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Nazi prisoner train going to concentration camps

I recently had a discussion with a wonderful Christian woman, my friend who works in nearby Kalispell. She told me that she and her husband worked for over 20 years for AMTRAK here in NW Montana. 

When I mentioned to her my research about the PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES sighted here in NW Montana, she exclaimed, "I have SEEN THEM! They are REAL!"

I stood there fascinated as I listened to her. I then told her that my friend Marie and her group had accidentally discovered them in that region as well while on a PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA in 1995. All five of her group witnessed not only the black prisoner boxcars with shackles within, but also the modern guillotines installed in each one as well. (Actually, "accidentally" is incorrect: with GOD there are no mistakes. God led them to those prisoner boxcars that day.)

"I saw them during the mid-1990's," she further shared.

Nazi death camp train
Sobering words coming from a solid person with over twenty years in the railroad industry, and a committed Christian as well.

But WHY such prominent sightings of prisoner boxcars with shackles reminiscent of Nazi horrors under Hitler and "THE FINAL SOLUTION" here in NW Montana???

NW Montana

The answers are quite intriguing and fascinating.

Frankly, I find it interesting that it was recently  confirmed that Hitler's former bodyguard, Otto Skorzeny, lived  nearby Kalispell, MT, after the war until he allegedly died in 1999. Near the time of his death he turned over his box of fascinating and revealing covert Nazi photographs to Eric Bermann, the former boyfriend of Otto's daughter Lori for ten years. I have personally spoken with Eric by phone, and reviewed the photographs he posted over the Internet.

One of those photographs shows a reunion of Nazi pals Skorzeny and wife with "William Coates," the alias for the post-war aging Adolph Hitler, taking place in Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier NP in 1997, only half an hour from Kalispell, MT.
Coates/Hitler was a frequent guest there, staying in VIP chalet cabins on Lake McDonald.

By WHY would the postwar Hitler and even his bodyguard Skorzeny come to such a location???
Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the Bavarian Alps of Germany

It is a historical fact that Hitler loved the Bavarian Alps of Germany. Garmisch-Partenkirchen was a favorite vacation spot of his. (Tragically, it is a historical fact that in these very Bavarian Alps that Hitler would walk, screaming into the wind for Satan to possess him and make him THE ANTICHRIST. But is THIS what God created His beautiful mountains for...??? How very sad to see His creation defiled by such wickedness.) 

I have found all this to be very strange, because I grew up as a child in Germany. I developed a deep love for beautiful mountains and coniferous forests while living in Germany, especially enjoying beautiful Garmisch-Partenkirchen. That love has remained with me all my life. 

That is why I am so attracted to the Glacier NP region as a place of beauty, comfort and physical/spiritual  restoration. As a person of very compassionate heart, I suffer deeply emotionally from all I research and uncover. Majestic mountain scenery like this brings me great comfort and healing. I spend hours in worship and praise and intercessory surrounded by beauty such as this.
Glacier NP Montana

Glacier NP is the one place in the world that reminds me more of lovely Garmisch than anywhere else. And I suspect that this is the very region Coates/Hitler was also attracted to this very region as well. Thousands of people come here annually to be refreshed by this scenic wonderland filled with exquisite beauty throughout every season of the year.

My many years of research in this area, begun in 1997 with the sightings of the ominous presence of prisoner boxcars with shackles, has uncovered something distinctly sinister beneath the evident beauty here in NW Montana.

Much research has confirmed that a deep underground military base exists beneath Glacier NP as well. It is connected with the Illuminati Nazi's CIA and the USAF as well, and reaches into Canada. The NWO plans to control America and the world for the NWO through the use of their deep underground military bases, in fact.

The local closed ALUMINUM PLANT, in nearby Columbia Falls next to Glacier NP, is going to serve a grim purpose under martial law, as I have been informed. A military linked source revealed that it will be used to cremate the dead bodies as they begin to pile up under martial law. Already white refrigerator morgue cars are on the railroad tracks inside the fenced in facility.

Recently, a person who makes propane deliveries regionally admitted that propane is being delivered regularly to this "closed" facility. IF it is truly closed, then WHY the need for propane? 

But of course, if it will be used for cremating dead bodies, there will always be a need for a reserve supply of propane. And such a facility requires a staff and much preparation prior to martial law. And perhaps the facility will not only be used for cremating dead bodies, but creating them as well. It is a large facility with large grounds. Termination facilities and cremating facilities go hand-in-hand together.

Hmmmmm....is this unfolding of AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST in front of our eyes??? What have these NWO Nazis transplanted to our America???

And so, the pieces of the NWO's "FINAL SOLUTION" to bring America under their dark domination are slowly falling into place in this very region I have done so much research in, since 1997.

Postwar Coates/Hitler and his bodyguard Skorzeny spending much time in this region...ominous prisoner boxcars with shackles reminiscent of something out of Nazi Germany heavily sighted in this region...a human crematory oven facility reminiscent of "Hitler's ovens" in this region as well. Look who helped to transplant this Nazi type agenda to this region! It all makes perfectly sinister sense...

But then, the NWO agenda is manifesting all across this nation as well.

Many people are mistaken in thinking that the term "FINAL SOLUTION" applies only to the Nazis' dealing with the Jews in former Nazi Germany. IT DOES NOT. As former NWO agenda operatives in the CIA told me clearly, the insider reference to the phrase "THE FINAL SOLUTION" refers to THE ILLUMINATI'S PLAN THROUGH THE NAZIS TO BRING AMERICA AND THE WORLD UNDER THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER.

In the Wannsee Conference of 1942, the Nazis determined that IF their PLAN to bring the world under the Illuminati's NWO failed through Nazi Germany, they would transplant this quest to establish Lucifer's dark NWO kingdom into AMERICA. 

And out of this dark resolution the OSS/CIA was born the very same year. And through the CIA and OPERATION PAPERCLIP, the NWO NAZIS were brought into America by the thousands, their war criminal records erased and their safety ensured with a new life here in America...to continue their ruthless quest once again to bring the world under the NEW WORLD ORDER, NOW THROUGH NORTH AMERICA.

We must not forget who else was transplanted from Nazi Germany with this NWO agenda: German Nazi George "Curious George" Scherff, alias "George Herbert Walker Bush," former  director of the CIA. 

Small wonder that Scherff/Bush used his power over the CIA to direct Ollie North to draw up the martial law concentration camp plans for Americans, later entitled "REX 84." Among other things, Scherff/Bush helped to transplant the Nazi's  "FINAL SOLUTION" to North Americans, complete with concentration camps to kill NWO-resistant Americans in the future.

I used to wonder how Americans could be so cruel to their fellow Americans with such horrific NWO agendas like this. I now understand perfectly how. It is simply BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT TRULY AMERICANS after all!!! (Furthermore, they are satanists as well, as are all NWO supporters and advocates.)

Neither Scherff/Bush nor his covert Nazi cohorts and foreign  transplants into America through OPERATION PAPERCLIP and NWO agenda supporters are genuine Americans concerned for the well-being of the America people. They are more realistically foreign agents/assets of another country and the Illuminati and their NWO agenda.

The same is also true for the dual citizenship Jews in DHS and who hold key positions in Congress and throughout our government, military and intelligence and media. Their first loyalty as Jews of dual citizenship is to ISRAEL. 

They are also Jewish Marxist/socialist progressives as well. Most follow the Babylonian Talmud which teaches fervent hatred of Jesus Christ and His followers. And as such, they hate Christians and America's Christian heritage. This can be evidenced by observing their ACLU actions constantly undermining Christian heritage and freedoms in America and much more.

Many have wondered how DHS could be so blantanty  anti-American and cruel as to issue firearm targets  for their DHS agents to practice on, that depict innocent American children, grandmothers, pregnant women, children on the playground, etc., as targets to practice shooting at. 

But once you understand that many people  in DHS are NOT AMERICANS in the truest sense, but more accurately defined as foreign agents of a foreign NWO agenda to be imposed upon America, you can understand perfectly.

Once you understand the above, you can readily understand why the Russian/Eastern European bloc military soldiers arriving in America for martial law showdown, are reportedly being assigned heavily to the DHS and are delivering DHS armored vehicles all across America to police stations. 

The Russian Communist/globalist agenda of world enslavement and the subjugation of North America has never changed. It simply changes colors as a chameleon to disguise it's true intent. Or goes underground for a season to throw it's enemies off guard, only to resurface more deadly than even before. This is always a part of the Illuminati's NWO strategy through their communists.

Illuminati=Russian Bolshevik Communists=Marxists/progressive Jews=NWO globalists=agenda to murder the Christians and all other NWO resistance in North America under martial law using prisoner boxcars and detention camps.

But the Illuminati's Gentile Nazi supporters are no better. Both hated the Christians and sought to destroy them. Both serve their father, Satan/Lucifer. The Illuminati's Jewish Bolsheviks had their gulags, and the Illuminati's Nazis had their concentration camps. Different names, same purpose. Eliminate the NWO resisters...CHRISTIANS above all.

"Oh, ALL of us in the CIA know what the concentration camps are in America. We all know they are to TERMINATE THE RESISTERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER under martial law..." -Michael Maholy, 20 years ONI/CIA, turned whistleblower.

We know now that "NWO resisters" include Patriotic Americans, Constitutionalists, gun owners, Christians, home-schoolers, etc. How anti-American is this NWO agenda!

And now we know that the foreign troops here will be used heavily to enforce this anti-America, anti-Christian agenda of the NWO under martial law.

A foreign anti-American NWO agenda, upheld by foreign interests/anti-American agencies like DHS/CIA, enforced by foreign and anti-American military troops, all for the subjugation and destruction of the Patriotic American people and the eradication of America's Christians under martial law. And there you have it.

This is what the satanic and oppressive NWO agenda for North America is really all about.

And someday, here will come  the prisoner boxcars with shackles that my friend with AMTRAK once sighted, ready to take us all to the camps under martial law. Just like Nazi Germany...only this time in America.


While the enemies of the American people and their Constitution work furiously to bring about their dark NWO plot for our nation, what are WE THE PEOPLE doing in response???

America,  what are you going to DO about it???

Christians slumbering in apathy and denial, 
are you awake at last???

Because under martial law, many of YOU will find yourselves among their first victims to be rounded up and be sent to the camps, transported aboard the actual prisoner boxcars with shackles I have so painstakingly researched and exposed throughout the years.

I will continue to sound the alarm because I CARE about YOU.
And more importantly, so does Almighty God.
You are precious to HIM!

"Touch not Mine anointed and do My prophets no harm."

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-



  1. Super-Excellent Article! Thanks so much!
    May you be blessed in Him...Regards, RR.

  2. Some of us are awake.....only a small remnant.

  3. "VERBATIM" Praise The Lord

    1 Chronicles 16:22 KJV
    [22] Saying , Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

    Psalm 105:15 KJV
    [15] Saying , Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

    God Bless! From, Brother John
    (Isaiah 28: 11-13.) Don't stumble.

  4. "VERBATIM" Praise The Lord

    1 Chronicles 16:22 KJV
    [22] Saying , Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

    Psalm 105:15 KJV
    [15] Saying , Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

    God Bless! From, Brother John
    (Isaiah 28: 11-13.) Don't stumble.

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