Saturday, September 28, 2013

IT IS FINISHED! Finally...Just Arrived in the Carolinas

DAY 20

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Finally, I arrived early Friday evening (yesterday) BACK TO THE BEGINNING OF THIS EXCITING FAITH JOURNEY, began from this very location in 1996 at the distinct leading of God.

I was exhausted Friday night. Battling pain can be both exhausting and debilitating...especially when you are driving as well. But it sure draws you closer to God and Jesus Christ through prayer! Every word I am typing is through extreme pain, still. Yet, I am much better than what I was before.

I went into the beloved prayer chapel to obtain prayer today, located near where I used to live in a Christian retreat. I was stunned however, when I began to talk to the person in charge this morning. I told her what kind of journalism I perform, exposing the NWO agenda for America and the coming persecution of the Church  as well.

She responded with, " mean, like the GUILLOTINES and...."

Huh? I was shocked and totally unprepared for her answer! I asked her what more she knew about the coming persecutions. "Oh, I read lots of alternative news websites...there are lots of us who are waking up now and getting informed here..."

I thought inwardly, "Thank you JESUS!" Because when I first left this Christian retreat, very few Christians knew anything about the kind of subject matter I report on. My heart has been deeply burdened for the endangered body of Christ in North America, to become the major target for persecution and elimination by Lucifer's useful idiots of his NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.

Therefore, one of my major prayers spoken daily for the past 18 years has been, "Father God, WAKE UP YOUR PEOPLE! PREPARE them for the things to come! HELP them to understand and to PREPARE to withstand the coming darkness..."

To sit in front of this woman in the prayer chapel that I used to come to to cry out to God over all the information I had been receiving back in 1995-1996, and to hear her talking matter-of -factly about everything I have been researching and reporting on  over the years was SUCH a blessing from God and answer to my heart's cry. 

Yes, God IS waking up His people!

And then, another woman came in to pray and talk, and SHE too began to talk about such things as well.  I was amazed. I never would have heard this from others many years ago, when I used to live on these grounds. Something IS happening!

I then went to a ministry building where they were having a special fall revival, and talked to Christian people there, who asked me many questions. I ate dinner with many people who had come for this revival. Again, they indicated to me that they too are waking up to the things that threaten the Christians in North America. They were doing their research.

Sunday, I will be posting photographs I have been taking of the home I used to live in with my mother, during the time that I first began to receive this information from whistle blowers about MARTIAL LAW and the NWO agenda for America.

We sold our condominium here, to then travel across America so I could begin my new career of investigative journalism and reporting to the American people about AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST COMING. I can't believe I have been gone for 17 years now...and that I am even still alive. So much has happened in my life in those years.

Will report much more tomorrow, Sunday. I have to get as much rest as possible, and keep healing.

Because it has become far too dangerous for me to live in the Asheville, NC region by now (due to my reporting), I am planning to live a safe distance from there and to commute periodically, unannounced, to visit and spend time with my brother and his caregivers. I am already looking into finding  rooms in Christian homes to rent at this time.

As soon as I recover from deep exhaustion from this journey, I will be traveling to visit my brother next week. I will take photos so you can see him and get to know him better as well. The caregivers there love him.

"Pray without ceasing..."

We must all continue to pray against the plans of the enemy for our nation, America. Yes, God has the power to change and avert the plans of wicked men, and He has done so throughout the history of mankind, as the Bible reveals.  Prayers are important. Never stop praying and never stop exercising faith in the Living God, that He is able to perform what He has promised in  His word.

Thank you for your support and your ongoing prayers! Will write more tomorrow....and God bless you ALL until then and ALWAYS!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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