it off! SELL your home while you can and go to the Internet and websites assisting in relocation, especially in South America. Jesus Christ Himself declared that when they persecute you in one place, flee to another. He even told the beloved Apostle Paul this!

MANY North American Christians have relocated already with their small children and families. Many have gone to South America and Central America. There are other locations as well. Christian outreach can always take place in such nations, and the Word of God will travel with you! Persecution is famous for spreading the Gospel to the four corners of the world throughout the centuries as Christians fled for safety to other locations.

Fast and PRAY about what God would have you do. And realize that once martial law is declared, you will not be able to flee this nation...or do so very easily. There will be no refuge for the fleeing American into CANADA, or MEXICO. They are already declared to be by the military a part of REGION NUMBER ONE of the coming TEN WORLD REGION of the NWO. Our entire North American continent is indeed REGION NUMBER ONE of the NWO.

And should you be caught in this deadly NWO agenda in North America, remember to follow Biblical words of guidance completely. BE FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH under what you may face.Be surprised at nothing that may happen or that you may see or experience. If you choose to remain in this country, become as prepared as possible in EVERY way.

And may God and His mercy and grace be WITH US ALL throughout the perilous times to come.Please, fast and pray and ACT NOW.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Montana

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