Wednesday, July 3, 2013

VISION: America Nuked July 8, 2013!

The following email was just recieved from one concerned reader. I am posting this, knowing that there is always the potential for this to happen. No, I am NOT saying this WILL come to pass, because prayer CAN CHANGE THINGS and world events. But there remains THE POTENTIAL.

Readers, what have I stated to you in previous posts about the Holy Spirit showing God's people things to come? And what have I reported on previously about the potential for nuclear strikes on American soil, including from our very own military bases?

And if THIS event occurs, it will be irrevocably MARTIAL LAW full force, and America will NEVER be the same again. Ever.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
March 29, 2012
Clint Young

Stan (Deyo),
I was given July 8, 2013 as the day when the USA would be nuked. I was given this vision in January of 2009. I do not doubt the events or the date given in this vision. 

I was given this vision as I was going to bed one evening in January 2009. 

I did not keep a record of the exact day when I received it but in was definitely in January 2009. Just before being given the this vision I asked the Heavenly Father, "when will the USA would go down". 

Immediately, I found myself in a vision state. I was approaching a white wall. I knew that this wall was a time barrier wall in late 2012. I don't know how I knew; but I knew. All knowings in this vision were instantaneous without any instruction given.I also knew that I could not penetrate this continuous wall. But, nonetheless, I continued to approach it.

Just before I reached this wall I was taken up above the wall. There I saw a lake of fire on top of the wall. This was not hell. Just what seemed to be an endless lake of fire. I was afraid of the fire. Immediately flames came towards me and engulfed me. I was not harmed. 

At the same time I noticed that another identity was with me. I presumed it was an angel but I do not know for sure. I was not given any knowing of what or who this being was. I wanted to know the identity of the being with me. I was tempted to ask the name. But I knew not to ask the name and identity so I remained silent. 

As we moved together across the lake of fire, it was like I was gliding. What would have been a step was a glide across the lake. In the middle of the lake of fire was an upside down, black periscope. I immediately knew that if I looked into this periscope that I would see all major events and their associated times that the time wall masked from the end of 2012 on . 

I wanted to look into this periscope so I started to glide towards it.

I was immediately told not to go there and I saw the flames. I was afraid and obeyed. Even though it was a long way across the lake of fire it did not seem long before we crossed the lake. 

At the end of the lake I went into a tunnel. The other being was no longer with me. Soon I was traveling very fast through this tunnel. There was light in the tunnel but not bright light. All the walls were blurry because I was moving so fast. Soon I came out in the air above the USA about Midway. 

I was facing the East. Immediately I saw nukes going off in the South and the East Coast. Then all the Midwest, South, and East were filled with nukes going off. I could not see what was behind me which would have been the West Coast. So I had no idea what was going on there. 

Immediately, a large banner went across the sky. 
It had "July 8, 2013" written on it.

After the banner passed above, I clearly heard in a loud voice the date, "July 8, 2013." Immediately after hearing the loud voice, I was back in my bed. 

I thought that I had just had a dream. But I was in an entirely different state than waking up from a dream. I had never experienced this state before. I knew that I had seen a vision. Everything was so clear and distinct. It actually was more real than anything that happens in normal life. 

I figure that is because there is no interference from the mind, will, and emotions which can get messed up at times. It was like input going directly to my spirit which then went to the mind, will, and emotions. I will never forget one detail of this vision, unlike dreams I have had.

I do believe this vision was a direct and immediate answer to my request to the Heavenly Father. I do believe this vision was accurate. I do believe that this vision was given out of the love of a most gracious and loving Heavenly Father.


Clint Young

Clint Young's bio: I am 60 years old. I received this vision after my wife of 28 years and 10 days had passed away. This brought me to a state of more humility than I had ever been at when I had the vision. I have a Masters degree in Biochemistry. From 2007 to 2011 I was certified as a Project Manager Professional. I have worked as an engineer for over 30 years for large companies such as Texas Instruments and Boeing.Most important is that Jesus Christ is my Lord.


  1. My belief that some where in America being "nuked" is not a pleasant thought I've had. I grew up in one of the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. I no longer live there, but I do have family living in the area. Detroit has been in the news a lot lately concerning the city going bankrupt. They are in debt over 2 Billion dollars. Detroit is in shambles now. Once busy factories gave promise of good jobs and good pay. Now my old town is all but dead. The idea that this may be chosen to get a suitcase nuked has bothered me for quite sometime now. I pray to our Heavenly Father that we will not be nuked any where in the US, but I believe it is going to happen...sooner rather than later. Like the writer above, Clint, Jesus Christ is every thing to me. I went through a terrible divorce 13 years ago. I could not have made it without the Lord. He is my savior, my bridegroom and soon coming King. Even so come Lord Jesus

  2. THE LORD warned a long time ago,what was OK,and what wasn't,HE has made it clear,what happens to any country who ignores the warnings,MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT,has ignored all the LORDS warnings,I could go into A long list of things that america has done to bring the WRATH OF THE LORD down on america,AND a lot of them aren't going to be smoothed over,THEY WERE TO FAR OVER THE TOP,now comes the wrath of the LORD for it,HIS warning, NOT TO HARM HIS LITTLE ONES,has been completely ignored,and this is one,NO ONE GETS AWAY WITH,but america has allowed the babies to be sacrificed in the name of SATAN,thats the final straw,NOW, will come total destruction,and america was warned this would happen,YET no one would lift a finger to stop it,the police gangs,the government,the military,the churches,the entire population of america supported the demons who were doing this and if you opposed it, they threw you into prison,ALL the ALPHA MALES are in prison now,theres no one to protect the country from invasion,the policially correct morons have destroyed america before the first bomb has been dropped,BUT don't think for a second thats prevented it from happening,NO your not out of the woods,THE DEATH toll on america hasn't even got started yet,THE LORDS wrath is brewing,and its about to blowup,the destruction thats coming will be beyond belief,WHEN ITS OVER,the EARTH will be emptyed out of people,so few will have seen whats coming,talking to them has almost been a waste of valueable time,30 nuclear weapons are planed to go off in cities around america,BY AMERICAS favor daddy, the anti-christ obama,yet no one sees it coming,they are even warning everybody,and still no one believes it,get close to the LORD,your out of time..the dog and pony show is over,NOW THE MAIN EVENT...................