Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pope Benedict XVI Endorses NOAHIDE LAWS-Is the Pope CRAZY???

In my research exposing the ominous truth behind the Noahide laws and the modern military guillotines both American and foreign military are being clandestinely trained to operate in various military facilities worldwide to someday fulfill them worldwide, I have been shocked and horrified to find numerous articles  in which the Pope declares his support for THE NOAHIDE LAWS!

I must therefore RESPECTFULLY and with all sincerity ask the obvious: IS Pope Benedict XVI crazy??? Every honest Catholic, sincere priests included, should become very concerned and look into this very serious issue.

The NOAHIDE LAWS spell MASS GENOCIDE for every Christian on this planet, both man, woman and child!!! The MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES are now located WORLDWIDE, with military being trained to operate them on future Bible Believing Christians victims who defy the Noahide Laws, to confess without apology the JESUS CHRIST IS GOD IN THE FLESH and the Son of the Most High, and that we worship Him as ONE WITH GOD THE FATHER.

You can find such articles exposing the Pope's allegiance to the NOAHIDE LAWS on notable websites such as Brother Nathanael Kapner's REAL JEW NEWS and many others besides.

Now BEFORE you Vatican Jesuits get mad at me and send out your assassins to "take me out" for this statement, calm down!  I will happily dialogue with any Vatican representative who can share with me a rational explanation for WHY the Pope would side with Jewish Noahide laws that spell mass genocide for millions upon millions of Jesus Christ-confessing Christians worldwide, including many CATHOLICS.

Surely the Vatican and it's brilliant Jesuits cannot be ignorant of the modern guillotines not only found throughout North America, but also across all of EUROPE and the UK and beyond. Certainly NOT with THEIR powerful intelligence network and many insider contacts worldwide!

Surely the Vatican cannot be ignorant of the PURPOSE OF THESE MODERN GUILLOTINES, and that these tools of execution are SOLELY TIED IN with the NOAHIDE LAWS and their demands for EXECUTION BY DECAPITATION of ALL GENTILES who break them...with their Jewish emphasis on CHRISTIAN BELIEFS IN JESUS CHRIST being declared to be "idolatry" and "blasphemy against God.".

My dear Pope Benedict XVI,  I must ask you: do you truly LOVE Jesus Christ? Do you truly LOVE millions of Christians throughout the world, including the Catholics worldwide who will also be executed under the Noahide laws for their veneration of Jesus Christ?

If you profess that you DO, then HOW could you possibly side with the insidious plan of the MASS GENOCIDE of ALL CHRISTIANS WORLDWIDE under the Noahide Laws by modern guillotines?

Furthermore, you are from GERMANY. One US Army military source, preparing to train the men under him in how to operate these military guillotines in Fort Lewis, WA, USA, admitted to me they are now found WORLDWIDE, including in BERLIN, GERMANY.

All of Christendom is awaiting your answer in this perilous hour.

Send me ONE Jesuit from your Vatican with a plausible explanation, and I will happily post it on my blog for my millions of readers to read as well. I welcome an honest and forthright Vatican explanation.

Because frankly, none of this makes any sense to those who understand the sad truth about NOAHIDE LAWS and modern guillotines in this hour, including myself.

Is the Vatican the FRIEND of Jesus Christ and the Christians worldwide, or not?

Inquiring minds want to know...
(BEFORE I LOSE mine permanently to the Noahide Laws and the guillotines!)                      

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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