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By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I want to take the time to tell you, my International readers, that YOU ARE LOVED. 
"God is LOVE."
"Gott ist Liebe."
Бог - любовь.
Dios es el amor.
אלוהים הוא אהבה.

Love is so beautiful! Where there is LOVE, there can be no wars, no hatred, no fighting no cruelty.

God bless you, wherever you are from. I have always been a very international Christian, working with people from many different nations in Christian outreach and loving internationals.

For many years, I have performed Christian outreach to Russian and Slavic peoples, including people from the Baltic states as well, and also former eastern Europe. I LOVE international people dearly!

Please understand that when I publish articles like the one regarding foreign "booksellers" in America, it is NOT because I am some "nationalist" who is suspicious of all foreign people. Never. But we live in a very desperate time here in America, when anti-American globalists are working heavily to undermine our sovereignty and American Christian and Constitutional heritage.

The globalists know that they do not have enough AMERICAN military to carry out their evil NWO agenda, and so they must turn to UN/NATO foreign troops to do the dirty work of arresting Americans, seizing their weapons and taking them to the infamous detention camps for termination.

"AMERIKA" has her concentration camps too....

Therefore, we have
many foreign troops and foreign spies here in America today, with military most often hidden in closed military facilities or underground bases. I have interviewed German Bundeswehr who admitted they are here in America to arrest us, fire upon us and seize our weapons under martial law. I cried when one German military soldier admitted this was all true, and said he did not believe in God.

How very sad. For me, one of my greatest joys in life is to enjoy the company of people from other nations. I love their music and cultures and food and friendship. When I was in Germany for six months investigating,  I enjoyed attending church pastored by Pastor Frank Erlandsen from NORWAY. He and his wife Ingrid were awesome. They were from JESUS REVOLUTION in Norway, evangelising all throughout Europe.

I loved my many years of working with Russian and Slavic people, especially the precious children. I worked also with people from Baltic states including Estonia. A very special friend was Elvira Nachtigal from Estonia. She loved Jesus and worked with me to bless the Slavic children in our summer camping program.

Us drones bringing destruction to innocents worldwide

Please understand:
America's official foreign policies are NOT necessarily the will of the vast majority of the American people. MOST Americans are horrified at the drone murders of innocent families and children in Pakistan and other places. We are sickened at the cruel nazi-type  torture in prisons like ABU GHRAIB. We don't want another war, this time with Syria, all because of the "banksters" and the Federal reserve and "petrodollars."

But we Americans suffer from a runaway government that has taken our tax dollars and has not consulted "WE THE PEOPLE" as to how they will be spent. They have taken our sons and daughters into their military, and used them in ways we do not approve, to commit war crimes against humanity in other nations. War crimes that deeply disturb many Americans.

Picture if you will, a HUGE train with thousands upon thousand of railway passenger cars. Imagine this train being filled with millions of people, and many good and kind people as well. Then picture criminals and gangsters hijacking the train engine pulling this long train, and taking it in a direction that millions of passengers do NOT want to go in. BUT they cannot change this easily, because the bad people with the money and the power NOW CONTROL THE ENGINE PULLING THIS TRAIN.

This is essentially what has happened here in North America today. Millions of Americans are basically good people. They are horrified at our foreign war policies, including in the Middle East. They are sickened at the needless wars America is creating or getting involved with, only for a greedy foreign expansionist  agenda, the corrupt banksters agenda, and NOT to "help establish democracy" in other nations. We are ashamed of the godless and immoral behavior of many people in power in America today.

And millions of informed Americans and Christians are very troubled about the presence now of hundreds of detention camps established across our nation, evoking grim memories of THE GULAGS OF RUSSIA and THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS of Nazi Germany. We now know that they are NOT to house "illegal immigrants," BUT to incarcerate and terminate all future resisters of the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America under martial law.

I know that millions of my fellow Americans are marked for DEATH by the forces from hell of the NWO. They are to be arrested under martial law, taken by prisoner train boxcars with shackles (or prisoner buses or planes) to the FEMA/DHS camps for either re-education or termination, which may include use in human experimentation or body organ harvesting as well.

Oh, what a sad and grim future these deadly globalists without conscience have planned for the North America people (Canada included.)

We find HOPE through Jesus Christ and God's Word

But for people
like myself, sincere Christians who follow the Bible, all we can do is follow Bible teachings in how to deal with all this. We commit our lives and futures into the hands of Almighty God through Jesus Christ. We prepare our hearts to eventually suffer and die for our uncompromised faith in Jesus Christ our Savior, realizing that our true home is in HEAVEN and not in this world. We prepare for coming famine and foreign invasion of UN/NATO troops under martial law by purchasing as many supplies as possible. And the rest is in the hands of Almighty God.

And yes, many Americans are legally armed with weapons and prepared to defend their homes and their families and freedoms under martial law. And who can blame them? 

My CIA and military insider sources have revealed to me personally that it will be "...brutal rape, torture and death" for all who resist under martial law. Horrible things await Americans in the detention camps...just like what awaited the victims in Nazi Germany who were sent to the concentration camps, or what awaited people sent to the gulags in Russian and Siberia.

Siberian gulag

There is simply no middle ground.
Christians simply cannot and will not  deny their faith in Jesus Christ to join Lucifer's NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America. Former satanists working for Bush Sr. when he was director of the CIA, told me to my face that yes, the NWO is Lucifer's kingdom on earth, and that yes, the Christians must be sent to the camps to be killed because they will never accept Lucifer's control over America, or the world.

I am forever indebted to those former CIA and military who dared to break the code of silence to tell me the truth as I interviewed them personally about the NWO agenda for America. So much of my reporting is based on their truthful revelations.

I have met the foreign troops here in America. I have taken the hands of German Bundeswehr and prayed for them and with them in Alamogordo, NM, where they are based. These Bundeswehr are openly admitting they are here to arrest us, shoot us, and seize our guns under martial law. 

When I looked at these young men, my heart broke for them So young! And not realizing there will be eternal consequences from a just and holy God for their actions in the future in America, unless they come to Jesus Christ for salvation and forgiveness. Just like the consequences our America military will face for THEIR atrocities they commit in Iraq and Afghanistan and all over the world.

My heart is so sad about all of this. But I am determined to find the CHRISTIAN RESPONSE to what we face in America. My Christian heart is too tender and concerned for eternal souls to ever carry and use a gun. I cannot deal with the thoughts of violence or bloodshed...especially through MY life and actions.

I am called to love and to bring the mercy of God to others. And so, I have a better weapon to use: it is THE WORD OF GOD. I have BIBLES now in many languages, including Russian and Chinese. I plan to get many MORE Bibles in other languages as well, to give to the foreign troops in our nation

This is what my PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA is all about at this time. It is not only to travel to be with my ill brother in a nursing home. But it is also to MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN AMERICA at this time as well. Thank God for the many other good Christians praying across our nation at this critical and urgent time!

We as Christian Americans do NOT want the horror and violence and bloodshed that martial law will involve in our nation.

We as Christian Americans do NOT want the shame and horror of brutal detention camps operating across our nation under martial law, torturing and murdering millions of innocent Americans whose only "crime" will be to be CHRISTIANS, loyal Patriotic Americans and opposed to Lucifer's NEW WORLD ORDER.

Millions of dead Christians and political resisters under COMMUNISM worldwide is enough. Millions of dead Christians and others under the Nazi FASCISTS was enough. NEVER AGAIN...and definitely NOT IN AMERICA!

So please, dear foreign readers, understand what millions of good people and many Christians are up against in America presently. I apologize for America's foreign war crimes. I apologize for the many wrong things America is doing throughout the world today. IF I HAD THE POWER, I would stop it, and change the horrific NWO plans they have for my America.

But again, remember that America has been hijacked at the highest levels by corrupt people with a dark agenda internally and throughout the world as well. They do NOT represent millions of good Americans who do not agree with their destructive foreign policies, and are concerned daily about where these criminals in power are taking this nation and her people.

They are using their power over our military and politics and tax dollars and news media for their personal agendas that millions of conscientious Americans do not approve of.

I am just one conscientious American and Christian, trying desperately to make a difference at this time of America's unfolding destiny.  I refuse to use tools of violence, hatred, bloodshed and destruction to change the destiny of my nation.

Instead, I am using the tools the Bible, God's Word, provides for us. I am proud of my American Christian heritage, and of my Mayflower Pilgrim ancestors who came to these shores to escape religious persecution in Europe hundreds of years ago.

My Pilgrim ancestors, the Mayflower Pilgrims

My Christian ancestors came to this continent with the dream of establishing a nation under God and His commandments and righteousness. And now, almost four hundred years later, we can see what the Illuminati and their Communist progressives and fascists have done throughout the years to erode and destroy America's Christian heritage and original foundations. 

But God has a faithful remnant in North America, who will not compromise their faith in this perilous hour. And we are the ones standing firm against Satan's NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for North America today.

Christians of the world, PRAY FOR US. 
Americans have watched as persecution has come to many other nations. Now is is America's turn to suffer. And many Christians in North America are not prepared. They believe that such suffering will never come to America.


May AMERICA be saved ultimately from the insanity of the NWO globalists threatening America with destruction. We as Christian intercessors are praying FOR YOU as well. Because the EU also has a dark NWO agenda for EUROPE as well...and the modern GUILLOTINES and the secret detention camps are also in place in EUROPE as well, waiting for THEIR hour of manifestation too. The NWO agenda is WORLDWIDE. God be with you all.

And please, pray for me. You know it is only a matter of time before I too must suffer and die for my faith as well in America. Every article I write adds one more nail to my coffin in the sight of the NWO. 

But this is the true and enduring legacy of CHRISTIANITY for 2000 years now. 
Christian martyrs of the early centuries

We as Christians worldwide must testify of Jesus Christ and the TRUTH, regardless of the consequences from wicked mankind. America shall also have her heroes of the faith like DIETRICH BONHOEFFER, like SOPHIE SCHOLL, like RICHARD WURMBRAND and countless other good people of faith who also said NO to satan's dark agendas for their nations...and for the world as well. 

Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting 

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