Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thank You, Michael Maholy, Ex-CIA, Wherever You Are!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Just a brief word to thank you, Michael, for what you have done for me and millions of Americans who want to know the truth about the looming threat of the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for our nation in this desperate hour. Although you have been well hidden underground for many years to protect yourself from retaliation,  a friend of yours surfaced only a few years ago to tell me you are alive and well, and informed me that you DO read my reports!

And therefore you also know that I kept my promise to you: I have used everything you ever revealed to me from your twenty years inside the intelligence community,to inform the American people of the dark NWO agenda. For 15 years now!

The many revelations you once gave me in 1995, exposing NWO cabal intentions against millions of innocent and endangered Americans, have been published repeatedly throughout my years of journalism. And thanks to YOU, coupled with my journalism publishing your information, now MILLIONS of Americans now KNOW THE TRUTH. TRUTH becomes EMPOWERMENT! They can now prepare to stand against all the horrific plans of the NWO madmen for our nation, and FIGHT!

Thank you, Michael, dear one, for your courage and decision to do what is right in the sight of God Almighty, on behalf of warning your fellow Americans of the terrible plans for NWO domination in our nation. You will never know, except when we meet again in heaven, how much I have appreciated your words and sacrifice. You told me once in a letter how much I and my Christian witness had touched YOUR life. Well, I am telling you how much your courage and sacrifice has touched MY life, Michael.

Your sobering revelations of the plans for MARTIAL LAW and the NWO takeover of our nation, utterly changed my entire life. They shook me up and broke me out of my comfortable and naive little world!

Frankly, it is because of what you warned me about, later coupled with other former insider revelations, that literally drove me to become an investigative journalist on behalf of my endangered fellow Americans and fellow Christians as well. My whole life has changed as a result! Your information caused my comfortable little "safety-comfort-denial" bubble to burst forever. There is no going back to my naive world ever again. I am now forced to live in the world of the cold and hard truth.

Dear Michael, I continue to pray for you, wherever you are. And I even pray for Bobbi and the three children, wherever they are as well. May they discover Jesus'  love for them as well. May God bless and love and protect you all.

And I pray that someday we CAN meet here on earth. You know, Michael, if it had not been for our Christian prayer warriors in Charlotte, NC, praying for you at the time they were trying to kill from inside the prison at that time, YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN KILLED. The powers that be did NOT like your "PIPELINE" articles exposing the truth! (I can never forget your PIPELINE articles!)

And if you had NOT given your life completely to Jesus Christ, repenting and receiving Him as your Lord and Savior, you probably would never have been released from prison alive. This is the power of the Living God to perform miracles in our lives.

Pray for me also, Michael. You realize that I am ONLY alive to this day because of God's Divine mercy and power to preserve and protect those who trust in Him and His Son, Jesus Christ. There was an assassination attempt on my life a few years ago, through a deliberately severed brake line the night before I was to meet with a Canadian film crew to film a hidden government facility. The garage to which my car was towed after almost suffering a fatal accident, confirmed when I asked them by stating: "yes, ma'am, among OTHER things, YOUR BRAKE LINE had been DELIBERATELY SEVERED."

It was no "accident." But then, that is the nature of covert assassination tactics: it must always be made to APPEAR like "an accident." Or, a "suicide." (sigh...) And the above is not the only time they have tried to "take me out."

But because of much prayer over my life, it failed. I finally discovered WHO did it, and he was indeed one of "the boys with the agency and the agenda." A young man with several children. I know his name, have seen him once in person, and have chosen to forgive and to pray for God to have mercy on him and bring him out of such great darkness into the glorious light and love and forgiveness of the Living God and Jesus Christ Who died to forgive and save ALL mankind. Just pray for J. S.

This is always the true nature of Christianity: we are called to FORGIVE, to show mercy, and to love and pray for our persecutors. Why?

Because there is a GREATER battle here. And that is the eternal battle for the souls of mankind TO BE SAVED. I see no enemy here, but only people for whom JESUS CHRIST DIED. This is what the eternal truth of the Word of God teaches us, and I choose to walk in the light of God's Word.

You know, I have several friends who were former assassins for the CIA, one man and one woman. Both had amazing testimonies of how Jesus Christ reached down and got ahold of their lives, even though they had killed many people. But that is the nature of the love and mercy of God towards lost and sinful people! I always find it so amazing. And so I keep the intelligence community in my prayers always, including assassins and assassin teams.

Either Jesus died to save ALL, or he died for NONE. The Bible says, "For ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." Therefore ALL need a Savior. And therefore Jesus DIED FOR ALL TO BE SAVED! There is NO sin too great for Him to forgive.

And YOU are one of those people who came out of black ops in the intelligence community, to the wonderful love and forgiveness and mercy of Jesus Christ! God used YOU to further open MY eyes to just how great GOD REALLY IS! God used my experience with you, to begin to really pray for all in the CIA to come to the glorious light and truth of the Living God.

I can remember the times I used to drive over to McLean, Virginia, to park across from the CIA headquarters. I would bow my head and quietly begin to pray for the salvation of very single one of these people...spooks, assassins and others...for those tragically up in the CIA drug trade...those involved in the sad mind control programs abusing even little children...the torturers and more. I would pray for operatives and their victims alike for the power and the love and mercy of God to touch all there hearts and lives. And I would cry, Michael.

Sin is so dark and terrible and destructive. And there is much sin throughout the intelligence community, including the CIA.

But the Bible tells us that where there is much sin, the wonderful  mercy and grace and forgivenessof God is available even MORE! I pray they will all understand this someday...

I am taking the time now to pray for the power of the Living God to bring forth a glorious internal revival within the CIA, bringing even the most hardened of hearts to conviction and salvation and into the mercy and love of God! And He is able.

With Christ's holy love, I love you, Michael. Your words of truth exposing the terrible plans of the NWO are continuing to wake up Americans to this very day, through my ongoing journalism and other authors such as Rodney Stich.

In closing, please stay safe! And stay close to Jesus Christ, your best friend and Savior and protector. Pray that we may someday meet again, face to face, in this world before "it all comes down someday."

And you know what I mean.

And if they should "take me out" someday, it will only be allowed for the glory of God and HIS eternal purposes. True Christians are always the winners...whether in LIFE or in DEATH. I HAVE eternal life, and NO man takes this away from me!

And even as with Jesus Christ when He cried out on the cross as He died, "FATHER, FORGIVE THEM...for they know NOT what they do..." my prayer is that every drop of my shed blood someday will cry out the same, for the forgiveness and salvation of these souls for whom Jesus Christ died.

Always remember, that "God did not fail" if something should happen to me: He simply wanted to take me out of this terrible world of sorrow and bring me home safely, at last. And you, dear must take the hand of Jesus Christ your eternal Lord and Savior and walk bravely on with Him for the rest of your life. Until you too come safely home.

Remember what He did for you, Michael, when you were about to perish. Never forget. Never stop trusting in God. Never stop praying. Jesus Christ will never leave you nor forsake you.

We shall meet again someday in Heaven, beyond the sunset.

Until that glorious moment in eternity.....

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting on behalf of the beloved American people


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